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You ever have one of those days when you pray to god that your parents don't get on facebook and read the comments your friends post?

This is one of those days.

Oh my god.
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We had a power outage this morning. Watching the herd of people milling around in the library lobby, muttering "My paper! My paper!" while literally bouncing off each other into new trajectories was mildly amusing. The internets, they do nothing! Turn off the comps and you turn off these kids' brains, nowadays. When the power came back on, they let us in to the computer area, and two or three people near me were at a loss as to a) why the screen didn't come on when they moved the mouse or b) how to turn the computer on, period.

They were advised to hit the power button.


I support LJ being sold to Russians.

Also, I do not support flagging journals, and I will refuse to flag or monitor my own journal on principle. If you don't like the lingo, stay off of the internets.

Fuck Shit Motherfucker Ass Buttsex Suprise or Not Stupid Idiot I Hate _____

Have a problem with that? Come see me IRL.


Merovingians are full of lulz.

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Yeah. I'm here. I'm in one piece.

Roommates: are cool. Probably not people I'd hang out with normally, but they're really nice. They have lots of shoes, which I admire, as I do not have many shoes, but love them. They like to go out and party and things. Which is cool. I, however, am a geeky old lady, and don't get up to those youthful shenannigans anymore.

(Except for the orgies at my house. And the rockin' parties of my own. Hijinks in the dungeon and costume contests. Long short is: I feel weird getting drunk with children.)

I've made a few friends. It's great- everyone here is hella smart. I've found some geeks to get geeky with.

My room's all right. I posted pictures of it on my myspace, so you should all go and check them out.

Classes start tomorrow. I have Latin first thing in the morning. The post office is also open tomorrow, so I can mail some things. This is exciting.

Nothing else going on, really.

You should all go check out my myspace because it roxxors. It's kind of a little bit cool, now that I've added a background and such.

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Happy Easter, all. Hope the bunny shit some candy into all your baskets.


Dear Oneonta,

Why in the motherfuck do you need another essay from me? Why? A 1-2 page autobiography detailing my financial hardships, neighborhood, and other pity-party shit is really damn... I don't even know. It's not as sexy as you think it is, I promise.


Take your stupid hilly campus and shove it up your ass.



Dear God,

Please let me win the lottery.

[Very, very very very] sincerely,

Dear Feather,

Buy a ticket, dumbass.

Love God


Myspace is good for lulz. I found a bunch of people I went to high school with, and it was weird.


I have no more essays in me. Dammit.
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Just got off the phone with my mom. The conversation turned to various Baldwinsville dining establishments and how much they do or don't suck. She gave the Bluewater Grill a big thumbs down due to a lousy lunch menu, lousy food, and blaring TV's everywhere. Then I had to break the news to her that the Fireside Inn (the local classy place- kinda) now has two flatscreens facing each other on either wall of the main dining room. She was really upset about this. So, I bring you this poll.

[Poll #958164]

I decided to call around to every restaurant in the Central New York Area and make a list of the places that DON'T have televisions in their dining rooms. I, for one, hate them, finding them annoying and distracting and perpetually up too loud.

Vive La Resistance.

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I finally got my mood theme up and running. Kind of. A little. Not really. Apparently you can't choose the acutal moods you want, just the pictures to go with the moods- so my brilliant moods that are named things like "surrounded by zombies" "confident" "squicked" and "riiiiight" are now lying by the wayside.

I am kind of bummed out about this.

Elsewhere, life has been fucktardedly nuts. Death, doom, and destruction everywhere- plus there's been a rampaging epidemic of stupid, which has been hard to deal with. Luckily there's been 300 in theaters to relieve some of the pain.

Let us say a quick prayer of thanks to Sweet Chocolate Jesus for this wonderfulness.

Dear Sweet Chocolate Jesus,

Thank you very much for Gerry Butler and his band of merry Spartans prancing around in nothing but abs and speedos in 300. There is nothing better than a bunch of scantily clad honorable men getting hellishly violent on a vast army of weirdoes just to make a statement. That's pretty hot. The sex scenes were awesome too- I will gladly pay another ten bucks just to see Leonidas do his wife again. Also to see his wife kill that smarmy dude- it kind of makes me want to make icons that say things like "Do you want to penetrate me? Or is it I... that have penetrated... you?" I know you know what I'm talking about, Sweet Chocolate Jesus, because I know that you like Kill Bill as much as me. Oh, and thank you for battle elephants. I love battle elephants. You should ask your dad why they don't make elephants that big any more, because I can sure use one. Or two. Or a dozen. You know, when I pull my own version of Thermopalye and try to destroy the corporate evil that is Wal-Mart with a band of scantily clad friends. This is neither here nor there, however. The point is I can forgive any historical inaccuracy with such eye candy to distract me. Huzzah!

In Your 485,460 Calorie, Two Hundred Pound Anatomically Correct Naked Milk Chocolate Name,

PS- LOLOLOLOLOLOL SUPRISE BUTTSECKS!!!!!!!!! Hee hee. Xerxes and his ancient bling. Nice touch, Oh Chocolate One!!


The answer, incidentally, is yes. If they did fill the chocolate Jesus with Cadbury Creme Egg filling, I would totally go down on it. Multiple times.

And if you google Rasputin's penis, and hit images, you will need brain bleach. That shit is preserved in a jar and displayed in a museum. Can't blame them, I guess, because DAY-UM. No wonder Alexandra was hitting that.

This random post has been brought to you by Warcrack, Chem, and Ventrilo.
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Just ganked Warcrack from Quinn. Hoo boy, was HE pissed off.


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Oh yeah. I've sold out and have joined all the other murders and sex fiends over on MySpace. Here's the link, because I'm too lazy to HTML it.

You can see pictures of me looking sexy, and a picture of my cat.
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So I've finally gotten an AIM name. A new one.

Sleeves of stars

Add your screen name to this post and I'll add you.


ETA: OMG I just changed my header to the squid one!!! I love squid!!! I am so happy!!!
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My new new journal header is TehLoveLustSex. Made from the best CSI promo picture on the face of the planet. Look at it and oogle its prettiness, and then bow before [ profile] arcadianwalnut and her mad graphics skills.

*does a happy Grissom dance*

Have an awesome quote.

We work in the dark-- We do what we can-- we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.

~Henry James
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I've got no finals and no classes today. Because of this and a rare stroke of brilliance on my part that gave me loads of energy, I've decided to go to the gym later and use the ellipticals for a while.

Stroke of brilliance: moving my mattress from the bed frame to the floor. I can only think of two times in the past six months that I've slept so well. My back doesn't hurt when I wake up now that I'm down on the floor. I finally got fed up with the bed situation the day before yesterday- when I woke up, I couldn't move for about a half an hour because my back hurt so bad. So I said "fuck that shit!" and moved my mattress. The rest is history. Goodbye, sleeping on broken planks and rocks. Hello, just plain sleep.

Just plain sleep= energy for Feather! wOOt! I don't feel as dead as usual!

I think the gym opens at ten or something. I've never been there before eleven, but that's because I was in chemistry until 10:50. And since I don't have to rush to get ready for English, I can take my time on the machines. I love the elliptical machine because it's low impact on the knees, even though using it is boring as hell. At least their stereo system is loud- doing any sort of exercise without music sucks.

There goes Paul. Mayhap he has my iPod. That would be great. Then I could go running at home and stuff, too, and not be bored out of my skull.

I haven't really done anything workoutish since before spring break. It's been driving me nuts, although I haven't done that much about it. First I was sick and then there was schoolwork and studying, so I haven't been able to fit much into my schedule anyway. Thank god for summer vacation, since I can fit in all the stuff I want to do (parkour and dance, namely. Maybe skating again, because I really miss it, but probably not.)

A big issue has been the iPod. I can't make myself run consistently without some kind of music, and CD players skip to death when you try to run with them. So I bought the iPod, but it decided to be a puke and only work on Macs, which meant that I couldn't get any music onto it. Thankfully Paul said he'd upload some for me. iTunes works on PC's, my ass.

I've got three finals tomorrow and three on Thursday, and then I am DONE. Yea verily and much rejoicing! I can't wait for vacation to start so I can get a job and relax. I still have to study all summer- algebra, trig, chemistry, Greek, and Latin- but whatever. It's studying without the pressure of tests and grades. Plus there's the dance thing. I can't wait to get back into shape again. I will be one happy Feather. Alisha and I were talking about using an empty classroom as a studio over the summer. It's a good plan unless you're a technique nazi. But for me, that means that a classroom-studio would be used to practice what I'm going to learn in class, because I'm going to start taking class again, dammit.

Now that I've rambled and jammed up my flist, I'm going to go track down Paul and sell some books. Yay for selling books.


Apr. 22nd, 2005 02:38 pm
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I have added the following paragraph to my profile:

Currently, I'm a Criminal Justice major at Occ-On-The-Rock in Sadexcuse, New York. I am not a Criminal Justice major because I watch too much CSI. I am a Criminal Justice major because I want to be a kung-fu fighting, witty, sarcastic, sometimes uber-bitch CSI princess nun, just like my hero.

This seemed important, especially in light of how I have been made commander of Opsium Nerum, the Vatican Black Ops.


*goes off to assemble team of elite SWAT nuns*


Apr. 1st, 2005 08:45 am
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This has been a generally shitty week. I'm glad it's over. I'm also glad that I'm going to the mall tonight so I can lay the smackdown on the bitches who sold me my iPod. You know, the one that doesn't work?

The computer is registering the iPod. But the iTunes software is not. In the meantime, I am without music and therefore without running and PKing and the Feather is getting antsy.

School sucked this week, too. Classes-wise and "Oh, we decided to hold off opening the dorms until 2007"-wise. Bastards.

Also I am getting poorer. I need a job but there aren't any, not for me anyway. Jobs require cars and less than two random hours of the day taken up on bus rides and no time for studying.

Note to self: call James re: Martha's Vineyard.

I'm meeting Dave in the gym at 11:30 so he can teach me kung fu. Or something. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but not I just want to spend the lunch break sleeping or hanging out in the Pit-that's-not-the-Pit (that is, if I can find it. Quinn's directions were kind of vague.)

Hell. I better run off to class now.

Damn you, iPod Shuffle. Damn you.
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Sorry, Bree, I know that's not going to help with the breaking the habit of swearing thing.

But Christ almighty. I have the computer reserved for three o'clock, not you, and when the minute hand hits that 12, then you move your dumb, Confederate-flag bandana searching redneck ass the fuck off my terminal. Because that's fucking common courtesy. Don't make me wait twenty minutes and change my reservation out of sheer desperation, because NO, I CAN'T 'just go find another computer' because the librarians get all up in my shit about it. Okay? So FUCK OFF.

All right. I feel better now.

I left school early today, because Kelsey is sick with strep throat and I didn't want to leave her home by herself until 5:30. That's when Mom and Dad are supposed to get back from New York, but you never know with them and their travel schedules. The upshot is, I walked out in the middle of chemistry class to catch the bus that would get me home by noon.

I am so freaked about walking out on chemistry class. I've never done that before.

However, I'm pretty sure that's what the etiquette is if you have to leave in the middle of a lecture. At least, that's what I've seen other people do. Just pick up your stuff and leave as quietly and unobtrusively as you can. I'll probably go apologize during his office hours tomorrow, if I can squeeze it in. Which I probably won't be able to, with lab and all tomorrow morning. Ugh. But I really, really didn't want to be all the way up at OCC with Tess by herself. I skipped English, too, but that's not as big of a deal.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Dr. Leo looked at me funny when I walked out (not that I blame him, hello? It was random, like I took exception to how light is a wave and a particle or something) and I'm totally freaked about it.


... Yes. Yes, I would jump off the Bridge.

I am so totally on edge and I have no idea why. This is driving me out of my mind. It's not just the leaving class thing- that'll blow over, one way or another. I'm jumpy and jittery and can't focus on anything. I feel like I'm going to throw up more or less constantly and I've been grinding my teeth- AGAIN. I was doing it while I was reading magazines before and waiting for the computer. This sucks. This so, so sucks.

I find Cinephile very soothing. Too bad I can't take it home with me. Stupid fucking computers. I hate all of my music, I'm sick of it, I need to change everything in my life around right now. Maybe I'll go home and rearrange my furniture. Then I'll study.


When the hell did I turn into a hyperventilating, obsessive-compulsive, strung-out freak? Why was there no memo in my inbox about this?
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If anyone wants to do a custom one for me, I'll buy you two months of LJ time and 50 icons. ...But I get to pick out the pictures.

Guess who got the highest grade in the class on the first criminal justice quiz.

Know the due process model like the back of my hand. Go me.

...So, any takers on the mood theme thing?

Talking about my default icon, because it came up in a thread, and because I love it to absolute death, and Bree owns my soul because she made it for me. )
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Okay. So, I hunted all over the damn campus for a computer with Photoshop on it. Found one, but it's a Mac- I hate Macs. Possibly with my whole being. They're very backwards to my Windows-trained mind. There I was with the capacity to make icons and do some graphics for my journal, but without the ability to right-click and therefore save and edit pictures and stuff.

[Plus I couldn't find any images that I like.]

[Just have to do it myself, I guess. Goddammit.]

~ New layout
~ New background image
~ Mood theme
~ Icons
~ Stuff for the userinfo page; I'm going to make it like Lise's over on GJ.

In other news, college sucks. Colleges want waaaaaay too much money from poor people like me, whose loans fall $394 short for covering the semester. *facepalms* And I can't register for next semester until that's paid off... fuckedy fuck fuck.

But hey, at least my journal will be cool looking.
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I think I hate Linux.

Yeah, it's supposed to be Xamount better than windows, but you can't even change the font on what I'm assuming is the equivalent of Word. And all the icons and stuff look like Mac icons. I hate Mac icons. I hate Mac anything.

At any rate, my computer is at the office; it's up and running, and internet accessible (hence this post) however, my use of it is very limited because my dad's weird about me being out of the house past nine o'clock.

Also, I don't have AIM on this, because to put AIM on a Linux system is ridiculously complicated. (I seem to remember putting AIM on this when it was Windows; "click here" and you were all done. This is like, download, sign in under user=root, add the html to line sixty seven, bake at 350 degrees for twenty minutes or until golden brown, enjoy.)

I can't handle that. I'm barely computer literate. I think Linux is made for hacker types who are past Windows and writing their own code. Which I am not. Ugh.

Plus the desk is set up quite awkwardly. So typing's difficult, and I have to reach over the keyboard to get at the mouse, which is a pain in the ass.

Sometimes I hate my dad's good ideas.


Sep. 9th, 2004 03:27 pm
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I've switched my screen name. It is now

Lostris minarai

because I'm down with ancient Egyptian princess-queens who lead their people into the heart of Africa to get away from Evil!Charioteers and sleep with the head general, and 'minarai' means 'in training' in Japanese. Which I am, on a bunch of different levels.

So what are you waiting for? IM me. See my spectacular away message.
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[Boss] John has declared the shipping room to be Middle Earth.

"This is the inner sanctum," he said. "Where Shobo lives."
"You know! Shobo! Or Loto."
"Loto! Shobo, Loto, Dingdong, those guys with the beards and the pointy hats that you like, the ones that you're always watching."
"Yes. Frodo. This is the Little Middle Earth."


Anyway, the computer took a royal swan dive off a cliff a couple of weeks ago. My dad didn't help it any by messing around with things which he had no idea how to use. Example, he deleted the keyboard drivers on a whim cause he didn't know what the program was and decided that it must be a government bug and should be deleted.

However, Joe managed to fix it, but it's still at the office so I don't know how much of, or if any, of my work was saved. Which really sucks considering the amount of stuff I had on there that wasn't backed up on disk. Of course, I could have backed it up on disk, if Dad had given me twenty minutes notice that he was going to fuck around with the damn thing.

In other news, there has been lots of snow and it is very, very cold.

In more other news, I hate shovelling as much as I hate Rush Limbaugh, which is to say, quite alot.

I stayed overnight at Velvet's the other day, after she had her surgery. They want someone with you for the first 24 hours since they're too cheap to keep you in the hospital overnight to do it themselves. We watched Armageddon. I cried. Quel suprise. I thought I might not because it was all chopped up on the commercials, but focusing on Diet Dr. Pepper just made it all worse, somehow. Like it was belittling humanity or something.

Two days later I decided to sell all my worldly possessions and go to California with a notebook and a horse.

Said horse was supposed to be purchased at auction and half dead, but in my daydreams we got there, supporting ourselves by giving pony rides to children after we ran out of money.


In case it's a long time till the next update, I'll see you all later and have nice lives.
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Yeah, so I just used Yahoo to search for Arwen icons, right? And the first thing that pops up is a link to MY JOURNAL.

That was just fucking scary.


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