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Nicked from [ profile] misscam

How to play:
1. Pick a fandom offered: CSI, LotR, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Star Wars, Dark Angel (or if you and I have a fandom in common, whatever. Kate, I'm talking to you about Undead and Unwed.)
2. Choose a pairing or characters, and one more specific if you'd like. Examples: Grissom and Sara plant a tree or Max and Logan go on a picnic.
I am willing to do slash, and any genre within reason. Crossovers are also cool.
3. You can also pick a Wild Card- choose a fandom and I will write a drabble that combines it with one of your interests listed on your LJ profile.
I will bust out a drabble somewhere between 75-150 words for you.

Consider it an Easter egg.
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...and immortalized in wet sand.

This says "GeekLove 4-Ever!" but it didn't quite come out. *sob*

This picture was taken expressly to piss of my mother, who went into Gollum mode upon seeing it- "We hates the Grissssom! Nasty, tricksy, false!!"

Because the YoBling lovin' needs a shoutout too. This picture is dedicated to Miss Cam and her awesome YoBling drabbles.

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Memes make me happy )

Dad found a piece of paper in the living room this morning.

Piece of paper contained the beginning of one of my sister's Grissom/Sara hot office sex stories. Or so I assume, since Dad was talking about how he only got as far as the "Grissom ripped Sara's blouse off" part before giving up on trying to decipher my sister's exteremely messy handwriting.

I don't know what he was more angry about: the content of her story, or how messy it was. Either way, he was flustered about it all morning, and started ranting about how it was all WB43's fault, and how she would never be allowed to watch Everwood again.

Not that she ever has. However, I wisely kept my mouth shut. Better he ban a show that no one watches than cut us off from the internet and fandom forever. But it just goes to show how much he knows about, oh, everything. Very little, in the end.

The point is, people, don't leave your hot monkey sex fic lying around.

I have been trying so hard not to laugh about this all day. Snerk!
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Bah. Went to sell back my Bio book and French book and discovered that I can't, since I left all the little bits and pieces that came with them at home. Which means that I have to schlepp up here again tomorrow.

Not having a car is such a fucking pain in the ass sometimes. Usually I don't really care, but the hour and forty five minutes I spend on the bus each way is an hour and forty five minutes that I don't have in my life anymore. And I just don't feel like sitting on a bus for that long, sometimes. However, I foresee myself doing it alot over break because the gym is open, and I've become addicted to the stationary bikes, even though they make my muscles cramp up horribly.

Almost bought ROTK EE yesterday, when Oliver and I went to go see National Treasure. $30 at Borders- not bad. I think I need to get back into that fandom, because CSI is making me miserable.

(Just spent an hour going through the backlogs of the Butterflied discussion board on YTDAW. Ye gods. G/S ship-fan-angst overload. And in the end, I couldn't find the post I was looking for- the spoiler for what was supposed to happen in Butterflied as opposed to what actually did.)

It's not CSI per say. The whole Grissom/Sara thing is driving me up the wall, and it doesn't really look like there's any resolution for it in sight. Sofia is a huge stumbling block- she pisses me off and I forgive her for not knowing any better by turns. But the way they have her throwing herself at Grissom really pisses me off. On top of everything else, oozing all over the lab isn't professional.

Oh, yeah. Might as well get this off my chest right now.

PUT YOUR GODDAMN HAIR IN A PONYTAIL. The way Catherine and Sara have their hair styled has always been a bone of contention with me; possibly because I find any hair in my face when I'm doing something distracting. So I can't really fathom a job- especially one as sensitve as a crime scene investigator- where women leave their hair hanging in their faces all the time. If I was their supervisor, I'd have a damn dress code thing in effect, that says if you have long hair you must have it up and secured at all times. I mean, think about it. If a piece of your hair falls on a dead body, that fucks up the evidence. Big no-no. And Sofia is the worst of all of them. Her hair is really pretty when it flows behind her as she chases down a gun, but it's too long to be worn down. Plus, wasn't she all like "My hair's always up" when she first showed up?


Anyway. One of my biggest problems- and this goes for books and movies, too- is that when I get into something, I get into it with everything I've got. If the end of a book depresses me, I'll be depressed for weeks. If two of my favorite characters are being dragged through the mud, I feel like I'm getting dragged through the mud. It's probably some psychological disorder or something that I've got, but since there's nothing to be done I've got to live with it. And all the CSI-angst crap is pissing me off.

/rant, for real this time.

I've still got a bunch of English essays to take care of. We have until the 20th to hand them in, and the procrastination bunny is gnawing at my leg. It would help, though, if I had a fucking computer at home, instead of having to come all the way down here. But I DON'T, because my dad fucked it UP.

Stuff I need:
~ computer
~ iPod mini (okay, maybe that's a want)
~ new shoes
~ jeans
~ sweaters
~ new hoody (black)
~ tank tops (black)
~ more earrings (want, again)
~ extra long cargo pants
~ film developed
~ a car
~ a computer, so I can get the damn plotbunnies out of my head when I'm good at writing, which is at night, dammit.
~ stuff for chocolate (maybe)

I have to:
~ remember my books tomorrow
~ finish my essays
~ call Sally Jo
~ return those tapes to Wegman's
~ beat the living snot out of whoever ate my peanut butter cup ice cream
~ possibly eat some jelly
~ buy more LJ time, with extra icons!
~ email Pete re: Andrew re: books
~ add the Apocalyptic epilouge to the Blue Folder
~ call Daniel
~ work on my stories now.

And [ profile] green_aura is going to help me with my layout after break!!! *happy dances* So I'll finally get the background images I've been wanting.


Nov. 15th, 2004 02:51 pm
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What a fucking day.

Finished reading "All Fall Down" and just about died. {I need some Grissom/Sara happy fluff and I need it NOW, DAMMIT!!!!} One of the best stories I've ever read, but goddamn! Angst, angst, and an ending to make me gibber insensibly for about fifteen minutes and the time it took me to walk to the gym building.

Also worked out for an hour and a half. While on the bicycle thing, I realized that I am working out to lose weight so I can have pictures made to revamp my journals with, because I can't find a background image that I like. I am totally, totally pathetic. (...but skinny. Good thing?)

Took a shower and rushed to English just in time to share my thesis- and then explain my thesis- and then explain what slash is to the entire class- I'm now outed as a weirdo.

But! Went to Wegman's with Sally Jo and got hot cocoa and a cookie. Also skipped math this morning and did her term paper for her. Huzzah for bullshitting.

Also Quinn is telling to focus and not to freak out. It's not easy.
--- Heart Quinn.

Talked to Daniel too. Heart Daniel.

I'm not taking my books back to the library because I'm too lazy and I have to catch the bus in five minutes-

-and my English class (with the exception of one person) probably thinks I'm a giant walking freak.

...I guess they're right.

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Indiana Jones quotes that I'd like to see made into CSI icons. I might get around to it one of these days- who knows.

I am a loser who likes crossovers way too much )
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The Butterfly Squad
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I was going to tell everyone about this when I saw it this morning, but Amika beat me to it :)


And I saw this in the newspaper yesterday. British people picked the top ten people they'd like to see become President (Homer Simpson won) and Grissom was in the top five. Which of course sent Mom into ultra-Gollum mode, since "we hatesss the Grissssom, nasssty, trickssy, false Grisssom!"

Grissom for President!

And congrats to the Red Sox. They earned it, and I promise not to say anything about the lunar eclipse they played under contributing to their win.
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Okay, so, I have to write this English essay by 1:30. It can be on anything but it has to be exemplary. And I need a thesis.

I've been kicking around the idea of doing a slightly (all right, very much) tongue-in-cheek kind of essay. If I could pull it off, which I probably can't. At any rate, here's some ideas I have for my thesis.

"George Bush is the worst president this country has ever had."

"Catherine and Warrick should just hook up already."

"Peter Jackson was justified in making the changes he made to the Lord of the Rings movies."

"The Phoenix Metro Transportation System sucks."

"Yokels maligning Port Authority don't know what the fuck they're talking about."

"It may come as a shock, but the majority of people on subways are not carrying guns."

"Sara Sidle, Gil Grissom, and Lady Heather: A comparative essay."

"Grissom loves Sara. An illustrated exemplary essay."

"Icon making should qualify as a fine art."

"It's not overtime; it's enthusiasm."

"Top Ten Reasons why Rhyannon Gillenger is being hunted down by her stepfather; ten corresponding reasons why Gil Grissom is TOO DENSE TO FIGURE THIS OUT."

"Fanfiction is great, and fanfiction authors shouldn't have to worry about infringing on copyrights."

"The girls next to me should shut up and go away."

"Geeks are going to take over the world one day. Includes illustrated examples!"
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1. Magua is the best villain

Magua is definitely the most bad-assed villain of the two movies. Saruman is creepy in an old, fanatical man type of way, and true, his command over vast armies of Uruk-hai is kind of worrying at times. Sauron is probably the least threatening villain ever (armies of orcs headed this way nonwithstanding) at least, in disembodied eye form. But Magua, man, if he had been fighting for the bad guys in LOTR Frodo and Sam wouldn’t have a chance. Oh, man, anyone who pisses off Magua is so incredibly fucked. He’s also an interesting, dynamic, physically dangerous character- threatening from far away and up close. Magua is the guy you love to hate. Saurman is the guy you call the cops on when he comes within ten feet of a playground. Yep.

2. Cora is way more kickass than Arwen.

In comparing these two movies, I find that Cora is kind of like Luthien to Arwen: meaning, Cora is like Arwen, times about ten thousand. Even comparing LOTR to the Silmarillion, you find that Arwen and Luthien are similar to each other, but Luthien seems more concentrated. If their places were reversed, Luthien would have followed Aragorn on his quest, instead of chilling at home embroidering a standard. Likewise, Cora follows Hawkeye into the action, insisting on pushing on to her father even when she had a shot at turning back. She also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty working in the surgery, or doing anything else that needs doing. If Arwen was about to be scalped, she probably would have cried or something. Not Cora. She waited for Hawkeye to kill the scalper guy and then picked up the gun and started shooting people. Maybe Cora is more like Eowyn (sans spectacular love story) except I don’t know how well Eowyn would manage, having to take care of a fragile, suicidal little sister on top of everything else.

3. The love story is about a thousand times better than LOTR’s

Okay, I know you have the whole Arwen-Aragorn-Eowyn triangle, but come on. Let’s just all be adults and admit that love triangles are pretty shitty when you’ve got hundreds of miles in between each party at any given time (except when Aragorn is with Eowyn some of the time.) In Last of the Mohicans, you’ve got Hawkeye-Cora-Duncan, which is a lot more dynamic because they’re all together to get at each other’s throats. (So cute! “You’re defending him because you’re INFATUATED WITH HIM!!!” hee hee *squee*) Besides which, the HCD triangle is all True Love, while in LOTR the AAE triangle is true love-true love-crush, and kind of falls flat in the end when Eowyn falls for Faramir, anyway. What the hell is the point in having a love triangle if no one in it sacrifices their life for the woman they love????? (And the two guys argue over who gets to die, since they each think that the girl is better off when she’s with the other?)

4. More shirtless men / Better kissing scenes

My first thought when Legolas rode onto the screen and got off that horse was, “Who is that, and when is he going to take his shirt off?” Needless to say, he never did. Nor did Aragorn. Or Faramir. Or Boromir. Or Merry. Or Eomer (dammit, dammit…) Frodo doesn’t count. Unless you’re a pervy hobbit fancier. But you get to see Hawkeye with his shirt off. You also get to see him make out with Cora behind that shed thing, which is a way better kissing scene than the horribly chaste kissing Aragorn and Arwen do.

Also, hello, the waterfall scene! As if anything, in any movie could top that. That is the best True Love type scene EVER, beating even the Princess Bride in my book. “Stay alive, no matter what occurs!” Gah. *swoons*

* “The Lord of the Rings” counting as one movie, not three; “Last of the Mohicans” and “The Lord of the Rings” compared in movie form, not book form.


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