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Laundry is almost done. I've given myself a bleach headache cleaning the bathroom, but at least it's... well... clean. Kind of.

There's still a ton more cleaning to do, my stuff to get packed up, Quinn's stuff to be consolidated and Phil's stuff to be relocated. Have to scrub the floors tomorrow. Can't forget to scrub the floors.

Vacuum. That too. Pick up the breakable things and move them... move them... elsewhere. Not in the living room.


I'll be glad when it's like, five years from now and I'm done with schools and dorms and stupid moving and crap.


My sinuses are melting from the bleach. Seriously, I just felt something dislodge, kind of. Ew.


Oct. 30th, 2006 01:42 am
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Life, in a nutshell:

I am now a Bath and Body Works wench.

(This means I get wickedy discounts like EVERYWHERE.)
(It's fun, it's easy)
(Although I can't smell anything at the end of the day)
(Also I didn't realize I had to work today so I missed an hour of my shift)
(So I showed up late wearing my mother's pants and shoes)
(And my sister's shirt)
(They said they wouldn't fire me until my shift was over)
(And we lol'd merrily)


(The box office loves me and my 20+ ticket orders)
(We took up Row W)
(Row W is now the official row of the Syracuse Opera Tiara Society)
(Carmen was great)
(Huzzah for gypsy dancers)
(When it let out it was raining)
(It was a cold, long walk back to the cars)
(At least it was warm and dry inside Denny's)
(And I am now the officially acknowledged Queen)
( least, to the Denny's waitstaff)

Halloween Goings-on, part the first

(Slutty costumes)
(Eighties skeletons)
(Pumpkin carving assembly line)
(Dustin's Bwtrd costume will go down in history)
(Colin pwning everyone with the Confederate soldier outfit of WHOA AWESOME)
(A rousing rendition of "Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced"- apropos because of Jason's condition)
(Woody coming through with the iPod)
(Dan's Dante outfit- yay for silver hair!)
(Keith the paparazzi vampire and the 200 pics he took)
(The True Lies Tango)
(Carmen, Reprised)
(Jon vs. Zombie)
(Kira's V speech- fucking awesome!)
(Random group photos)
(And in the middle of it all, my mother dyed her hair blue)

Meanwhile, back at the farm...


(, seriously, I was so happy that I jumped my professor, hugged him, and smeared his Snicker bar over his lab coat.)

Probably failed my philosophy midterm. I don't know because I had a headache and wound up not going.

French is okay. I'd be doing much better if I had my own Minitel, though. Vive Le Minitel! Also, we started working on- something- some kind of past tense (imparfait, maybe?) and I wrote DOOOOOOOOOOM across the top of my notes. Manda and Quinn thought it was funny. Pilates is pilates, my history teacher loves me because I'm not a dumb slug like the other jerks in my class, and I think I'm taking another class but I have no idea what it is.

Oh yeah. Human Sexuality, which is just getting depressing, since the next four weeks are all rape/abuse/violence/etc. Not that it makes me feel bad. It just makes me realize how inherently violent I am, and that makes me depressed. Blah. Got to write a paper on sexual fetishes, though. Blah blah blah FEET blah blah.

So, the summary? Overworked, underpaid, unable to keep the house as clean as I'd like. The rest is just details.

(Hurray for details!)
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Pit Halloween Party

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

8:00 PM until about 1:00 AM or so

85 Oswego Street, Baldwinsville
(Feather’s House)


There will be donuts on a string!

There will also be Pin-The-Limb-On-The-Zombie (and no, you may not use this as an excuse to get back at Quinn for zombie attacking you), Feather’s Special Party iPod Mix, Time Warping, and, if weather permits, a piñata!

Comment here if you need more information or directions, or email me at
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Have to leave for work in ten minutes. Then I have class at six- chemistry, which I just kind of blew because I forgot a quiz that was due on Friday night. Whoopsie.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know/remember, my Halloween party will be at my house on Saturday night, 8PM to whenever (although we usually get done about one.) I'll post the actual invite/flyer thingy later. Here's the reason I'm bringing it up now: if you want any particular songs on my party mix for my iPod, commment with them in this post. Otherwise you get what I consider a party mix, which is not the normal party mix taste. Unless you're into Lords of the Rhymes (which will be on there, regardless of what anyone thinks. Muahahaha.)

Costumes are still up in the air. Quinn has decided he wants to be a dark elf. He made me a nurse design, but I kind of really wanted to do a Silent Hill nurse. However, I probably won't have the funds to get it together in time, so... eh. Tried to talk Q into going as Pyramid Head. He said it was too complicated a costume to make. I said that you get a box, rework it, paint it red, and put it on your head. People will know who you are, even if your ass isn't showing. "BUT IT'S MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT!" Whatever, dude. It's a pyramid. On your head. With a staple gun and some spray paint, it ain't that hard.

Maybe I'll go as Pyramid Head. My ass is nicer than his, anyway.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 10:28 am
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Exhausted. Sugar-coma'ed. Cranky, hungry, unmotivated, anxious, mildly frustrated, on edge, and with peeling fingertips. Also, hideously behind in journal updating- because I know all of you want to read about my hyperexciting life.

Tosca was a lot of fun, aside from the constant worrying brought on by various people's deficiencies in timing and ability to follow directions. (Read: Quinn and Kira are never going anywhere in the same car together without a handler. Ever. Not only do they leave the start getting ready/leave the house hella late, they have directions to B'ville written down and wind up in Cazenovia.) Then there was the whole screw-up with the diner bill. Someone, somewhere, owes me money. Like, twenty bucks worth of money.


Last Thursday, I wound up donating blood. Quinn's idea initially, because Mike was doing it, and yay helping people, blah blah woof woof. He talks me into doing it and we get all signed up and then Oops! Can't give blood without ID and mine is under the mattress, honey! So I gave blood all by myself. Mike tried, but they couldn't find a vein.

Almost passed out, apparently. Actually, all I got was nauseous. They made me lie down for a while anyway. Bah, said I, lying down is for sissies. I will just take a quick nap in the cafeteria and then go to ballroom dancing as planned.

Blood loss + ballroom dancing = not good. The whole class was pretty hazy, and I made it to almost the end. I left five minutes before it let out. Quinn was really mad and upset that I went at all, and at one point refused to merengue with me over it. He just stood there in protest as I merengued around him. Silly thing.


The Halloween party was a blast. I think. People seemed to enjoy themselves, at any rate. The house looked nice and there were tons of food, although I didn't buy enough soda, forgot to buy ice, and Mike and Katy didn't show up with the cups until 10:30. Bobbing for apples didn't work out because Dustin forgot to bring the washtub. Ghost in the Graveyard shouldn't be played over a one-block area using people's front yards. It just doesn't work, although it turned out that Woody was hiding in a really easy place.


Halloween itself was awesome. Quinn, Katy, myself, and Katy's friend Owen went trick-or-treating in Skaneateles, heretofore known as The Land Where They Give Out King Size Candy Bars OMG.

Quinn as Mr. Hyde is teh sex.

Which should explain why there is quite a lot of photographic evidence of Indiana Jones making out with Mr. Hyde. Yep.

I'm done. Exeunt.


Oct. 29th, 2005 04:32 pm
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You guys can all party. I'll be upstairs sleeping. Look for the Indiana Jones with the holes in her cargo pants. That'll be me- nicely crashed, kthnxbai.

Spent $8 that I shouldn't have on a dumb hayride thing. The only upshot to the whole thing was that all the pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch O'Doom were $1/ea., when they were worth way more than that. As a result, we have six gigantic jack o'lanterns, which we carved last night. Dustin took the seeds home with him to bake and salt or whatever it is you do to pumpkin seeds. We also went to the store and got candy, chips, soda, pretzels, apples, and donuts for the donuts on a string game. I've got Kelsey working on a ghetto pin-the-limb-on-the-zombie right now, because I completely forgot about it in all the cleaning.

The house is only half party-ready. The instruments still need to be moved, but the majority of the stuff that's normally lying around has been moved to the attic or the basement. We're dusted, windexed, vaccuumed, picked up, organized, and poured into candy bowls. Allegedly my mother is going to make cupcakes. Don't ask me what's going on with dinner- probably we'll all just go hungry. I really hope everyone eats before they come over because I sure as fuck can't feed them all.

It's also very cold in here. Where is my hoodie? Why am I not wearing it?

Kind of on edge because Christie is bringing Quinn when he gets off of work. Prediction: they don't show till 11. I told them both repeatedly to just come straight from WalMart, that Q could just change here. Initial conversation with Q does not bode well for this. If they're not here by 10, I'm not speaking to either one of them again. I don't get anal about a lot of things, but timing of events is one of them.

Also Katy and Mike aren't going to get here till 10:30. Bugger.

Scott's mom sings the message on their answering machine.

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Annûn is all kinds of tosky and going zaradann all over his bowl, regurgitating color-enhancing pellet food onto the gargoyle's head.

Should I be worried?

Well, I am worried, but it has little to do with Annûn.

Anna? When did I put on my pajamas on Friday? I can't remember- first I was in my clothes, and falling over on the living room floor, the next thing I know I'm in the upstairs hallway in my pajamas hugging Justin (I think?) while a couple of other people were in line for the bathroom. So I'm just making a rash assumption here, but there must have been a period of time when I changed into my pajamas, right?

It's been bothering me all day that I don't remember it. At all.
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Happy Birthday Anna and Heather, indeed. There's not that much to post about this particular party in this journal- I think it was one of those you-had-to-be-there things, but when Andy gets the pictures developed I'll post them.

And no, it's not what it looks like. No one got married.

(I think?)

And the boys peed on the school. Anna and I walked down the path while they did; we had to pee to but being girls makes urinating on buildings somewhat difficult. So we used the bathroom in Tom's house. Yep.

Jen brought me a fish. I have joined the ranks of people with betta fishes. I named him Annûn, which is Sindarin for "sunset," but I think I'm going to call him Pet most of the time, after the Pet in "Biting the Sun" who was all kinds of belligerent. We're going to have that kind of relationship, I think. He's all 'Give me the food, bitch.' You know. I like him.

Okay. So I've got all this stuff left over from Friday. But almost no kahlua. Cool? Perhaps, at a later date.

Carol's coming over Thursday to help me with my dress. Hooray. I have to go into work tomorrow, but at least it's not very early. Had to go in at two this morning to let the floor-cleaning guys out so Ken wouldn't have to get his lazy ass out of bed and do it himself. Whatever.

I also had a list of things to do today, but I wound up falling asleep instead. Again, whatever.

Anna (and whoever else wants to check it out) here's the link for the Bagenders thing I was telling you about. It's long, but every single thing is worth reading; it's absolutely hysterical. And everyone should read them since they're great fodder for inside jokes.

I don't know. I just have this inside joke fetish.

My fish is simply groshing.
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Okay, so, I'm hosting this HUGE PARTY later (Happy Birthday Anna and Heather, whee!) You're all invited. Email me for directions. My parents, however, do have some rules:

Rule #1: Dad takes away your car keys. Period. Everyone is welcome to crash at my house, or my dad will drive you home and we'll bring you your car in the morning, but no driving if you're drinking.

Rule #2: If you have to puke, do it outside. And if you can help it, please avoid vomiting on the heather plant.

And that's about it, I guess. I made a cake, and it absolutely sucks. Mom was all excited to see what I'd come up with for this cake, and all I did was write 'Happy Birthday Anna and Heather' on it in purple. -_- All artistic inspiration deserted me. Return to me, O Muse.

Well, whatever. It's not a flowery-cake kind of party.

Timeline is a great movie. Not the best, but still pretty good, and I liked watching the hot, Scottish Tomb Raider guy doing the wet leather thing it alot, since it's got a couple of cool twists. Yeeha.

And I have to go now, since I've got a house to clean and booze to buy.
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...well, close.

Okay. Party at my house on Friday, 8 PM. Alcohol, music, cake, since it's


So you should all come.

Need more info? Drop me an email. Address is in the userinfo section.

Did I mention there would be cake?

Cake! Cake! Cake!


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