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Sometimes I think about being the main villain. Final Fantasy style- all that destroy the world, badass nonsense.

I think my outfit would be some kind of take on Snape's.

I might just really like the sleeves.

I'm so fucking tired. My brain is shut down, I have all this work to do and a midterm tomorrow, and all I can think is that I want to be the bad guy so I can have Snape sleeves.

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Mercer County, NJ - In a bizzare incident in the tiny hamlet of West Windsor, a homeowner discovered peculiar markings on a wall when he began rennovations on a bedroom. "I've never seen anything like this before," said Kevin Hanly, of 3 Darvel Drive, adding that the markings seemed to be indelible. "Nothing I've used has been able to remove them."

In an added twist, what appeared to be scorch marks, along with a large hole in the wall, were uncovered when a tie-dye wall hanging was removed.

The bedroom is occupied mainly by Hanly's son, James, 21, a Rutgers University student. Reached at the college for comment, James claimed he could speak only Chinese. Via an interpreter, the Scarlet Knight stated, "I know nothing." Upon further questioning, James said that the markings could have been placed there by anyone at any time, since it was common practice in the household to roust him from his bed when honorable family or friends visited. "It is probably of supernatural origin," he opined. "It has always been the oddest room in the house."

The only clue discovered was a tiny signature, "Hallen".

Hanly told reporters that he has a niece, Heather Allen, and that she had resided with the family for some months beginning in November, 2001. "But it was impossible to watch the hoyden every minute," he said. "Who knows what she was up to?"

Tracked down in the wilds of Central New York, Ms. Allen, 23, said in a phone interview that she had no idea of how the markings had been placed on the wall and, besides, her last name was Allen. "I ain't no Hallen-back Girl, I ain't no Hallen-back Girl," she chanted.

Heather's mother, Barbara, commented that her "darling daughter" would never do such a thing. But she hoped that the perpetrator would soon be apprehended. In the meantime, she was sending her brother-in-law a chicken. "With this," she stated, "Kevin can make a voodoo chicken stick that will surely lead him straight to the culprit."

Stymied police called in archaeologists and religious experts from near-by Princeton University but scholars were unable to shed any light on the origins of the markings.

"It remains a mystery," Hanly said.


Perhaps It will edit the above article, adding details on the appearance of the markings, or any other pertinent information. Also, will It do a spell check? Then print it out on a real printer so that we may send it off to Uncle Kevin. I already have the chicken.


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Discussed: necrophilia and bestiality in the context of bets with a lot of money involved

Recieved: a packet of salt down the back of my pants

Danced: in the bathroom to get it out of the legs of my jeans

Got: a blood blister on my finger where Alisha jammed it against a window frame by accident after I tied her shoelaces together and then she dumped a packet of salt down my shirt so I had to get retaliation, right?

Spilled: apple juice all over the floor and my feet

Heard: a pretty good rock band

Talked: about BDSM in all of its wonder with Paul

Thought: that Alisha was going to pull a Princess Beauty and go to the opera with nipple clamps and other sex toys on under her dress

Cannot choose: a username for Kings of Chaos, so I can be an officer in Quinn's army

[Think will go with Axel Grease]
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Yay for weekends with visity-type people. Other things that Feather says "yay" to (in no particular order):

Random trips to Borders. Not so random trips to Solvay. J-Pop. J-Rock. That "up against the wall sex" song. Hikari Utada.

Shonen-ai... with instructional drawings! Going for walks. The Diner. McDonald's. Feeling like Letty when putting air in a tire. Bite marks.

The Ring 2. Cold Stone Creamery. Mall food. Campus food. The Pimp Master. Hoes. Evil little harlots.

Invader Zim. Excel Saga. Exploding brain cells with veiled references to pedophiles at dinner.

Learning how to play Magic. Criminal Justice class. Emergency erotica runs. Hot chocolate. Hanging out under bridges.

The Duck Messiah. The Important Lesson Of Why You Should Not Have Nothing To Eat All Day But Four Energy Drinks. Burning CD's- twice.

Ira, New York (not that we ever got there). I still don't want the Pussy Wagon. Swords in the backseat of the car. "You should move here. You're cute."

Shoe shopping. Spikes. Best Buy and UFO Catchers. "It's not road rage. It's constructive driving." Cute fights and cover ups. "You're the spy- I'm the assasin. We can make this work."

Racing with produce trucks. Basements. Happy dances in the park. Swings. The gazebo.

Submitting beautifully. Discussing who's dominant and who's submissive.

Legolas braids. Watching a plank float down the river and realizing that this is what there is to do in a hick town in Bumfuck, New York.

Talking to Andy. Explaining the situation. Legal Drug. Pocky. Wegmans- alas, no stockboy hunting this time.

Waking up to Boondock Saints and/or Quinn's ringtone on Lisa's cell. Passing the phone around the car while driving. Fashion Bug conversations- all kinds. The sexiness that is Manda.

Early morning lectures. Speakerphones. Emergency pick-up-from-work rides. The cat being caught in the blanket hanging in the door and Quinn not realizing. Minor meltdowns. Fun bus rides. Zombie attacks. Occasional girl kissing.

Distracting bus rides and incredible stupidity on my part (I don't care what you guys say.)* Star Wars discussions. I am the Queen, and you guys are my handmaidens- but we can all have the cool makeup.

Star Trekking across the universe- always going forward cause we can't go in reverse!

*In case you were wondering what this is in reference to, I left my ENTIRE CD COLLECTION ON THE BUS YESTERDAY. *wail, sob, sob, wail* Everyone cross your fingers that some nice person turns it into the lost and found and I get it back.
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I'm skipping chem lab to work on my speech. Which is probably a good thing, since I didn't finish the lab that is due today last night. I'll tackle it again once the speech is finished.

God, I wish this semester was over. It wouldn't be so hard if I had a computer at home to do homework on and the bus ride didn't eat up a huge chunk of the day. Next semester is only going to get harder, but I'll be able to handle it after a summer quasi-off. I don't know when summer class I'm going to take, but it won't be until August. Other than said class, I'm just going to study algebra and trig on my own, and try to learn enough Greek and Latin to get by next semester. [Note to self: keep up with French and start Japanese.]

The weather is warming up now, so I started running again last night. Without the iPod, sadly, but Anita is bringing in her laptop tomorrow because there's no firewalls stopping her from uploading songs onto the iPod on it. Bless her.

OH YEAH!! Lisa is coming up this weekend, too. There will be anime, and there will be Boondock Saints, and there will probably be Smirnoff Twisted and Wegman's after midnight for some stockboy madness! She's coming to classes with me tomorrow, so there will probably be many CSI jokes (my CRJ class is in the mini-crime lab at school.) We will also probably stalk Cowboy Nick.

[Note to self: Stop calling him Nick]

Madama Butterfly list (tix have been reserved, yay! I need $20 from everyone by Monday morning at the latest, aiight? Anywho, crossed out people have already paid me. Everyone else- give me your money or ELSE!!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!! LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!!!!! *facedesk*)

Jason 1
Jason 2
Jason 2's Mom
Feather's Mom
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We haven't named the provinces yet, as they are going to be named after geographic features and obviously we haven't found the geography yet. Therefore, they will be refrenced with jewel stone names, because I like pretty stones and I am the Queen so what I say goes (with the exception of Dranomicon, which is our military province and so gets a special cool-sounding fantasy name.)

Her Majesty Queen Heather I, Ruler of Therania
Her Royal Highness Princess Kelsey

Joseph, Duke of Dranomicon, General of Her Majesty's Military Forces
Sara, Countess of Dranomicon
Kira, Viscountess of Dranomicon and Lieutenant in Her Majesty's Army under Lord Joseph

Colors: Red on a black field

Amanda, Duchess of Rubia
Jason, Earl of Rubia, Holy Reverend of the Universal Life Church and High Priest to the Royal Family and Court

Colors: Gold on a red field

Kathryn, Duchess of Ambria
Shane, Duke of Ambria
Kristen, Countess of Ambria and Guardian and Mistress of the Royal Library and Royal Archives
Thomas, Viscount of Ambria
Lord Matthew
Lord Jonathan and Lady Ashley

Lady Santa
Colors: Gold on an amber field

Jason, Duke of Citria
Karen, Countess of Citria and Guardian and Mistress of the Royal Museum and Antiquites Collections

Colors: Silver on a pale yellow field

Quinn, Duke of Emeraldia
Lisa, Countess of Emeraldia

Colors: Silver on a green field

Jeannette, Duchess of Saphirra
Jeremy, Duke of Saphirra
Bree, Countess of Saphirra

Colors: Gold on a blue field

Alisha, Duchess of Fluoria
William, Earl of Fluoria
Lord Douglas
Lord Michael

Colors: Silver on a purple field

If anyone else wants any postition within the royal court, please contact me. Unfortunately, there are no more landed titles left to take, but there are some unlanded titles available and we're always looking for new people to populate the country when we formally secede from the United States.
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Yeah. Yeah, I really think it is.

Everything I needed to know about how hot Manda is I learned in my bed on Friday night and because of Billy Fucillo I wound up stuck underneath said bed. I am a lion [insert rawr here] but there is no photographic evidence of this; Manda is a fish and there's no evidence of that, either, except the scales on the floor. Spoons make great microphones and breakfast is only good at eleven at night when you buy it and eat nothing on the plate but the toast. Steal milkshakes whenever possible. Buy cheap slutty makeup and always remember that your friends are there to help you into your corset.

Paris Hilton is not the only person who can say, "That's hot," and make it look good.

Apocalypse Now is really, really long. If you are scientifically inclined, it will give you dreams of covalent bonding when you fall asleep in the middle of it.

Sharing couches is fun. Hip bones are fun too.

Zombie attacks do happen and one should be prepared for them. When zombies fall asleep, they tend to snore. Also, they steal all the covers, but it's their own fault for wearing fishnet shirts. It's not my fault my house is chilly.

When everyone wakes up in the morning, the best plan of action is to say you lost track of the time and put in another movie to cover up the mini "OMG you weren't supposed to sleep over!" conspiracy. The parents were cool with it in the end, and I managed to gloss over the situation with offerings of homemade biscuits.

Tarot readings are always educational and various goddesses screamed at the boys. But boys never listen. Never, never, never, and sometimes it takes a psychic kick in the ass to get them to do so. However, when you're the channel, it hurts like a bitch.

Zombie-ism is a learned trait and can be taught to other people to use as a ploy on unsuspecting girlfriends.

Boys make funny noises when you nibble on their earlobes.

So do girls.

There is a certain sense of irony and poetic justice in tying up a Griffyndor with a Slytherin scarf and torturing her. But she danced like a white girl, so she deserved it. We're working on fixing this problem.

The total for the pizza came to $22.35. This may or may not be important, since I had $38 in my account and now have $2. WTF?????

Donnie Darko may be a good movie. I'm not entirely sure, as I only caught little bits and pieces of it. I was distracted. I talked to Andy on the phone on Saturday. I'm not entirely sure what we talked about. I was distracted. Something about a hard hat fashion show- there might be heavy machinery there too.

Four way makeouts are fun, but can get unnerving when you don't know whose hands (exactly) were... never mind.

Eventually people went home and I went to sleep. Cue Sunday.

Nothing notable happened at work except that Connor and Victor took it upon themselves to dismember and eviscerate me with FisherPrice saws and then hammer me back together again. Charming children, just charming.

"Be Cool" is a great movie. Uma Thurman is hot. Uma Thurman dancing is hotter. The Black Eyed Peas rule me, since they provide music for the dance lessons I'm going to continue to give Manda whether she likes it or not.

People put up with my shit and that amazes me. Tom is famous and the paparazzi never leaves him alone.

Hey guys. Tango lessons!!!!

Every Tuesday night
Suds Factory on Clinton Street
7-9pm argentine tango, 9-11pm salsa
Cost: free
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dancingphoul: It was Sara, in the lab, with the microscope. A blunt blow to the head, and Grissom was dead on arrival of the medic.
butterflied CSI: Damn. You found me out.
I won't go without a fight... )
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"You can't write in binary code. It's like, impossible!"
~ The Kid Sitting In The Booth Behind Me

Not true. I wrote "critical de-salinization point" in binary code a few months ago after watching the Day After Tomorrow with Kate and Shane.

Score one for the geek sitting by herself.
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Just so you know, the monitors here are HUGE, so the entire student population of OCC has now seen all of your entries. And SwimSlash!Icons.

Got out of math class a half an hour early, so I'm just wasting time before I go spend all of my money on a math book. Whee. I got my student ID card and I look like a complete gimp.

I also figured out the first half of my bus schedule. Downtown Syracuse is a funny place at seven in the morning. There was a man taking trash out of bag and throwing it against the sidewalk in a very concentrated way.

Now I just have to get back. I'll probably wind up in someplace ridiculous like Marcellus.

This weekend was alot of fun. Kate was up from Albany to do all her post-op doctor's appointments. We didn't do anything much- saw the Princess Diaries 2 with Tom, and watched about fifteen episodes of CSI. I got Kate hooked on that. So hooked that we dubbed our brownie recipe "Warrick's Gambling Problem/Contusion Brownies." (We had added chocolate chips; how very, very original.)

We also went to the archery range yesterday. We did pretty good for not really picking up a bow in about three years or so, trips to the Ren. Faire nonwithstanding. I lost one arrow and broke another, though.

I am not going to bitch about the Princess Diaries 2 in this entry, because no one but me cares that they got the fan movement meanings all wrong, or did the coronation backwards, or called people by the wrong things. I can't help it that I'm some kind of etiquette freak. I blame my mother. Breaches of etiquette aside, it was a great movie, especially if you haven't read the books, since the storyline is not the same AT ALL. It had great one liners- see subject, also: "I find my hello is insignificant," and "I'm a girl who loves to wear black wearing pink."

Speaking of awesome people named Lily, I had a dream with Anna in in last night. She and Jen got into a Shakespeare contest in the middle of my kitchen, and it was like an anime-crazy energy battle. Jen had you for a second, Ayako-chan, but then you did your Ophelia-going-mad thing and totally took her out.

In other news, Himeyuri means "Star Lily" or "Princess Lily." Just thought you'd like to know.
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I hereby declare [ profile] neongreenleaf my All-Encompassing Snog-Wench and Online GoGo Yubari Stand-In.

Also, when I take over the world, she can be the Princess of the North Eastern United States and the Azores Islands, if she so wishes.
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Rockin' Kill Bill all over the place this weekend, with [ profile] frozenexeternia and [ profile] jubei26. (Ran into [ profile] hylianhero1803 too at one point.) Also rockin' Boondock Saints, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Best Buy, Best Buy cashiers, Wegmans and stockboys various and sundry, jolt, twizzlers, rain, graveyards, swings, outdoor stages, the Punisher, the Punisher with his shirt off, the Punisher with his shirt on, the Punisher in the one part where he falls over, digital cameras, impossible pink skirts, graphic t's, pretzels, the news stand in the carousel mall, m&m's, iconage, pretending I can speak Japanese with the rest of 'em, Irish music, JC Chasez, JT, Darren Hayes, the Budwieser Factory, the ruins, swingsets at night, weirdos in parking lots, underground parking garages, angsty poetry, boy shorts, pillows, uncomfortable beds (mine), Sky, Cowboy Bebop, laptops, that anime with the cat episode whose name I can't remember, smirnoff twisted (twice), English accents, Irish accents, rosary beads, Keira/Rachel, role playing, little black dresses, cold stone creamery, deep intellectual conversation, Serenity and Endymion (UGH!!!), and Our Friend in the River.

Whew. I forget anything on that?

Oh yeah. My bottle of Sangreia blew up. Goddammit.

Here's a poem, written last night, after dinner, on the porch.

Bah, what happened to the wind?
Stupid miserable rain.
Lisa's territory, not mine-
seems like I've got my flying music on
for nothing.
Water pouring down in sheets
might as well be winding cloths
without a strong breeze
to lift it back out of the gutter
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“Yee-haw and Merry Fucking Christmas.” ~ Joanie

Merry Christmas and all that jazz. I hope you all got lots of stuff, and ate lots of stuff that you didn’t need to eat, and then went to the movies since that’s the only thing left to do, unless you’re at a family reunion-type holiday thing, in which case you’re probably arguing with someone or other.

The last week and half or so has been somewhat overwhelming. So I’m going to tell you all about it, except backwards from today, since I just want to shout from the rooftops that I am now the proud owner of a Legolas T-Shirt.

There’s something very gratifying about having an androgynous, sexy, beautiful elf with an admirable grasp of the obvious plastered across your boobs. It says something. Something like “I am a fangirl.” *squees* (see also: “I am a dork.”)

We all made out like bandits this year. I got two new sweatshirts and a sweater that’s kind of bizzare but really pretty. It reminds me kind of what the women in Minas Tirith were wearing. Dad picked it out for me when we were getting Mom’s present last night at TJ Maxx. I tried it on while I was wrapping it and it looks pretty good.

Nana got me a Jester hat to wear to the Gathering in Toronto. Never mind that it was last week. Mom told her that I was going as an elf, and she’s all, “Yes! It’s the perfect elf hat! But there’s no bells on it.” Lol. She also made my sister and I a scrapbook of our entire lives to date, which is really cool; there’s lots of pictures in there that I haven’t seen before, and she adds in little comments underneath the pictures like, “Why did they put the flowers in my best pot?”

*dances around happily* But the best present I got was a gift certificate for my bow! Kelsey actually got hers this morning under the tree, but they only had one in stock so I have to wait a week to get mine. Dad won’t let us get the arrows until spring, though, since he doesn’t want anyone getting maimed. *dances again* I am SO EXCITED!!!!

That was all this morning, which began by Kelsey screaming in my ear and waving her bow in my face.

Last night was kind of delusional. We decided to skip church and just stay home instead. Mom started reading that passage out of the Bible that she does every year that we stay home, with the glory unto you blah blah blah except she was using the stupid Good News Bible. So the story was simplified to the point of, “Mary was pregnant. They went to Bethlehem to be taxed. The Angel scared the shepherds. Blah blah, woof woof.” It was incredebly stupid, and we were all cracking up, so Mom finally got the other Bible and read out of that. Rockin’ with the fancy language. Verily I beseech thee, show me the way to Camillus.

Before that I fell asleep during the Nutcracker. I managed to stay awake through most of it, but the Sugar Plum Fairy pas de deux is really kind of tedious. She just does the same thing over and over again to really slow music. The next thing I know Mom is shaking me awake and trying to shove fudge down my throat.

Okay, rewind. Return of the King!

Okay. All I have to say about the movie itself is this: I loved it, however, I think they tried to jam too much into the end, but I also think that the EE will straighten out the end lumps. Pippin rocks my socks. I never paid that much attention to him before, but wow! He’s one of my favorite characters in this trilogy now.

Overload with the eye candy. Had to put up with acerbic comments from Justin telling my not to cream my pants when Legolas came on the screen in a tiara. Bastard.

Legolas was pretty but useless. However, he was pretty but useless in the books too, so I guess in some weird way PJ stayed true to the orignals in that.

Actually getting to the movie a challenge. Eventually we all got there- way after we were supposed to, so we wound up way down in front and on the side- even with Magoo hitting Justin’s car with his truck in the parking lot. My idiot sister insisted that she had to buy popcorn and so missed most of the previews. Due to Kelsey, Anastasia, and my mother being in the snack line (the other two trying to talk her out of it) they lost their seats. (Kate let them go to two random guys.) So they had to sit in the first row next to the wall and my mother wound up in the back someplace. She was really pissed about that.

No one got much sleep. Tom crashed on our couch for a while. This was due to the Gathering Ball.

Okay, so, we left B’ville at noon on Tuesday. Drove up to Canada, perfectly fine, okay. When we got the border the customs guy asked us where we were going, and then informed us that our event had started at one thirty and we were just a bit late. Patiently explained that it was a three day thing with lots of events, and we were only doing one and it started at six.

Drove on to Toronto. We listened to Kate’s tape of the “Rite of Spring”- possibly one of the most disurbing pieces of classical music ever written- and got on the wrong highway going north because they don’t seem to label exit numbers in Toronto. Finally got out of the hellish traffic and turned around to drive to Queen Street and find the hotel. When we got there they didn’t check out confirmation numbers or anything, just handed us our tickets and wham! that was it. So we rushed into the bathrooms, changed into our costumes, and headed out to find the shuttle bus but wound up taking a taxi instead.

Costumage: Jim went as a knight of Gondor, Tom went as Aragorn, Kate went as a Modern Elbereth, and I went as Arwen.

Jim’s costume: Handmade chainmail coat (drool) and a cloak and stuff. It was really cute, kind of non-specifiic but really nice. Tom’s costume: Aragorn’s battle outfit, with the cloak, the tree jerkin, and red shirt. His was awesome; it came out really good, especially the tree, which was really impressive, all silver lamé. He had the wig to go with it, which was cool. He really looked like Aragorn :-D Kate’s costume was a bit edgier; a tight, low-plunging blue dress over black leather pants with a rhinestone diadem. She was definetly the hottest thing on the dance floor. My costume was cool too, I guess- Arwen’s dress from the Two Towers, the periwinkle dream gown. It’s really simple, so… yeah. It’s in the movie, if you want to know what it looked like, lol.

So we danced the night away (or at least I did. I danced till I couldn’t lift my feet up off the floor anymore. Hee!) to an awesome band (Glass Hammer.)

There were absolutely gorgeous costumes there, including on Aragorn that was an exact movie replica, down to the embossed plate armor, two girls dressed up as the Argonath, a Sam pulling a Gollum around on a leash, and last but not least CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!!! Which was the fucking best part. Oh, that was cool.

Of course, being a schmuck I forgot my camera. Bastards.

The rest of this entry will be finished later, I guess, since my sister and I are off to see Peter Pan now.

Tra la la, all you beautiful people. *blows kisses*
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Well, I accomplished a couple of things. I got new sewing machine needles, for one. And I rented TTT Extended Edition, that's more. (Eowyn singing is one of the weirdest things. Totally appropriate, and all, but still strange. Haunting, and all that, which I suppose is the point.)

Woke up late for work this morning. Again. I swear to god, no matter how much sleep I get it's never enough. It's starting to affect my judgement. As I was walking through Wegman's today I half-decided to start a letter-writting campaign to Viggo Mortensen, just for shits and giggles.

Right. Don't ask me what the point of that would be.

Also, I've decided to personally track down the fucktards who invented pop-up ads and beat them senseless.

Random Tarot reading:

Past: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. Inertia or laziness; not taking action on responsibilities. Over-sensuality.

Present: Gaia (the World), reversed. Desire for positive change, though uncertainty on how to make it happen. Fear of expansion.

Future: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. Need to ground oneself. Perhaps an over-materialistic orientation to life; disappointment in the home, or lack of focus.

Overall: Six of Swords, reversed. More understanding of the situation is needed before it can change. Delays in departures, travel.

Super-duper-random-override-card: Ace of Cups. Great emotional satisfaction. Beginning of a new important relationship. Receptivity to creative inspiration.

...Hokay. So. This is the Earth. Damn, that is one sweet Earth you might say...

...and Gondor was like, "AHHH! MOTHERLAND!!!"
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1. Stand up halfway through the movie and yell loudly, "Wait...where in
the world is Harry Potter?"

2. Block the entrance to the theater while screaming: "YOU SHALL NOT
PASS!" - After the movie, say "Lucas could have done it better."

3. Wonder out loud if Aragorn is going to run for governor of California.

4. Point and laugh whenever someone dies.

5. Ask everyone around you if they think Gandalf went to Hogwarts.

6. Finish off every one of Elrond's lines with "Mr. Anderson."

7. When Aragorn is crowned king, stand up and at the top of your lungs
sing, "I did it.... MY way...!"

8. Talk like Gollum all through the movie. At the end, bite off someone's
finger and fall down the stairs.

9. Dress up as old ladies and reenact "The Battle of Helms Deep" Monty
Python style.

10. When Denethor lights the fire, shout "Barbecue!"

11. In TTT when the Ents decide to march to war, stand up and shout "RUN

12. Every time someone kills an Orc, yell: "That's what I'm Tolkien
about!" See how long it takes before you get kicked out of the theatre.

13. During a wide shot of a battle, inquire, "Where's Waldo?"

14. Talk loudly about how you heard that there is a single frame of a
nude Elf hidden somewhere in the movie.

15. Start an Orc sing-a-long.

16. Come to the premiere dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and wander around
looking terribly confused.

17. When they go in the paths of the dead, wait for tense moment and
shout, "I see dead people!"

18. Imitate what you think a conversation between Gollum, Dobby and Yoda
would be like.

19. Release a jar of daddy-long-legs into the theater during the Shelob

20. When Shelob comes on, exclaim, "Man! Charlotte's really let herself
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I'm really quite hungry.

So I'm hoping that typing on the computer will get Mom up so she'll cook some food. I wanted to make toast before, but there wasn't any bread except for Kelsey's dumb potato bread stuff. Eck.

I think I'd be kind of depressed if I wasn't so exhausted. I'm one of those very unfortunate people who need at least eight hours of sleep a night to function. Lately I've been getting three or four hours a night, if I'm lucky. So I'm tripping over myself and bumping into door frames... awesome! Better than NyQuil!

Anyway, I'm tired and all I want to do is sleep, but I can't. Too much to do. Like work, so I can make money, to pay the bills, and go see Traviata in October. Already ordered the tickets, hooray.

By the way, my developpés absolutely SUCK.

I am most disappointed in myself.

And my legs hurt, to boot.

I need to make myself a barre.

Also, I changed my costume idea for the Ball-Thing-In-December. I'm going to try for Luthien (and yes, I know that this is outlandishly presumptuous on my part. I know.) I think it'll actually be an easier costume to do. Muah ha ha.

Galadrigoddess mine, get out your blonde wig! THE ELF BITCHES OF LOTHLORIEN RIDE AGAIN! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA....etc., etc.
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So it looks like we’re going to miss Mars, and all. Oh well.

It’ll be back again in five thousand years. I can wait.


Woke up this morning to Dad yelling up the stairs in the direction of my bed. This would have been normal, had he been saying something along the lines of, “Dead people, get up. Wake up, duh-head.” But no, this time he was telling me how if I was going to save the world I was going to have to get in shape and start training, and doing boxing, and lots of pull ups. My first coherent thought was “I won’t do pull ups. I don’t want butch muscles!” and I told him so. He said I wasn’t going to get butch muscles, but if I had to haul myself upside down up or down a cliff face I would be able to do so.

My second thought was, “Oh shit. This means I’m going to have to learn to drive stick.”

My third thought was, “I’m never renting Tomb Raider again.”

It gives him Ideas, I found out. He reads waaaaaay too much into the planetary alignment thing.

You know, though, it’s funny. Usually I’m the one reading into things, and trying to be what I’m not, or do something that’s not mainstream. Dad’s usually the one telling me that I’m not Elektra, stop pretending, you can never do that, go to school and if I see sais in the house again you’re toast. However, this situation is reversed. I’m shooting him down and being skeptical at every turn, and he’s getting all excited about every little thing.

*rolls eyes* Whatever. No more Lara Croft. As much as I’d like to be her, I’m not. I’m just starting to come to terms with that- being normal, and having a normal life with no quests, magical powers, or any kind of swash-buckling adventure- so don’t fuck with it.

Arrgh. Think that about sums it up.
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My Inner Princess Is Named:
Diamanta Christabel Cecilia Joanna del Grandon

Get Your Princess Name!

Actually, my full name is HRH Helena Cecilia Eleanor Rowan-Allen. Or, Sumiko Asami Rose Kino-Miyake, back in the good old days.

Oh, fuck. Don't get me started on the whole princess thing. So close, dammit, so close.

Princess Grace's dowry (yes, she had one, couldn't marry Rainier w/o it) was two million dollars. Yikes.

Heather Ariana Nichole. I'm adding Ariana officially later in the summer. Yep. Could throw my confirmation name in there too...

Heather Ariana Nichole Dymphna. LOLOL.


Dec. 9th, 2002 08:28 pm
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Soundtrack is out. I have yet to buy it but I downloaded "the Evenstar" and a "Requiem for the King" remix, and I fucking love it.

It just screams dance solo.

I have LOTR tickets.

I need a life, I think. And elf ears.

The New Girl likes Harry Potter. She likes fanfiction. Don't know if she likes slash or not.

I asked (jokingly) my mom what her favorite slash pairing was.

She thought about it for a minute and then said, "Harry and Draco. But I really like Mulder/Krychek."


My mom is so damn COOL. But then she threw me for a loop by saying something about Snape/Hagrid. Ewwwww.


Maybe I'll be more coherent later.

Maybe not.
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Okay. Quick recap. Lately I've been too tired/spazzed/whatever to write.

First order of business:
Happy Birthday Ayako-chan!!!
Hope you got lots of stuff. We're hanging out before you leave. Period.

My birthday was okay. More relaxing than anything else. Mom made a cake and we just kind of hung out. Talking about what we'd like to do to various celebrities.

Mom snorted into her slice of cake. "Julia Roberts is such a screaming nut. I'd love to run up to her and slam a pie in her face." They all laughed. "Michael Jackson, too," she added.

"But his nose would collapse," Heather said, still giggling at the image of Julia Roberts with wipped cream in her hair.

"We could party with Bruce Springsteen."

"I want to push Orlando Bloom into the river. Think he'd laugh? 'Dur, I'm Orli and I'm all wet!' Ha Ha!"

Kelsey took a spoonful of ice cream and considered it. Suddenly she put her spoon down on her plate.

"I want to pull Will Smith's ears," she announced.

Yeah. So the next day we went to see Harry Potter. As a result of this I've joined the [ profile] hp_jailbait community. Malfoy what??? *dies* See, in my insanity I can rationalize it like this: In the books (as of this year) Malfoy is fifteen, and I am twenty, there fore in five years we could have an Anakin-Padme relationship! *insane laughter* Alright, I'll stop.

Had a very serious discussion with Mom the other day. Specifically which HP guy would I end up with. This was her answer.

"You would be really good friends with Harry and Ron, but nothing more; You would love to torment Malfoy even though you're both in Slytherin, so nothing there either. Wood is too much of a jock for you- You'd wind up fighting with him or something."

"I can see you doing very bad things with the Weasley twins and Suzanne and Jeannette. But I think in the end you would run off with Snape."

*When she said 'very bad things' she meant practical jokes. Which is good, since I thought she meant something else- and as much as I like Suzanne and Jeannette and the Weasley twins, well...

Oh. Today.

Went to work this morning, and Mom mailed some letters in the mailbox at the end of the parking lot. So she went to back up, spun a little bit on the ice and crashed into the cement light post. So now there's a two foot dent in the back of the car and I have mild whiplash and a mild concussion. WOO!!!

And Carol quit. Which means that it's just me and Mom now, and no days off in sight. FUN.

I'm going to write till eleven come hell or high water. Maybe I'll just pick up on a later chapter and worry about the bridge parts later.

At least I’ve got the plot all figured out. It hit me at work the other day exactly how to work it out. Of course, as I was day dreaming, I almost dropped a tray of Italian bread, but whatever.

All that stuff about Michelle Rodriguez as Rain before- did you think I was kidding? I think Tom did. He asked me if I would make out with her (or her character in Resident Evil.) Yes. Yes I would. Seriously. That's the only girl I'm even remotely attracted to. ;)

So, should I stop babbling now?


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