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I spent all day on the phone, trying to get my doctor shit sorted out. Trying to get birth control is ridiculous. I don't know why it's not over the counter. Quoth my mother: "Well, they have to monitor your hormones." Bullshit. Not one gyno appointment I have ever had has monitored my hormones. I have never had blood drawn by these people. It's more, try this. Later: how's that working for you? Okay? Good, keep doing it. Why that can't be over the counter I don't know.

Talked to the photographer about the next week's engagement shoot today. Bring all the things. Must find cute sundress type number. ohmygod. These will be the first pro pictures that will be taken of my tail.

While we were on the phone she said to her husband, "Honey, hang on, I've got a bride on the phone," and can I just note how weird that was? To be referred to as a bride. I mean, I am one, I guess, but still. I don't really feel like one? I don't know. It's a new title in my life, and it's odd.

Everything is odd. I'm tired and crabwalking around the shadows in my house because I've been on the phone too much in the past twenty four hours and I've got hives and I'm freaking out.

teal deers, I'm over tired, weird, and should go to bed now.

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I am trying as hard as I can to finish my goddamned thesis. It's insanely difficult because I stopped caring about it the minute I started it, and if I don't care about something I don't do it. I should have stuck to my guns and done the Bayeux thing, but... well. Department pressure is department pressure, and it's kind of too late to change now.

We're moving at the end of June and I have to figure out the fuck to where. Original plan was to shack up with mom and dad for a bit, save some money, figure out doctoral plans. Now J and I have decided fuck it, I'll move to Jersey instead, and stay with his family until I a) find a job down there and b) we find a house. This will not do. On so many levels. Hoo boy. I love his family but I've never lived with them (whereas I've lived with my own. Obviously.)

Also I'm getting married and that's freaking me out. Not the getting married (being married?) part. That's awesome. But I never in a million years thought I'd have like, daily panic attacks about planning a wedding. I've been so on top of wedding planning since I was twelve! I know all the things to do! It's ridiculous. Pick a dress. Pick flowers. Take a bunch of people out to dinner and dancing. People make so much more out of it than it is. And yet... and yet...

Well, part of the problem is my deep-seated desire to get married at home, and not in the wilds (home being the New York City metropolitan area.) So everything's automatically twice as expensive. Also I'm freaking out because people will have to pay tolls to come. Which is stupid, but there you go.

So, Plan A:

Staten Island. Get married at Christ Church which is where like everybody in my family gets married. V. sentimental, continuity, etc. Have reception at Snug Harbor- v. classy, as opposed to that place on the South Shore where all the-- well, nevermind, I won't say anything about Mob Wives and Jersey Shore or whatever, but I REFUSE to have a party in one of those places. If get married at SH, then can rent out Children's Museum for to keep any children occupied while the adults have fun. (I am really going to try to accomodate people with children. Really. I just really, really don't want them to disrupt the ceremony/cocktail hour/beginning of diner. The plan has always been to set up a separate space for them with tv/movies/pizza/games/activities/video games/whatever to keep them occupied. This would be easiest at this location because the Children's Museum is FUCKING AWESOME.)

However, SH in January is kind of blah. It's a botanical garden. It's January. I don't need to lay out the math here. Also J is kind of meh (okay, completely, totally meh) on the idea of a religious ceremony, which makes the church thing complicated (if I'm getting married in a church, it has to be that one. No other church will do. Or I don't care enough about it to pick out and fuck around with another church.) Also the bridge tolls are fucking expensive, and I feel bad doing that to people. Also, there are like, no hotels on Staten Island. Well, that's not true. There are maybe three of them, but they're all nowhere near the church or SH, and the thought of my upstate friends navigating Staten Island's weird little residential streets and traffic has me running for the nearest paper bag to breathe into.

There is another option that we're looking at, same company and everything. It's called Liberty House and it's in Jersey City. It's got gorgeous skyline views, which as been the most important aspect of any wedding I've planned since I was about nine and started planning weddings. That's about it. It's a standard catering hall, no museum for the kids, no church (which really I'm fine with) and... yeah. But! hotels close by, no bridge tolls. Verdict: awesome and pretty, but not particularly unique.

Also having panic attacks about paying for all of this. Goes without saying. I'll have about eight grand saved up by the end of June. Which means... what? Nothing. Oh my god.

Also I have the period from hell. Because: I have a 29mm cyst on my ovary that's in the process of resolving itself. Ow. The cramps have been hard this time around, even though the doctor had me stay on the active pill cycle, and I've felt generally shitty the past two days. Like, laid around the house in my jammies shitty. Which I absolutely fucking hate. Also I have a pulled groin from dance last week. K asked me to be in a tribute dance for Js, which I was happy to do. Then she said 'leap' and I leapt like I haven't leapt in years. And pulled my groin muscle. WTF BODY, WHEN DID YOU START GETTING OLD ON ME?

It was my own fault. I didn't warm up, just started dancing. What a dumbass I am sometimes.

Teal Deers run in packs:

- my thesis isn't done
- my wedding isn't planned
- omg cramps
- I'm old
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Wedding craziness continues.

Today, coincidentally, is my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I just hung out and made jokes about Mom wearing The Gloves to resurrect The Tailor to do her evil bidding since the date is 6-6-6. She wore her dress and stuff for a little while. Apparently, the veil is in Florida or something and we will never see it again. To which I say bullshit. If I want to wear the veil one day, I will track the damn veil down. Then she made Tess and I try the dress on. I felt kind of silly but flouncing up and down the stairs in a train was fun.

Dad got Mom a necklace and a ring- the necklace is an amethyst and diamond pendant on white gold that's the size of a quarter, with a ring to match (except the stone is smaller. Dur.) It's all pretty and sparkly and stuff.

Jeannette's bridal shower was over Memorial Day weekend. We suprised her at Ichiban's. So suprised her, in fact, that she was standing about six inches away from me and didn't recognize me AT ALL because she wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. She was like, "So where do we sit?" and everyone was like, "Uh... Jean?" "What? Where do we sit?" Then I waved my hand in front of her face and she shrieked and hugged me. Which was nice, because it saved me the awkward introduction of, "Quinn, meet my best friend, who doesn't know who I am, because I've been a psycho stalker all of these years."

The whole thing was awesome. I planned it, made the reservations, got the cake, made paper cranes and gift bags, stole my mom's kimono for Jean to wear, made a crazy bride-hat, called people, and got them all to show up on time, and Missy, the matron of honor (and Jean's sister) picked up the tab. She's wonderful like that. Their parents and brother went, too, and Tim and Quinn. Jean's parents gave her a toolbox; in one tray was a hammer (attitude adjustment #1) and in the next was a delicate, lacy negligee (attitude adjustment #2.)

Yay wedding stuff.


School ended on an underwhelming note. Got an A, three A-'s, and a B-, in watercolor, which is great because I thought I was going to fail that course altogether. I just managed to squeak onto the Dean's List again.

Work is work. I'm exhausted, particularly from yesterday, because I worked at Coastel from 7-4:30 and then at Lucky Moon from 6-11. Throw the bus schedules in there, and I left the house at six in the morning and didn't get home till after midnight. Actually wound up taking the day off from work today to sleep and NyQuil myself to shit because of a sinus headache.

The week's not getting any better. I'm working from 11-5 tomorrow and then I've got to go to Tess's last concert. Thursday I'm working at Coastel, then running to the mall to pay off some of the cell bill, and then hanging out with Kira. Friday I'm at Lucky Moon from 9-3 and then Saturday from 10-6 or whenever... Rox and I are working at the cafe until two and then closing to go work the booth at the CNY Gay Pride Festival. I hope the weather is nice for that.

Also, have to figure out what I'm doing with my life.


Why the fuck am I still awake?
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"Everyone" being my three best friends from high school.

Anna- April 22
Kate- July 22
Jeannette- July 28

*is just creeped out by time passing, is all*



Oct. 26th, 2005 04:42 am
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More coherent details to follow.

*goes madly squeeing off to homicide class, where one should probably not squee so loudly*



Oct. 26th, 2005 04:42 am
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More coherent details to follow.

*goes madly squeeing off to homicide class, where one should probably not squee so loudly*

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According to a friend's vision, in ten years I will be in a polygamist marriage with a guy and a girl. I may or may not meet one or both of them by running into them on a street corner.

If true, this totally fucks with my plan for an arranged marriage or entry into a convent.

But I guess the sex will even it all out?


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