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And they're usually involved with horses, and he always leaves them alone in their tents. Then he goes and hangs out with the brunette chick and touches her ears. WTF??? Oh, what the hell. Get down with your bad self, Veggo.

So, where have I been for the last few weeks, you ask?

Here, there and everywhere, up, down and in between. Things have been crazy. This should come as no surprise.

I, Feather, am a Nice Person. Therefore, I have Cut This For You. Yay.

Work, and Joanie’s Defection )

Work, carrying on )

And then on Friday, Aunt Sean came up to visit )

Wherein Feather gets FIRED!!! )

New Jersey: Part one )

New York: part one, with Original Paper Entry! )

New York, day two )

A random day trip to Washington, D.C. )

Yesterday we didn’t do much. Just cooked with Uncle Kevin, but that involved a trip to the Asian supermarket, homemade teriyaki sause, miso soup, and daikon salad. Now I know how miso soup is made. It’s an interesting process with seaweed, benito flakes, miso, tofu, and more seaweed. I’m not insanely fond of it but now I know how to make it. Yay!

Today Aunt Sean and I went and saw Secret Window. That movie was insanely predictable and yet somehow enjoyable (probably because of Johnny Depp.) Then we snuck in to watch a few minutes of LOTR (Legolas taking down the elephant!) before coming home again. Then Alex came home, and she, I, and her friend Kelly all went to the mall to see the prom dresses they’re getting tomorrow. Alex looks like a princess, but this isn’t unusual since the girl is drop dead gorgeous. We got our pictures taken at one of those picture things (real informative, I know. The booths in the mall that take you picture with a video camera and make it into a t-shirt.) The guy is going to use one of them for display. Wow! Infamy in a New Jersey Mall. I got two buttons- one of me and Alex, and the other of the three of us.

Then we came home and ate dinner (steak Haddad- or, as Aunt Sean tells me, “STEAK AL-HATTAL!!!!!” Told her it was a piece of Hidalgo, from when he fell into the stake pit, and she it me on the head with a fork. Hee hee.)

So here I am, at the end of a horrendous journal entry. I’ve got a long trip ahead of me tomorrow, which I’m kicking myself for, since Uncle Kevin said that if I could stay an extra day he’d go and see ROTK with me tomorrow. This is something of a personal triumph since he usually never goes to movies. Dammit, dammit. What to do.

Two things that don’t seem to belong anywhere: I have a new [girly] purse. It’s red. Kate picked it out, since I’m useless at that kind of stuff. So, yay. I also have girly shoes. Black high-heeled things, that aren’t high heels per say. It’s wonderful, going by plate glass windows and realizing how good my shoes look with my jeans. As long as I don’t go past my knees, lol.

I’m sick of typing now, so I’m out.

Nellie and Sara, thank you so much for the cards! *blows kisses*

Lise, hang in there, babe.

Love you all. Leave comments and show the love.
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I should have known it would be a shitty day. Days with bizzare dreams always turn out strangely. I blame this particular dream (however, not the stupid day that followed) on reading Livejournals before bed. Mainly, Anna’s journal.

<lj-cut text="Feather’s Bizzare Dream”> Feather's Bizzare Dream: I was dreaming that I was in Gondor’s throne room. This kind of sucked because the entire court was there, and dressed to the nines, while I’m stuck in my dumb old pajamas. Aragorn is sitting there on his throne, looking all kingy and stuff, when all of a sudden this page rushes in, babbling about snow and blizzards coming. Aragorn replied, “Yea, and verily Jesus spake unto me, thou shalt see no snow in the White city for lo! In the City of David there shines a star, and the star is that of Christ, and he sayeth, no snow, forsooth! I beseech thee! Show me the way to Camillus!” Stunned silence from the assembled at this, um, unusual proclamation. Then this heavenly choir starts singing, but instead of religious music or whatever, they’re singing “Excuse me, do you know the way to Kansas City?” Predictably, Aragorn starts singing Van Morrison’s part, and everyone starts to dance. Then Gimli comes over and says in my mother’s voice, “It’s three thirty! Wake up!” Of course, it really is my mother telling me to wake up. I’m a half hour late for work at this point, which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t the only one with a key to the building and poor Joanie has been sitting in her car this whole time, thinking that the store had closed. So I pulled on the first pair of pants that came to hand (my good cargoes- stupid, stupid, stupid!) stuffed a bra in my pocket and ran out the door. Got to work, grabbed a toothbrush and toothpaste off the shelf, and finished getting dressed in the bathroom. Started my period, too. Mess, mess, everywhere mess. And cramps. Ugh. Then I had to stay late, to do my sister’s birthday cake. The new containers were too small, so I had to put it in a huge box, and it slid around and god smushed on one side when I put it in the car, which wouldn’t turn over. Finally got that going and got home. By this time it’s one o’clock, so I get to take a shower and go to sleep for a while, yay! And then Kelsey’s friends came over, and we watched the Two Towers. Now they’re watching Pirates of the Caribbean. So now I’m in pain, sickish, and poor, since all my money went on ROTK tickets. My dad decided that he’s not going to let my sister go the the Gathering ball; however, that has yet to be resolved. I’m still trying to pull that off for her, since it’s her sweet sixteen present from me. I have to pay for the opera tickets too, and the phone bill later in the month. Have to finish sewing the costumes (finally decided to go with Arwen’s purple dream dress since it’s the easiest.) And that’s about all I can think of. Fish update: Still alive. Go me.
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Ha ha ha, Scary Movie 3 Kid.

Well, that just about sums up my day at work yesterday. Just WHAM! and that was it. The rest of the day wasn't any better.

Rang up a fine of over $20 at the library over the past few weeks. Mater was pissed about it (understandably so.) Told her though it wasn't all my fault (kelsey kelsey kelsey) I'd give her money anyway. She said to keep my money since she was out for blood. Told her she could have all she wanted seeing as how I seemed to be hemorraging it anyway. Predictably, she was scandalized. Predictably, I offered to go build a menstruation hut out in the back yard where I could sit and do nothing for a week or so and I wouldn't have to talk to anyone and no one would have to talk to me, therefore solving most of the problems that arise in this household. Well, a fourth of them, anyway.

Have to go to work soon. Don't want to. Harold bothers me and Joanie smokes too much.

My mom is Frodo, and Joanie is Sam, and Harold is Gollum.

There is no other way to explain it. That is how they interact. Constantly. It's kind of wearing after a while.


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Halloween was fun. I wrote a Happy Halloween to everyone post, and it was really long, but the computer crashed and it was lost. So, Happy Belated Halloween to you all.

My 'Halloween Party' was a questionable success. Party consisting of: Kate, Shane, Andy 1, Andy 2, and Jason (aka Mortal Kid.) Jason is Jen's stepbrother, and he doesn't know anyone around here. So I picked him up. Then we watched 28 Days Later, and all the alternate endings, where the girl gets valiumed-up no matter what. I bought all this food but no one really ate it.

Mom and I carved pumpkins earlier in the day. She carved one that wouldn't stand up so she carved it sideways; it looks like Cartman from Southpark.

Had to work on Friday though, so I was really tired. Mom dressed up as a witch, Heidi dressed up as a Medieval Lady, and Dawn came in as a clown. I was a fairy, I guess, but everyone kept telling me that I made a cute angel. I wore my blue halter dress with Mater's fairy wings, a tiara, and my pointe shoes, but they started to hurt after a couple of hours so I took them off, put my jeans on, and bustled the dress with a couple of saftey pins I found in the office.

I've discovered that I have a love of bustling things.

Yesterday was fun too. Went to a wedding with Andy. He knew the groom from working on the farm or something. It was really very nice. The people at our table were funny and we had a great time. (Open bar. Woo! Rum and cokes for meeeeeee.)

The favors they gave out were little bottles of Kosher champagne. Awesome!

Then Kate came over for a bit today. We went to the mall and just kind of window shopped, although I gave into temptation and bought the Lays of Beleriand.

As it stands now I'm really fucking tired. I want to go to sleep but I've got way too much stuff to do. I have to start on Tess's costume.

I have no fucking clue what I'm doing, but I'm looking forward to doing it.

Oh, and I'm going to New York on Friday. I'm coming back up here next Wednesday. So I get some sanity time away from Shitsville, which is just fantastic.

Note to self: need more batteries.

I really, really hope Aunt Sean drives back up. She said she might. That means that I get to hang out with her more, and the rest of the peeps up here get to see her, but it also means that I don't have to spend $50 on a bus ticket, which I can spend on other, more important things.

Things like marzipan.
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The point is, I’m tired as hell, but I don’t have to work tomorrow.


We started at midnight instead of 4 AM today. It was for the Dreaded School Order- fifty dozen donuts. One fryer, one proofer, seven hours, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?!?!?

Finally came home around nine and fell asleep at about two. Woke up at eight thirty, eastern standard time. Missed my voice lesson, but finished The DaVinci Code.

And now here I sit, wracking my brains for something interesting to update with.

Written on Saturday )


~ Heidi informed me that her poop is still black, due to the black icing on the Halloween cake I made for her daughter’s birthday on Saturday. “It’s still affecting me! It’s still affecting me!” Her kids thing that this is a wonderful thing. Black poop. Who knew.

~ Joanie ripping a tampon out of her purse, waving it at Ken the Manager, yelling, “You want some lunch, Ken? YOU WANT SOME LUNCH?!?” No response from Ken. He might not have noticed, as his head seems to be permanently stuck in a sand pit.

~ Names. Joanie’s mom was going to name her “Robin Charlane” but when she was born, she said that she had never seen hair and eyes so black on a baby, and right at the beginning she knew that this one was going to be a little bitch. She reminded her of Joan of Arc- thus, Joanie. (Joanie says, “They tell me I was a bitch in my last life. I say, damn right I was a bitch in my last life; I’m a bitch in this life, and I’ll be a bitch in the next!”) Her sister, Trina, was named after a prostitute in a book that her mother was reading around the time that she was born. Interestingly enough, a friend of my mother’s sister-in-law named her daughter Trina (which is a Slavic euphemism for prostitute) and this was supposed to be a big joke on Americans, or something. Which is odd because the woman is American.


~ I got storage boxes the other night. Yay! And wall adhesive stickers, so I can finally put Aragorn up next to Legolas where he belongs. I need to do that before my cat chews on him anymore. He always chews on Aragorn- not just the rolled up poster, but my Two Towers display box thing, and Mom’s Strider bookmark. There’s probably some hidden meaning there but I’m just too dumb to see it. Or maybe I’m reading too much into things and Aragorn just tastes good.

~ Got more lotion. Aveeno this time. Am shopping around for best kind. Am savvy shopper! Go me!

~ Also got a string of pearls to wear in my hair on Friday night. I’m not giving up on the tiaras, but I’ve worn the ones I have a lot lately, and they’re a little bright with my black dress. I’m breaking out the black dress for the first time ever. Except for that one roll of film, but that doesn’t really count. Anyway, the pearls will match nicely, and I’ll throw a couple of matching beaded strands in my hair for added sparkle.

It stupid, almost. My first evening performance of an opera, and I leave the tiara at home. Oh well.


~ Talked to Aunt Sean yesterday. She’s quitting her job around November 7th, so I’m probably going to go down around the 8th. Maybe, maybe, maybe will get to stay over at Grandmere’s house. Which will make me stupidly happy because it’s the loft and I love it.

~ Nothing else finalized. Plans due to change without notice.

~ However, I’m in a good position financially right now, since I just got a forbearance on my loan. Apparently I might get a deferment, since the cut off for deferments is something like a thousand dollars a month, and I only make around five hundred. WOOt!

I still don’t know what to do about Halloween. Tess is going trick-or-treating with one of her friends; she just bought her Legolas costume the other night. It looks really good on her, and god knows she’s got the hair for it. Which means that I can do whatever I want. Mom’s going to help me make a quick cloak, but I don’t know what to ‘go as’ so to speak. I did Odile from Swan Lake last year, although it wasn’t much fun as we didn’t go trick-or-treating. So the options remain open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What is everyone else doing for Halloween? Tell me!

And I guess that’s it for now. I’m gonna go grab some food and watch the game. Jeter is SO my bitch. Legolas gets jealous about it.

I think I’ll finish re-finishing my Ghetto Evenstar before I go to bed.

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The van blew a tire this morning, and since John doesn't like people coming in late to work, I got the day off and have to go in tomorrow instead.

So I've just been doing little things all day. I did some laundry and... well, I did some laundry, and have been looking for fabrics for my costume online. No luck so far.

So now my hands are cold, my eyes are pixelating, and I'm kind of hungry.

I made a Pokemon cake at the bakery today. It's for tomorrow, so I figured I'd do it this morning since I had the time, instead of going in and doing it after dinner like I was going to. It was a small Charmander cake.

It was Charmander, but Mom kept refering to it as Gippy.

She's very odd.
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The Long Expected Update

Okay. So I have my new bedroom now. And a new Aragorn poster (ROTK) and a new dresser, and embroidery silk, and yards of fabric, and two new CD’s (Fighting Temptations Soundtrack and the Lara Croft 2 Soundtrack), and a new book (The Action Heroine’s Handbook.) And I am TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.

Sometimes it just hits me that I only have x amount of days until December and ROTK, and x amount of days is not nearly long enough to do everything I have to do. I need to learn how to sew. Fast. Fast and Furious- I need a sewing machine with NOS, dammit!

Lots of things have been happening. I can’t think of what half of them are. The store might be closing, since Ken didn’t do a damn thing that the health inspector told him to, and that’s about to get shoved right up his ass. Everyone’s losing their tempers; Fred made Lori cry in front of the donut case one day. It’s nuts.

[Edit: Later. Post-dinner.]

Certainly one of the more entertaining dinners I’ve had in a while.

Mom's punchy. That’s what started it. That, and the beets.

Mom asks Dad, Do you want some beets?

Dad says Yes. Is that all there is?

Mom says, No, there’s more in the pot. And she gives him some more.

Dad says, Did you just give me all of the beets?

Mom says, No, I didn’t. (She’s lying.)

Dad says, You gave me all the beets!

I did not!

You did too!

Well, I don’t want any!

Yes you do!

No I don’t!

Dammit woman, you want some beets! Here, take them back! (Dad picks up his plate to dump the beets onto hers.)

(Mom grabs the plate away.) NOOOO! I don’t want ANY BEETS AT ALL! I WANT TOMATOES!!!!

(Heather and Kelsey made faces. The beet juice mixing with butter looked like a horror movie gone wrong.)

The CIA Discussion )

Anyway, I’ve had a little time to calm down now. Of course, in that timeframe, I’ve smacked myself in the head with the door, tripped twice over the rug while dancing to the radio, and knocked over two boxes of something out in the hallway while trying to call Maurice, whose line was busy.

Ow, dammit.

In other news:

~ My favorite pair of jeans now has an irreparable hole. I’m torn between throwing myself off a cliff or committing “Harry Canary,” as Joanie says.

~ I have discovered Toblerone. After reading about it in Bagenders, I was like, what is that? Only the food of the gods. Muah ha ha.

~ Planning a trip to New York for the end of the month. Maybe. In between the opera and the wedding that I’m going to with Andy. I need a marzipan fix, a provolone fix, and black bean cakes or I’m going to die.

~ I have a pattern, but no fabric, for my costume. I found the perfect fabric for it, but it’s green. Grrrr.

~ I bought a Ghetto Evenstar. Go me! Cheapo knockoffs!

~ Saw “Kill Bill” yesterday. It was really good, in a bloodsoaked sort of way. “This,” spank, “is,” spank, “what happens,” spank, spank, “when you,” spank, “play,” spank, “with,” spank, spank, “Yakuzas!!! NOW GO HOME TO YOUR MOTHER!!!”

~ Cleaned out some stuff I’ve had hanging around since eighth grade. Found, among other things, some really bad fanfiction, my first (bug like, horrible) anime style drawing, the Fanfic Folder from High School (Sailor Moon! Hooray!) and the indomitable List of Ways to Die.

I’ve also been re-reading a lot of Anne books. I never read Anne of Windy Poplars for some reason, and I kind of randomly read it last week. It moves right up into second place of my favorite Anne books (Island being my all time favorite.) It was like, WHOA- it took me years to read this book, and on the very first page I find a sentence that I’d like to tattoo on myself.

Actually, the reason for the Anne books was the Silmarillion book. I took out “A Reader’s Guide to the Silmarillion” (a wonderful book, for those of you who didn’t quite absorb it all. It’s a giant summary, with a few comments that really clear things up) and was reading that, but then put that down to read Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl is really… funny, I guess, in a weird sort of way. I really liked it, but there is no way in Hell that you can go from reading about Aveda facials and credit cards and screwing around in a Motel Six on the way to your Yale interview with your soon-to-be stepbrother, or whatever, to reading anything even remotely related to Tolkien without some sort of bridging book. Mine turned out to be Anne, and I’ve been kind of thinking like those books ever since. (You know- I betook myself to bed, and all that.)

But I got through everything without too many brain clouds. Hooray. I want to read the other Gossip Girl books. I thought they would be dumb, but they’re really not. It’s like the Princess Diaries, which I’m totally addicted to. Nothing like the movie at all. Princess Mia’s grandmother? Julie Andrews she is not. She’s a permanent-makeup, sidecar-drinking, domineering bitch. I love her. And her mom got knocked up by her algebra teacher (although she marries him.) So not Disney.

I think that’s enough babbling for now. I’ll probably have some more babbling to do later.

In fact, I’m relatively sure I will.

[Edit: My cat is chewing on my Aragorn poster. Bad cat.]
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Sign as seen in front of some Methodist church in LaFayette.

Wow. Haven't updated in a while. This is due in part to the fact that nothing interesting has been going on in my life, apart from the whole Ken/idiot thing. I've just been working, and sleeping, and wandering aimlessly around town at odd hours of the night, enjoying the winds that we're getting here as a result of Isabel.

But onto the Ken/idiot thing.

Ken= Supermarket manager. Feather's boss, although she doesn't pay any attention to him; has no experience managing and thinks that he can lead people on by not telling them so; thinks he is hot shit and is not; might or might not be a liar and a thief. Also take shameless advantage of people, plays favorites, and hires odd personages to staff said supermarket.

So, the other day, I called him out in front of the deli and told him he was an idiot.

Of course he went into a screaming rage. Men are like that- tell them that they're a pompous ass not worth the powder to blow them to hell it rolls off them; tell them that they're an idiot and you might as well say that their genitalia is so miniscule that it might as well belong to a squirrel and be found lacking even by squirrel standards.

Well, he is an idiot, and an asshole, and he's a complete and utter moron if he thinks he's fooling anybody. But whatever. Usually I just keep my mouth shut about anything at work, but he's working my mother into the ground and refuses to get help back there. Again, whatever. Joanie was all, "You and your mother are going to get fired." Ha. Then he'd have to pay the unemployment insurance. *smirk* Like he's going to fire anyone.

All this happened...the day before yesterday, I guess? And it's starting to get around the store now. Mom was working today, and some cashier came up to her and said, "Did you hear what happened? The dark haired lady in the bakery told Ken that he was a fucking idiot!"

(Note: Not once did a profanity pass my lips. I'm better at insulting people than that. But it was cool- I'm 'the dark haired lady' lol.)

So Mom was like, "Fucking idiot?" (I'd told her the day it happened.) She's a hardcore stickler on not swearing, so her eyebrows were raised at that. Jeannine was passing and heard, and she thought that 'dark haired lady' meant Joanie (who swears almost as bad as my dad.) But the cashier said no, it was the other dark haired lady, and Jeannine was all, "You mean HEATHER???" So she was shocked, but thrilled. Mom said she did the thumbs up dance thing.

Have become story legend/sometime martyr; go me.

Random Joanie quote:

"Yeah, well maybe they wouldn't gang up on her if she wasn't such a BEACHED BABY WHALE!!!"

~shouted after Lori (the nebulous person) who, apparently, is getting ganged up on.

In other news, I've budgeted my money. I got a huge paycheck this week, so Traviata is taken care of, I've got fifty dollars for costume expenses, and fifty to just spend on whatever I want. WOO!

Also worked out my Luthien costume plan. Will be very cool. I don't know- no matter how many times I read the Silmarillion, that whole part with Luthien and Beren's first meeting doesn't remind me of anything particularly European. Rather it reminds me of India, and the Ramayana. Kind of. So my design in kind of Indian-influenced, as opposed to Medieval. We'll see- I have to go buy the pattern tomorrow.

I have to go to bed now, since I have to work. But I'm working with Mom, so it will be fun. We always yell and blast music as loud as we want. Who's going to complain, at four in the morning?

Random note: Last night I dreamed that I was searching for saltine crackers, and I really, really wanted them, but the only people who would give me any food were a few models in a pickup truck, and they would only give me porridge.

I hope I have better dreams tonight.
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The Great Northeast Power Blackout, brought to you (again) by the People On Whom You Rely to Power Your War!!!

Yes. Absolutely brilliant... the whole freaking Northeast was out, from NY to Toronto and out to Detroit.



Got out of work at 11:15. Blah. Went home, went to sleep, and then Kelsey’s telling me the power’s out. That seemed of little or no importance to me until I realized that a) the fan was off and it was getting warm rather quickly; and b) there was no music to listen to as my CD player wasn’t working. So I pulled my tired ass out of bed and went with Mater and Tess to Kinney’s. As if that would be easy. Hah.

Four hours later I’m just leaving Big M’s. The vast majority of that time I was leading shoppers around in the dark with a flashlight, writing down prices of what they wanted on a piece of paper because the scanners weren’t working. Then we moved all of the meat into the cooler- it didn’t do much good; the place stinks. Or it did this morning when we kind of looked in there. Phew.

All in all, I think we all could learn something from this situation. Here are some of the things I learned:

~ People still want decorated cakes. Even if there are none in the case, and you write crooked on the message cookies because you can’t see in the dark.

~ Cookies will sell when the lights are out and the icing is shitty.

~ Nothing will come between customers and macaroni salad and SIX SLICES OF HAM GODDAMMIT. (Yes, that is verbatim.)

~ For some reason, people assume that when you’re holding a flashlight for them and writing down prices that 1) you are their own personal servant and are there to hold their groceries for them (not true) and 2) that you should give them a break on the prices (also not true.) Said person will also be going all over the store and not make up their mind. The only thing that will alleviate the tension of this situation is said person’s friend, doing the booty bounce to her own music and following her around going, “You think you all that. You ain’t all that. Lookit you, trippin in the dark, fallin on yo ass. You SO not all that. You think you the shit and you ain’t… lookit you, fallin on YO ASS!” and showing the way with a cell-phone flash light.

~ It is, in fact, “OKAY, I just heard the MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY say it’s NOT TERRORISTS, it’s ONLY NIMO!!!!”

(A hysterical woman, consoling a loved one on a cell phone in the dairy aisle, that this is not September 11th number two, and not to duct tape the windows shut quite yet.)

~ You can hide and eat donuts really well when there are no lights on. People walk right by you and leave you alone.

Actually it was a good thing I stayed to help out, because I got to see Alicia again. Haven’t seen her in an age. She was buying lots of bananas. Huzzah for bananas.

“I’m thinking…international incident…. I’ll take two.” Alicia, pondering on the impact of terrorism and potato chips.

And that’s it for right now, as the dreaded ‘One Day Sale’ is tomorrow and I need sleep. Stay tuned next time as Heather regales you with her tale of her Day at the Pool, and the new friend she made- a published writer and amateur furniture restorer who writes poems about space shuttles and Chavez!
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Heather has been hard at work in the bakery for the past few days, so she is very tired and is just going to go to sleep. She sends her regards to everyone and asks them to please be considerate enough to place orders for rolls twenty four hours in advance at your local bakery, should the need arise. I am typing for her today because she is too exhausted to do so and has yet another long week in front of her.

A message to Lisa: Sent your package. Should be there on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, got a phone card so will be calling at some point. -love.

Thank you for typing, Legolas. I really appreciate it.

It is no trouble. I rather enjoy it. Go back to sleep.

No protests here. *falls over*

Heather will get back to you all, comment in journals, etcetera as soon as she is conscious.

Your by-proxy-journal-updater,

Legolas Thranduilion
and Heather's Constant Companion
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Have laid motherfucking cake smackdown.

Go me.

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Such as:

~ Jeannette is back! Until Friday, at least, when she ships out to Seattle. She might be going to the same base as Justin- interesting to see the outcome if that's the case, since I haven't told either of them that they might be there together.

~ Ben has taken off. Hence the preivous post. Which reminds me.

Shoutout to Ben: CALL SOMEONE, DAMMIT!!!!

~ Chrissy and Josh (both 18, who work at Big M) were getting married. (Stupid of them. Too young.) But then Chrissy called it off, and Josh tried to slit his wrists or something, and so gets carted off to Hutchings. Well, they let him out, and Chrissy called him to help her close last night, and nothing got done. Makes you wonder what they were doing, and where, and whether or not it's safe to use the tables in the bakery for food preparation anymore.

~ Saw 28 Days Later. Awesome movie.

~ Also saw Woods Tea Company (a folk gourp) with Tom & Co. It was just an awesome night in general- got to hang out with Matt, too, which was cool cause I like never see him.

~ Missed all the fireworks, for the most part. Except for last night, on the hill behind Andy's house. There were six fireworks shows going on and we had a 360 degree view of them all. It was pretty cool, even if they were far away. Beautiful night for it, too, with all the breeze and stuff.

~ Oh yeah! We burned a Lazy Boy chair. Man, those things go up fast. And hot. Made roasting marshmallows quite difficult- you had to kind of crawl on the ground, hide your face and stick the the marshmallow into the flames so you wouldn't get too much of the heat. That is, until Andy welded together a huge pole out of- something- and we used that for the marshmallows instead of sticks. A+ for ingenuity.

~ Hung out with Joe. The Good Ship Marizpan raided the H.M.S. Wegmans and got lots of loot. Including plum flavored jelly beans!

Also joined [ profile] rpg_hogwarts, which I am shamelessly plugging. You should all join right now, cause it ROCKS. We need more people, people. Yes.

The lyric translations to 'Beware of the Boys' )
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Where are you?

We're all worried. Heidi, your parents, everyone is freaking out cause you're gone. Please call someone and let them know that you're okay? Please? You don't have to say where you are or where you're going or how long you're going to be gone, but we miss you and are worried about you. Please call, or update, or email, or send a postcard, but please get in touch. Everyone's scared.

You've got to do what you have to do, and that's okay, understandable. But please, please, please drop someone a line so that we know that you're okay.

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Worked yesterday and today at the bakery. Made two cakes: yesterday, a sheet cake with blue and yellow writing, piping, flowers, and graduation hat. It said 'Good Luck Nickey' on it- allegedly a graduation cake, the grandmother who ordered it didn't know how to spell the girl's name. *rolls eyes* Anyway, it came out beautiful but I don't think she liked it much. Today's cake was a strawberry shortcake- white cake, whipped cream (homemade) icing, with 'Happy Birthday Roberta' on it. The strawberries I decorated it with were hella sour, so I put sugar on it to sweeten them (hopefully!) They guy really liked it. He gave me a two dollar tip for carrying it out to his car.

Aunt Sean is coming up on the third!!!! YAY!

Alex was supposed to come too, but she wound up flying to Florida. She's helping Uncle Chris's fiancee pack her stuff up and move back to NY. I guess the girl is from Columbia, and her mother is coming up too; the mother doesn't speak any English but will be staying with Grandmaman for two weeks. (And all four of them are driving back smooshed into a Taurus, with all the household goods.) Yikes. So no Alex :(

Jeannette is coming back on the fourth! HOORAY!!!

So, that means a party, obviously. Anna, I'll pick you up, or something, whenever it is. She's staying till the eleventh, so... yeah. SNAFU.


Finished Order of the Phoenix.


I think I need to read it again- it kind of hasn't sunk in yet. I loved it, though- it had some really nice twists and turns. Luna rocks my socks. So does Neville- hooray for Neville!


My pointes are dumb. Not quite dead yet, but all torn up and dirty.

I think I'm going to get Capezio Contemporas next time- I've got Bloch Serenades now, and they're really loud, especially rolling up onto pointe. Bah.


Random is cool.

Suzanne- call me when you get back to Syracuse. I'm glad your parents are staying close. That's cool :D

Galadrigoddess- *hugglompkiss* I miss you. Come back, okay? We misses you, precious.


In other news, I've got a plan.

It's crazy, but it just might work.

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I have another wake to go to tonight.

The Professor died the other day. He was my favorite character that was a regular customer at the store. He was crazy, always telling jokes and stuff. I’ll miss him.

In other news I got my hair cut today. It’s cool, all layered. Then we went and saw Hollywood Homicide. It’s a good movie. I give it a thumbs up.

In more other news Father John is leaving the church. This was a surprise, but my sister always takes thing like this badly- this time she burst into tears and would not be comforted. Told her not to be so emotional about it- if I had to deal with Fern Butler for seven years I’d be trying to get out of it, too, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Also told her that letter said that F. John wouldn’t be leaving CNY, but when Tess gets into crying jags she will not get out. V. stupid. V. girly, V. emotional.

Also told her that besides, Suzanne is one of my best friends in the world so will not lose track of them any time soon.

Ayako-chan, want me to pick you up an application for Smith’s? Cause it’s close and all. Don’t know what you want to do, so let me know. Or Hooter’s. Whichever- but Smith’s is closer and my car is falling apart. Anyhow, ‘twill be fun. Yes.

Off to wake now.

This has been Feather, reporting from BumFuckEgypt. Stay tuned for our nightly newscast at eleven.


Jun. 11th, 2003 01:25 pm
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It's been a great day today. Work was nothing special- everything just rolled along smoothly. I walked around singing what I could remember of "The Boy from Ipanema" because I was all crushingonorlandobloomagain. Also invited Joanie to join the pirate crew of the Good Ship Marzipan. She'd make a perfect pirate, methinks, arr, ye lubbers! (Being the captain, I have that perogative, so ha.)

Possible reasons why Feather is dancing on air:

~ She has new pants? *cue angel choir music*
~ And a new tank top?
~ AND a black bikini top?
~ She has another paycheck on friday!
~ She didn't eat any bad things today!
~ It stopped raining!
~ She's finally got someone to dance with!
~ Orlando Bloom being very good looking and nice to boot is one of god's many gifts to the world. Hee.
~ No money again! Who gives a fuck?
~ House to herself!
~ I took a shower so I don't smell like a donut anymore.

They used to thin out the immigrant's milk in the tenements with formaldehyde.

HELLO?!? I don't care how used to it you are. You've got to notice the taste. Yech!

Check this out. An absolute must for all Evil Empresses-to-be out there.

Where winks, suggestive remarks, and body language won't get me what I want, a well aimed semi-automatic will... )

Feather's Lament for Orlando )
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I really hope that I don't have to go into work tomorrow. Work being the bakery, actually, where I haven't worked since January or whenever. But Mom is still sick and Mike is being a schmuck again and not showing up. Whatever.

But I reeeeeeeeealllly don't want to. *pouts* I have to set my alarm for four anyway, just in case, cause I don't hear the phone up in the garret unless I'm listening for it. (Elven hearing, my ass. Elven SELECTIVE hearing, more like it :D)

Anyway. Here's some wonderful Numenorean lamentation for you.

Kadô Zigûrun zabathân unakkha...
Êruhînim dubdam Ugru-dalad...
Ar-Pharazônun azaggara Avalôiyada...
Bârim an-Adûn yurahtam dâira sâibêth-mâ Êruvô
azrîya du-phursâ akhâsada
Anadûnê zîrân hikallaba...
bawîba dulgî...
balîk hazad an-Nimruzîr azûlada...
Agannâlô burôda nênud...
zâira nênud...
adûn izindi batân tâidô ayadda: îdô kâtha batîna lôkhî...
Êphalak îdôn Yôzâyan
Êphal êphalak îdôn hi-Akallabêth

Seemingly humbled the Dark Wizard came
Drawing the Children of Eru under his shadow
Ar-Pharazôn brought war against the Valar
And the Lords of the West broke the Earth with the assent of Eru.
The seas crashed and rushed into the chasm
And Númenor the beloved was struck down
The winds of the angry skies blew black
As Elendil and his seven ships sailed eastward…
The Death-shadow is heavy on us
And we long for that which was lost
Westward roads, once straight, are now crooked
Far away now is the Land of Gift
Far away now is She-that-hath-fallen…

I think that's the prettiest thing in the world right now. Tomorrow, who knows. I've been singing it all day and part of last night. When sung to "Voices" from Macross Plus it really kind of works. It's also really awkward to speak, but kind of rolls off the tongue when sung.

Okay, okay, I'll stop.

Nyah, Nyah, I'm on a search for new icons again.

*tries not to look obvious* Anyone want to make me one?

On an entirely different note, this song is flippin' funny. Yeah.
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Yesterday at work, I was wearing a handkerchief on my head, like I used to in high school.

Anyway, Ben sees me, and he says, "What's up, Laura Ingalls JUNIOR?!?!?!?"

I just looked at him.

There is no good comeback for that.
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Meaning that I've said "motherfucking" "motherfucker" or "motherfuck" about forty or fifty times in a seven hour period. I said "fucking motherfuck" when I grabbed a hot-out-of-the-over tray without gloves. But that really hurt. Everything that could have gone wrong did this morning. Up to and including someone messing with the temperature on the oven and forgetting to turn it back up so everything was light and underdone. The owner's wife did it, cooking chickens yesterday or something. So I can't really say anything to her. But I DID leave a really obnoxious sign on the oven door. It says:


And then when we went through the KFC drive through those happygoluckysonsofbitches forgot my potato wedges. AGAIN. Every fucking KFC I've been to in the past year always forgets my damn potato wedges. If I wasn't so stubborn I'd just call it fate and give it all up as a bad job.

In other news:

~ I bought Tess the Elijah Wood YM. I almost got the Orlando Bloom one. Then I didn't.
~ I have PANTS. Suede. Brown. PANTS.
~ Tiara update: Way behind and not finished. Go me.

All I want to do is go horseback riding. But it's too damn cold out. I hate being cold. It's always cold up in the garret. I feel like the Little Match Girl, sans angst.

I love waifs. I've always had this fascination with them, even when I was little. I love the Little Match Girl, and the Good King Wenceslas song, Dickens, and A Little Princess. When we moved to California, and our furniture hadn't arrived yet, all I did was sit around and draw pictures of waifs under streetlights in the snow holding empty buckets. Then the furniture got there and I didn't draw them anymore.

Liv Tyler's makeup in LOTR is fucking EXPENSIVE. I checked. $30 for superlight powder. Hell no. Thank you, god, for Wal Mart. Although I got the lipstick and it rocks.

Tom. You. Will. Never. Foil. My. Plans.

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That's eleven hours. And about four of those were solid math. My worst nightmare- I thought I was going to cry.

It didn't matter though, cause I wound up sitting at the kitchen table crying anyway. Harold was alone on Thanksgiving with nothing but a TV dinner, and then Mom said how Carol invited that homeless girl over for Easter even though her husband was dying, and of course this reminded me of the cows. It was the cows that got to me. Twenty minutes of me sobbing into a placemat and my mom just staring at me. I just can't handle the cows.

That being said, please answer the following question:

Heather needs ____
a) heavy drugs
b) more sleep
c) a therapist
d) what cows?

I'm not even going to say. I'll just get started again. Seriously. The whole bawling thing wrecks my tough girl image, and that's fragile enough already.

It's fucking cold in here.

I don't know whether to write or go to sleep. Or take a shower. Or go to sleep.

Fucking cows.


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