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Happy New Year. Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu.

I apologize for the Xmas meltdown post. The computer at school had frozen and I'd lost my entire philosophy paper, which a) was due in twenty minutes; b) was the equivalent of a final exam and c) is the one grade that's a graduation requirement. Got an extension, but only til the 26th... and with working retail, that meant that my Xmas night was taken. Wound up crying hysterically and demanding valium while my mother yelled at me to just plagarize something of the net- because those professors never check that stuff anyway!

Made it. I've officially graduated from OCC with a 3.525 cum. GPA. (Got an A- in Philosophy.)

The best part, though, was Jeannette coming home for Xmas (kinda.) I went to Xmas dinner at her house on New Year's Eve, and then we came back here to the apartment. New Year's was SO MUCH BETTER THAN LAST YEAR. No almost-alcohol-poisioning! No incoherent, sucky drunkeness! Just chillin', getting tipsy on cosmopolitans and snarking at the spending on Platinum Weddings. We cried over this and that and Dick Clark not being what he used to be, rocked out to Christina Aguilera and made several drunken resolutions.

Then everyone trucked off to bed, and Jean and I shot the shit till 2:30. This is were it gets, um, complicated.

I tucked Jean in on the couch at exactly 2:28. When I went downstairs in the morning, Jean was gone and Gerard was passed out on the couch in her place. Come to find out, he had let himself in at quarter to three. Jean freaked and was about to "protect my hovel" by beaming G-funk in the head with the empty champagne bottle. Thankfully, they figured out who they were- "You're the Navy guy?" "You're the Army chick?" and they told each other war stories before Jean went back to her mom's.

We hung out a couple of days later, too, which was nice because we had the whole day to just kind of relax. Goddamn, I miss her when she's not here. She's the one who really keeps me sane and grounded and all, better than anyone other than my mom can. We had a weird kind of talk about the shit that's been going down lately. I think I might acutally go and try and get outside help about my reclusive streak- it's gotten really bad. It's to the point now that when the phone rings, I look at it and can't physically make myself pick it up. My heartrate goes faster and I can't breathe easily. It's fucking pathetic. The theory is that now that school is over and work has calmed down, I can find the time to do something about it.

Now I just need a new job. Wheeeeee job search in a depressed market.

So, that's where I've been.

Time to do college apps. Go me.
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I am definitely one of the top math class skippers in the world today. Aeons from now, legions of school children will be chanting my name in post-apocalyptic caves across the world, hailing me as a paragon of mathematics that changed their world forever.

Maybe I'm having delusions of grandeur, though...?

There's some bum asleep on the only couch. Which means that I can't go to sleep on the couch. --Wait, it's Ashby. Maybe I can topple him off and steal the couch. That's the whole reason I skipped math class, anyway. I've been having trouble staying awake all day, and there's no way in fuck I can sit through an hour and fifteen minutes of voting theory and keep my eyes open. So I figured I'd come over here and sleep for a while before I had to catch Ye Old Bus.

*goes to fuck around on ff.n and save her songfics before those bastards delete them*
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Watching Sin City this weekend didn't bring out my dark, violent side.

No, not at all. Really. And I swear by all that is holy that there is no sword in my underwear drawer, sais in my t-shirt drawer, or a small arsenal of projectile weapons behind my shelves.

Speaking of holy things, the Pope died. It's really kind of freaky, but that's only because I just finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (the DaVinci Code guy.) In that book, the Pope dies and all kinds of crazy shit goes down. Now the real Pope dies, and I have to bite my tongue to keep from calling the Vatican and telling them to check the necropolis for antimatter before they lock the cardinals in for conclave.

Nothing really productive went on this weekend. Got in a fight with my father over apartment stuff; picked up my sister's prom dress; hung out with Tom for a bit, because I haven't seen him since I've gotten back from WA; went to work and found out that the choir director got fired; watched the CSI from Thursday night and wasn't very impressed; watched a little bit of Lara Croft 2 and was happy when the parts that mattered (read: that part on the boat with the handcuffs) didn't skip; walked through a mud puddle... twice, actually.

Thought for about three hours that going to school for investigation and shooting for a spot in the FBI was stupid and pointless and considered going to Plan B. I would so make a kickass mermaid. Then I figured I could work as a mermaid and moonlight as an FBI agent.

[I really wish it was eleven o'clock]

The Weeki Wachee mermaids should really look into getting tails made by
Tail Man instead of the fabric ones they have. Or if they have his fabric ones, then they should switch to latex. I'm sure they could get a discount on them (but how much could a discount matter when one tail retails through Neiman Marcus for about ten grand?)

[I really wish it was eleven o'clock]
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So here I am, back in the stupid Boonies. At school. With a class to go to in an hour or so.

And I am kind of very sick.

My voice is totally and completely gone. This really sucks when you want to squee about the trip you just took to your friends and family. Trust me when I say it is difficult to communicate the concept of "You can drink four or five smoothie-type drinks and be totally fine, but one rum and coke and you fall flat on your ass and can't do an axel in the living room to demonstrate that you really were a figure skater once" using sign language. However, pointing to pictures and giving the thumbs up sign seems to work well for most things.

In addition to being sickish I barely slept at all last night. I finally started to fall asleep when my alarm went off. Goddamnit.

But hey!!! I got the tiara pictures Jean took!!!


Wearing one of my tiaras while home on leave last year.


Jeannette wearing one of my tiaras... this time sitting in front of her 50-caliber machine gun in Iraq.

Oh, by the way? The Killers totally rock my world. OMFG yes.

[ETA: On my last full day in WA, Jeannette threw a party. It was awesome. It's actually the first time we've ever gotten drunk together, barring any mishaps in gym class in eighth grade. She's got awesome friends. There was much taking off of socks for some reason, and throwing them around. And smoothie drinks. There was trying (and mostly succeeding) to navigate an axel around party guests and a coffee table while shitfaced, and the sentence "Sock...window...fuck!" was laughed over.

And then the next day I left. Sob, sob.]
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I. Feel. So. Stupid.


Basically, I missed a lab question because I was too dumb to see the forest for the trees. I swear to god, if you add three digits and a fancy name to a number I've known since the first day of chemistry class, I will not recognize it, and I will get the problem wrong, and my lab professor, who thinks I'm smart, will take me to task on it, and say that only one person in the class used this number for the problem, and WHY WASN'T IT YOU?????


AND I got canvassed by CCE last night. The people I worked for over the summer. I couldn't send the girl away without about ten letters and fifteen bucks, because I know how much it sucks to be doing that. The upshot of this is, I'm down fifteen dollars. Guh.

In other news, Matt Ashby saved my ass from getting run over by a very speeding car this morning when I absentmindedly walked out into traffic. I told him thank you, but he said he just didn't want to get blood on his shoes.

Oh, and I'm skipping the Winterguard Home Show this year to go to a strip club. That is all.
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So, it's...what, eight o'clock on Monday morning. Nothing special is going on. The weekend was okay- didn't quite get in all the studying I wanted with all the running around I wound up doing, but what the fuck.

Hung out with Andy on Friday, Tom on Saturday and went to see Hitch with Arou last night. Fun, fun, fun.

What the hell happened to my "absolutely no social life" rule? Maybe I should have formalized it and told everyone I was giving up my social life for Lent or something. Alas for my low willpower.

(Repeat. What the fuck.)

I feel amazingly calm considering I have a test tomorrow for sociology, another on Friday for chemistry, and I have to write my speech for tomorrow's public speaking class. I probably shouldn't have skipped sociology on Thursday, considering tomorrow's test, but I had public speaking homework to do, and the teacher had spent Tuesday's class talking about how the earth was, in fact, flat. I figured it was safe to miss. Guess I'll find out tomorrow whether I was right about that or not.

Wow. This is an amazingly uninteresting journal entry.
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Message left on my answering machine by Andy last night:

Thursday Jan. 20th 9:17 PM

"I can see all you guys ignoring me and watching your CSI, waiting for the next dwarf massacre... looking for butterflies, and all the DNA left behind. I hope you have fun waiting for the next Sara psycho moment you damn CSI junkies! Bye bye."


...Tom, do you get this icon now? ;)
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My Chemistry lab professor FUCKING ROCKS. He almost became my ex-professor, because the class was overbooked and he was going to transfer some of us to another lab. My name was on that list until I asked him to stay. Then you know what he told me?

"The more chemistry you learn, the more beautiful you will become."

That is just so cool, kthnxbai.

Oh, and before I forget (I can't forget, because I have to tell Rob even if he won't believe me) when Jean and the guys and I were playing pool the other night, we won twice. Granted, we only one legitimately once. There were all kinds of shit shots and what have you. But I made the best shot I've ever made in my life- I hit two balls into the same corner pocket when they weren't lined up to do so. Much bouncing off the cue ball and the rim; it was incredibly odd, and I'm still not entirely sure what I did. And they were even stripes balls, which was what I was SUPPOSED to be hitting into the pockets.

Then Jeannette almost hit the eight ball in, but it stopped so she blew on it.

Legitimacy isn't always the best thing, you know? *gigglesnerk*
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For instance, the other night Andy beat Kelsey at LOTR Trivial Pursuit.

I actually won (wow, big suprise.../sarcasm) but Kelsey and Andy decided to play it out all the way to the end. Poor Kelse. And she got all the stupid questions, too- "Who owns the magical mirror in Lothlorien? Where did Frodo wake up after the Ringwraith stabbed him?" and Andy still beat her. After he won she just sat there, staring at the board like she couldn't believe it.

This is actually pretty funny, because Kelsey is not only as big of a geek as I am, but she has a photographic memory, and thus has every line from every extended edition memorized. Andy couldn't remember Gollum's name at one point, and he kept getting questions that had to do with obscure Theoden quotes. Of course Mom and Dad made all kinds of cracks about writing this incident down on the calendar. Poor kid's still kind of in shock. I guess I'm mean even telling you guys about it, but I owe her one for the nickname incident. Payback is sweet. Heh.


Dragged Mom to the store last night so I could make some Christmas gift exchanges. I got a new tiara, since the one Mom got originally was too tall. It's so sweet :) It's a Russian style tiara, which means that the top curves in a half circle as opposed to coming to a central point. It's the style most reminiscent of the kokoshnik, the traditional Russian headdress that the modern tiara is based on. And it's very comfortable and lightweight, which means that I can sit through an opera without getting a headache for once. SCORE!

Also traded in the Random Rap CD for U2's "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb." I've been listening to this album constantly since last night, and I just about love it to pieces. I agree with Karen about the GS-ish songs. A lot of them strike me as such, or as songs that would fit well in that ship. But then, I was thinking about that in the shower this morning, and decided that I'm the type of person who makes things into what they want them to be. If my current fandom obsession was still Dark Angel, you can bet that this album would strike me as totally Max/Logan. *ponders* Which, now that I think about it, it does.


I wrote a poem last night. This isn't that odd, since I'm constantly writing things like poems and stories in my head, but I actually got up and wrote this one down, so I didn't lose it, or most of it. It's odd what eyeliner and lipstick can inspire in you. Or rather, the lack of motiviation to wash it off once you've put it on, because you're too lazy.

Haven't decided whether or not to post it in here. Might. Might not.

...I love Jorja to death, but my new green necklace is way prettier than hers. Okay, she's not allowed to dress herself anymore, hmmm?
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Meh. No time to update, really, plus I hate typing anything here at the office. It's cold and uncomfortable and I can't keep my thoughts straight.

New Years was alot more fun than I thought it was going to be, since I wound up staying home. Andy came over, and Kelsey and I blasted hip hop since Dad wasn't there. Then we blasted Chicago after he got home, and he didn't complain about it! Also, we did some reels around the kitchen. And tried to teach Andy to dance. And watched Resident Evil 2. Danced some more, ate party nibbly food stuff, and drank champagne (I made mom get the Veuve Cliquot, and it was great. Mmmm. I love champagne, kthnxbai.)

Yesterday was alot of fun, too. Kelsey and I went to go see Phantom. Second time for me- I am so buying that when it comes out.

Karen. I totally, totally agree with you. My little problems with the movie were less problems than little snerks.

"Wow! Christine, how did you get on that much dark eye shadow in two twists of the hallway???"

I. Love. Mme. Giry.

And Carlotta rocks my world. "BYEBYE!!!" lol. I have got to get me some Carlotta icons.

I'm going to review it better when I have more time.

Andy came over last night, too, and we watched Shaun of the Dead while we ate dinner. That is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. In fact, I think Mom and Dad are going to go out an buy it. Heheh. Heart zombies.

Notes to myself:
Today: David
Tomorrow: Daniel
At some point: Tom, Oliver
Call the Alicias, GA re: pics
Write down ideas etc. for Umeka-san re: ochaya

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- re: ochaya *squees*

Scan Bree's thingamajig
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Since I still live in this stupid horrible backwater with my parents and sister, I still have access to the school district newsletter, which I sometimes read when it's lying on the kitchen table and there's nothing else to read.

...Yeah. I totally want a spiffy fake vest thing that says "B'ville Forensics" on it, since that would be nothing short of outright amusment.

Bastards. Why does all the cool shit happen after you graduate?

And they got rid of Room Six. Oh-the-humanity.

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Jeannette came over for The Official Dinner on Friday. Andy and Tim wound up coming over too. She left the States this morning to go back to Iraq, though. I miss her already, but she'll be back for good in January. And there will be much wedding-planning madness.

I dressed her up in my grandmother's sari when she was over- she looks SPECTACULAR in it. It's a very odd color combination; kind of a peachy-pink bordered in deep purple and gold. Just goes to show how the most unlikely color combinations look the best on people. Pink and purple- for Jeannette- who'd'a thunk it?

We also put on tiaras and waltzed around the living room, just for shits and giggles. I leant her my second best tiara to take back to Iraq with her (she's going to wear it while manning her 50-caliber machine gun and take pictures, hee hee.)

Also saw Team America World Police with Tom this weekend. It's a stupid, banal, horrible, foul-mouthed movie, but I loved it. We cracked up through the whole thing.


I got an A on my French topic paper!!!! HELL YEAH!!! WHO'S THE PUNK NOW, BITCH?!?!?!?

~ This is exciting because I thought I would get a horrible grade on it. Comparing and contrasting French and Moroccan architectural styles is not as easy as it sounds. But Dr. FK told me that I did a great job when she handed my paper back, AND she got me a bunch of information on L'Universite de Lyons. Whee!

My financial aid got approved.
~ This is exciting because I just got the bill for this semester a couple of weeks ago, which caused a couple of minor heart attacks. So that's taken care of now.

And rping CSI is hella fun.

Fuck yeah.
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I dreamed about Jay and Silent Bob last night and woke up singing Mariah Carey songs. It's a very disconcerting way to wake up.

Worried about Matthew.

Will call him when I get home.

Hung out with Jeannette and Tim yesterday- we went to Ambrosia for sushi (happy early birthday to me!) and Tim gave us the grand tour of the Channel 9 TV station. We got to goof around in the studio- so next time you see the Rick's recipies segment, you can say, "Heather and Jeannette wore those aprons. And the microwave isn't too clean."

No fun day out is complete without a trip to TriCounty Mall, so we went there too.

And then we left, since there's nothing there to do. Since it is the TriCounty Mall, after all. Deadest mall in America.

...Still worried.
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She came over with Andy last night and we wound up at the Diner, drinking chocolate milkshakes and shooting the shit. When we walked back to my house Tim had stopped by, which was great- we really haven't been together like that since lunch in high school. Jean looks great- she's got contacts now, and if I'm not mistaken she was wearing eyeshadow (guess I wasn't the only one to turn slightly girly, hee hee.) She gets out of Iraq on December 17th (very relieved about that) and I think she gets out of the army altogether in June or something.

I get to be her maid of honor at her wedding in 2006!!!! *does a wonderful happy dance*

Her mother's making her dress (which she designed herself; it seems awesome from the way she described it) but we're going to Keely's Bridal later this week to try on dresses and stuff anyway. They're getting married in Arizona, which is great- I can hang out with Jonelle, Alta, and Tamara for a bit while I'm out there.

Anyway, Jeannette’s parents are having a bonfire on Saturday. Hooray. So we talked about that for a little bit- apparently they’re getting a red, white and blue port-a-potty. Also talked about Iraq and all the little quirks of being over there- sex in the humvees, because you can’t have sex anywhere else, mortar fire, Middle Eastern food, and how to give the finger in that culture (thumbs up.) All that good stuff.

But when Jeannette went to leave, we found that someone had ketchuped her car. It was all over the driver’s side and on the ground- what the fuck is that shit? Why the hell would someone do that? We have to wait until Saturday to find out if they got Andy’s truck; he left before Jean did. Anyway, she and Tim and I cleaned it up. Then Tim and I hung out for a while, just talking about stuff.

I’m still not over this goddamn cold. It’s a lot better than it was, but I’m still kind of perpetually tired, and I can feel the circles under my eyes, which is really weird and it’s driving me nuts. I think I just need more sleep, but I honestly don’t see that happening anytime soon.

In other news I moved Grissom to my night table, so he can look out the window. I hope he’s happier there than next to the printer. I feel like I’ve been neglecting him or something, and I’m probably going to hell for it.

“So you think
Might as well
Dance a tango to hell
At least I’ll have tangoed at all.”
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Tom. You're a dunderhead. I hate you.


And I hate your stupid school, too. I hate everyplace but New York.

This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn't said something I would have ignored that guy.

*sticks tongue out again*

Stupid bus trip selling points!!!


New icon is courtesy of [ profile] _philo_sofia. For you non-CSI people, it's a screencap from "Butterflied" (where Sara's doppleganger is murdered and Grissom freaks out about it. Sara's staring at Debbie Marlin's corpse and thinking, "Shit, she really does look just like me. Creepy.") The quote, of course is from Kill Bill.

"Kill Gil... heh heh heh heh..."

Okay. I have an hour to write this stupid descriptive English essay. Watch me rock this shit.
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Eww, so, I've got this gross cold, and there's snot all over the place.

(You'll forgive me for the charming image.)

It's Dad's birthday today. I got Hellboy from Blockbuster yesterday because he wanted to see it, and then told him that all the Hellboy DVD's were out, so I got Girl With A Pearl Earring instead. Muah ha ha. He told me I was evil and I said yeah, what the hell do you excpect from a product of the public education system?

Also got a job babysitting in the nursery during church. $8/hr, whee! The kids are pretty cute, for little kids. So, yay.

No English class today. Yay again. I do, however, have to work on my descriptive essay, which after much hemming and hawing I've decided to do on the Big Ugly Church.

I would kill for some chapstick right about now. I also have to blow my nose again, but I don't want to gross out the whole computer lab, which for some ungodly reason is full of healthy people.

In other (blast-from-the-past) news, I hung out with Kim Chissler for about an hour and a half the other morning, and Dave Lum is sitting like right there.


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Thoughts on Troy:

~I am hella jealous of the Trojans' furniture. I loved Hector's room. Want it. Badly.

~ WTF happened to Cassandra???? She was like, my favorite.

~ Yeah, I liked the eye candy. Who wouldn't?

*drools in general*

Also, why did Minas Tirith go with a Romanesque architecture theme? You'd think that they'd go with Gothic. I sat pondering this last night at the cathedral, when I should have been paying attention to my sister getting confirmed; I also spent some quality time doodling on the program. Just like old times.

It's okay. Mrs. Cassidy was bored too. We're planning to descend on Sux's parents up in Oswego one of these days.

Mrs. Cassidy also knows the lyrics to the Milkshake song. She sang it on the way home last night. It was vastly amusing.

And, um... That's it, I guess. For now.

So I'm sitting here, next to Link...

The guy from Legend of Zelda. I wish I had a camera for this.

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Rockin' Kill Bill all over the place this weekend, with [ profile] frozenexeternia and [ profile] jubei26. (Ran into [ profile] hylianhero1803 too at one point.) Also rockin' Boondock Saints, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Best Buy, Best Buy cashiers, Wegmans and stockboys various and sundry, jolt, twizzlers, rain, graveyards, swings, outdoor stages, the Punisher, the Punisher with his shirt off, the Punisher with his shirt on, the Punisher in the one part where he falls over, digital cameras, impossible pink skirts, graphic t's, pretzels, the news stand in the carousel mall, m&m's, iconage, pretending I can speak Japanese with the rest of 'em, Irish music, JC Chasez, JT, Darren Hayes, the Budwieser Factory, the ruins, swingsets at night, weirdos in parking lots, underground parking garages, angsty poetry, boy shorts, pillows, uncomfortable beds (mine), Sky, Cowboy Bebop, laptops, that anime with the cat episode whose name I can't remember, smirnoff twisted (twice), English accents, Irish accents, rosary beads, Keira/Rachel, role playing, little black dresses, cold stone creamery, deep intellectual conversation, Serenity and Endymion (UGH!!!), and Our Friend in the River.

Whew. I forget anything on that?

Oh yeah. My bottle of Sangreia blew up. Goddammit.

Here's a poem, written last night, after dinner, on the porch.

Bah, what happened to the wind?
Stupid miserable rain.
Lisa's territory, not mine-
seems like I've got my flying music on
for nothing.
Water pouring down in sheets
might as well be winding cloths
without a strong breeze
to lift it back out of the gutter
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Tess comes home today, and she tells me that the principal's forming a club.

Miss Cambs? I asked, somewhat incredulous.

Yes, she replied. It's called the Principal's Club, and it's all about strategy.

Strategy??? My eyebrow was up so high that it was giving Elrond a run for his money.

Yes, she told me. They play Risk, and things like that.

So of course I told her never to go near the Principal's Club, scenes from The Faculty running through my head.

Please understand. We called her Invisibitch for a reason. The only time I ever saw her outside of her office was at two school functions, and I didn't even see her until late in my junior year. The woman does nothing, nothing, outside of her office, and all of a sudden, a Principal's Club? WhatEVER.

I suspected aliens were taking over the school before. Now I KNOW it's true.

First... Baldwinsville... then... The World....


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Such as:

~ Jeannette is back! Until Friday, at least, when she ships out to Seattle. She might be going to the same base as Justin- interesting to see the outcome if that's the case, since I haven't told either of them that they might be there together.

~ Ben has taken off. Hence the preivous post. Which reminds me.

Shoutout to Ben: CALL SOMEONE, DAMMIT!!!!

~ Chrissy and Josh (both 18, who work at Big M) were getting married. (Stupid of them. Too young.) But then Chrissy called it off, and Josh tried to slit his wrists or something, and so gets carted off to Hutchings. Well, they let him out, and Chrissy called him to help her close last night, and nothing got done. Makes you wonder what they were doing, and where, and whether or not it's safe to use the tables in the bakery for food preparation anymore.

~ Saw 28 Days Later. Awesome movie.

~ Also saw Woods Tea Company (a folk gourp) with Tom & Co. It was just an awesome night in general- got to hang out with Matt, too, which was cool cause I like never see him.

~ Missed all the fireworks, for the most part. Except for last night, on the hill behind Andy's house. There were six fireworks shows going on and we had a 360 degree view of them all. It was pretty cool, even if they were far away. Beautiful night for it, too, with all the breeze and stuff.

~ Oh yeah! We burned a Lazy Boy chair. Man, those things go up fast. And hot. Made roasting marshmallows quite difficult- you had to kind of crawl on the ground, hide your face and stick the the marshmallow into the flames so you wouldn't get too much of the heat. That is, until Andy welded together a huge pole out of- something- and we used that for the marshmallows instead of sticks. A+ for ingenuity.

~ Hung out with Joe. The Good Ship Marizpan raided the H.M.S. Wegmans and got lots of loot. Including plum flavored jelly beans!

Also joined [ profile] rpg_hogwarts, which I am shamelessly plugging. You should all join right now, cause it ROCKS. We need more people, people. Yes.

The lyric translations to 'Beware of the Boys' )


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