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Spent a good chunk of last night in the ER with J, due to the leg thing. Which may or may not be a blood clot. Meaning, it probably is, but the bloodwork came back negative and there's no swelling or streaking, which means it's all in his head, here's some tylenol with codine now go be a good little boy and get some sleep.

However, the doctor was grossly incompetent, so who knows. "You clearly don't have pneumonia, so don't finish the antibiotics they put you on earlier today. People with pneumonia have fever, chills, sluggishness, and a cough. You don't have any of those things," he said to J, who looked at him blearily, coughed, and shivered with a chill that he felt in spite of his 101 degree fever.

Doctors = fucking retarded.


Still working out opera details. Zomg, I wish I was in Sadexcuse so I could organize the whole thing properly. This remote shit is a pain in the ass- I have no idea why people think it's so great to work from home. Verily it doth sucketh.

Gonna watch Last of the Mohicans with Cat tonight- I wish Rory was here. It's not the same without him, now.

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Spent a good chunk of last night in the ER with J, due to the leg thing. Which may or may not be a blood clot. Meaning, it probably is, but the bloodwork came back negative and there's no swelling or streaking, which means it's all in his head, here's some tylenol with codine now go be a good little boy and get some sleep.

However, the doctor was grossly incompetent, so who knows. "You clearly don't have pneumonia, so don't finish the antibiotics they put you on earlier today. People with pneumonia have fever, chills, sluggishness, and a cough. You don't have any of those things," he said to J, who looked at him blearily, coughed, and shivered with a chill that he felt in spite of his 101 degree fever.

Doctors = fucking retarded.


Still working out opera details. Zomg, I wish I was in Sadexcuse so I could organize the whole thing properly. This remote shit is a pain in the ass- I have no idea why people think it's so great to work from home. Verily it doth sucketh.

Gonna watch Last of the Mohicans with Cat tonight- I wish Rory was here. It's not the same without him, now.



Feb. 16th, 2007 06:38 pm
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I'm not really doing tickets this year. You punks are on your own this time! The phone number is listed on the website, so go reserve your tickets and I hope to see you there. I'm actually going to both shows, albeit the one on Friday (March 2) is going to be the one where you'll probably see the most people (ie, Quinn.)

Since I don't have to worry about handing out tickets to a large group of people, the new meeting place is going to be upstairs at the right hand concession stand. Hopefully it will be open cause I want to have some champagne with my favorite opera dammit. Go up the escalator, turn right, and go till you hit the bar. It's much more civilized than the downstairs hall.

Back of the orchestra is $28. Better grab 'em as they'll probably go fast.

Hope to see you all there!


Oct. 30th, 2006 01:42 am
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Life, in a nutshell:

I am now a Bath and Body Works wench.

(This means I get wickedy discounts like EVERYWHERE.)
(It's fun, it's easy)
(Although I can't smell anything at the end of the day)
(Also I didn't realize I had to work today so I missed an hour of my shift)
(So I showed up late wearing my mother's pants and shoes)
(And my sister's shirt)
(They said they wouldn't fire me until my shift was over)
(And we lol'd merrily)


(The box office loves me and my 20+ ticket orders)
(We took up Row W)
(Row W is now the official row of the Syracuse Opera Tiara Society)
(Carmen was great)
(Huzzah for gypsy dancers)
(When it let out it was raining)
(It was a cold, long walk back to the cars)
(At least it was warm and dry inside Denny's)
(And I am now the officially acknowledged Queen)
( least, to the Denny's waitstaff)

Halloween Goings-on, part the first

(Slutty costumes)
(Eighties skeletons)
(Pumpkin carving assembly line)
(Dustin's Bwtrd costume will go down in history)
(Colin pwning everyone with the Confederate soldier outfit of WHOA AWESOME)
(A rousing rendition of "Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced"- apropos because of Jason's condition)
(Woody coming through with the iPod)
(Dan's Dante outfit- yay for silver hair!)
(Keith the paparazzi vampire and the 200 pics he took)
(The True Lies Tango)
(Carmen, Reprised)
(Jon vs. Zombie)
(Kira's V speech- fucking awesome!)
(Random group photos)
(And in the middle of it all, my mother dyed her hair blue)

Meanwhile, back at the farm...


(, seriously, I was so happy that I jumped my professor, hugged him, and smeared his Snicker bar over his lab coat.)

Probably failed my philosophy midterm. I don't know because I had a headache and wound up not going.

French is okay. I'd be doing much better if I had my own Minitel, though. Vive Le Minitel! Also, we started working on- something- some kind of past tense (imparfait, maybe?) and I wrote DOOOOOOOOOOM across the top of my notes. Manda and Quinn thought it was funny. Pilates is pilates, my history teacher loves me because I'm not a dumb slug like the other jerks in my class, and I think I'm taking another class but I have no idea what it is.

Oh yeah. Human Sexuality, which is just getting depressing, since the next four weeks are all rape/abuse/violence/etc. Not that it makes me feel bad. It just makes me realize how inherently violent I am, and that makes me depressed. Blah. Got to write a paper on sexual fetishes, though. Blah blah blah FEET blah blah.

So, the summary? Overworked, underpaid, unable to keep the house as clean as I'd like. The rest is just details.

(Hurray for details!)
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Token statement: I'm always thinking of things to write in here, but then never write them.

It's like a disclaimer. My personal disclaimer. I say it all the time and never really act on it, because by the time I sit down at a keyboard I'm too exhausted to do anything but read shit.

News and Recaps:

~ Getting my wisdom teeth out Friday morning. My teeth have been giving me massive amounts of hell all semester, and it's been getting progressively worse, from pain to massive headaches and nausea to infections and dizzy spells and all kinds of crap. Finally I went to the dentist and then the oral surgeon about it. Turns out, the roots on the top teeth are tangled in a nerve. They're also caught in the curve of my molars, so as they're trying to come in, they're being turned to the point that if the did come in the bottoms would be facing straight out to the sides of my head. The bottom left one is half in my mouth, half caught in my jawbone. The bottom right one is actually fine; I had a molar pulled a couple of years ago and they decided to just let that wisdom tooth come in and take its place. I thought it was hurting a lot because it was sliding in, but actually I have a huge cyst in my jaw on that side, or something. While I'm knocked out they're going to do exploratory surgery to find out what it is. I let him get as far in his explanation as "so we're going to drill a hole in your jaw" before telling him that if I was unconscious, I didn't care. Go to fucking town.

~ I'm totally going to bomb watercolor. And I have such a hard time caring. Why the hell did I take the classes I took? Two are worth salvaging, the rest are pointless. I have become a stellar French student. Take that, Madame Guillet! I can totally conjugate avoir now.

~ Quinn, Katie and I are doing a photo shoot with Alisha tomorrow night. It's going to be all Jack The Ripper themed. We're shooting downtown after eight, so I Mike has become the official babysitter for all of our stuff. And speaking of tuxedos...

~ OMFG THEY ARE DOING CARMEN AND LUCIA DE LAMMERMOOR NEXT SEASON. THIS TOTALLY GIVES ME AN ORGASM. I don't care how much I have to shell out, I'm so getting a box for Lucia. OMG OMG OMG.

~ Pat's birthday party was fucking awesome. I love riding crops. I love my friends to fucking death.

~ Still searching for the perfect layout.

~ My family is still stark raving mad.

~ Silent Hill is fucking freaky.

~ My mother just called. Apparently I have an overdue book at the OCC library and my dress has come in at David's Bridal. Could I please pick it up within seven to ten days.

(DITTO... hee)

Life continues at its normal pace, I suppose. Blah and exciting at the same time. Random. Totally, completely random. Yep.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 10:28 am
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Exhausted. Sugar-coma'ed. Cranky, hungry, unmotivated, anxious, mildly frustrated, on edge, and with peeling fingertips. Also, hideously behind in journal updating- because I know all of you want to read about my hyperexciting life.

Tosca was a lot of fun, aside from the constant worrying brought on by various people's deficiencies in timing and ability to follow directions. (Read: Quinn and Kira are never going anywhere in the same car together without a handler. Ever. Not only do they leave the start getting ready/leave the house hella late, they have directions to B'ville written down and wind up in Cazenovia.) Then there was the whole screw-up with the diner bill. Someone, somewhere, owes me money. Like, twenty bucks worth of money.


Last Thursday, I wound up donating blood. Quinn's idea initially, because Mike was doing it, and yay helping people, blah blah woof woof. He talks me into doing it and we get all signed up and then Oops! Can't give blood without ID and mine is under the mattress, honey! So I gave blood all by myself. Mike tried, but they couldn't find a vein.

Almost passed out, apparently. Actually, all I got was nauseous. They made me lie down for a while anyway. Bah, said I, lying down is for sissies. I will just take a quick nap in the cafeteria and then go to ballroom dancing as planned.

Blood loss + ballroom dancing = not good. The whole class was pretty hazy, and I made it to almost the end. I left five minutes before it let out. Quinn was really mad and upset that I went at all, and at one point refused to merengue with me over it. He just stood there in protest as I merengued around him. Silly thing.


The Halloween party was a blast. I think. People seemed to enjoy themselves, at any rate. The house looked nice and there were tons of food, although I didn't buy enough soda, forgot to buy ice, and Mike and Katy didn't show up with the cups until 10:30. Bobbing for apples didn't work out because Dustin forgot to bring the washtub. Ghost in the Graveyard shouldn't be played over a one-block area using people's front yards. It just doesn't work, although it turned out that Woody was hiding in a really easy place.


Halloween itself was awesome. Quinn, Katy, myself, and Katy's friend Owen went trick-or-treating in Skaneateles, heretofore known as The Land Where They Give Out King Size Candy Bars OMG.

Quinn as Mr. Hyde is teh sex.

Which should explain why there is quite a lot of photographic evidence of Indiana Jones making out with Mr. Hyde. Yep.

I'm done. Exeunt.

Opera info

Sep. 1st, 2005 09:54 am
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Tosca is October 21, 2005 at 8:00 PM.

Mark your calendars. Let me know if you want to go with us.
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We're supposed to write an essay taking a sociological look of a group we've participated in. Band, church group, blah blah woof woof, whatever.

And I'm like, what groups have I EVER participated in? I guess I could talk about our now-hiatused CSI RPG, or MESPT or something, but hello? One is kind of stalled and the other I didn't have much to do with. Plus I don't think she's talking about online things.

Girls Scouts was a joke. A hella fun, great trip of a joke, but a joke nonetheless. We were like Troop Beverly Hills except we didn't feel like proving ourselves.

Shit. I don't know. I'm going with figure skating, because at least it's a little bit fucked up, and they've got artifacts to talk about. Maybe if I psychobabel her, she won't notice that I was definitely on the deviant fringes of that social group.

Yay for loner sports.

In other news, Madama Butterfly FUCKING ROCKED and I slept the rest of the weekend.

Also my hair looks kind of cool today.
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I'm skipping chem lab to work on my speech. Which is probably a good thing, since I didn't finish the lab that is due today last night. I'll tackle it again once the speech is finished.

God, I wish this semester was over. It wouldn't be so hard if I had a computer at home to do homework on and the bus ride didn't eat up a huge chunk of the day. Next semester is only going to get harder, but I'll be able to handle it after a summer quasi-off. I don't know when summer class I'm going to take, but it won't be until August. Other than said class, I'm just going to study algebra and trig on my own, and try to learn enough Greek and Latin to get by next semester. [Note to self: keep up with French and start Japanese.]

The weather is warming up now, so I started running again last night. Without the iPod, sadly, but Anita is bringing in her laptop tomorrow because there's no firewalls stopping her from uploading songs onto the iPod on it. Bless her.

OH YEAH!! Lisa is coming up this weekend, too. There will be anime, and there will be Boondock Saints, and there will probably be Smirnoff Twisted and Wegman's after midnight for some stockboy madness! She's coming to classes with me tomorrow, so there will probably be many CSI jokes (my CRJ class is in the mini-crime lab at school.) We will also probably stalk Cowboy Nick.

[Note to self: Stop calling him Nick]

Madama Butterfly list (tix have been reserved, yay! I need $20 from everyone by Monday morning at the latest, aiight? Anywho, crossed out people have already paid me. Everyone else- give me your money or ELSE!!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!! LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!!!!! *facedesk*)

Jason 1
Jason 2
Jason 2's Mom
Feather's Mom
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I love Puccini's music, but he puts his heroines through so much shit. It's really kind of ridiculous. I particularly like the one (Manon Lescarut? I think?) where she dies of dehydration in the desert outside of New Orleans.

You see, I wasn't aware that there was a desert outside of New Orleans.

And Turandot is a psychotic ice princess bitch, but I love her anyways.

One of these days, post new computer and post getting photoshop, I'm planning on making a CSI icon set (primarily Grissom/Sara) with the lyrics from Madama Butterfly on them. Particularly the "pin me down" scene, with the lyrics "I hold you, trembling... You're mine." I can't remember the Italian for that, except "you're mine" which is "sei mia."

Speaking of which, Does anyone else think that Sara's mellowed out a bit? )

Had another weird CSI dream again the other night. Long story short, I dreamed that the team was a Jang circle. For those of you who don't know what that is, I suggest you read Tanith Lee's "Biting The Sun." It's like The Matrix, but so much prettier. Anyway, Jang are the teenager type people. In my dream, Grissom and Sara had gotten married for an afternoon or something, and he was being a real ass to her- but whenever anyone else was mean to her, he would smack them around and get real pissed about it. They were all kind of sitting there, and all of a sudden Sara gets a nosebleed, except it's not blood, it's chocolate. Everyone just ignored her, and she just said, "Yeah, I'm dying. I expect I'll be dead in about fifteen minutes or so. It's no big deal." And she's trying to talk through this chocolate hemorraging through her nose, and it's getting all over her electric blue corset. I remember her top because I woke up wishing I had one just like it. (Sans chocolate.) Oh yeah, and everyone had Memento-style tattoos.

I need to stop dreaming. There was the dream about my boss from CCE and the vampire pomeranians, but I'm not even going to go into that.

Billy Petersen/Grissom question: Does Billy Petersen have lots of tattoos? A friend's mother said he did, and I've been curious ever since.


I need new shoes.


I need new ballet shoes, too. I really want canvas flats, with a double cross elastic. I was looking at these new ones that just came out that are two pieces, since my arches are horrible and when I have shoes on you can't really see them, but I don't think it's worth it at this point. With my luck, they'll keep falling off my feet.


My transcript finally came in the mail. My English teacher handed in his grades late, so that's why it wasn't up on the STAR system when I called in on Christmas.

English: A
Algebra: A
Biology: B
French: B+

GPA: 3.390

Yeah. Rock my world.


Random Phantom of the Opera notes:

~ Raoul is really hot when he's half drowned, tied up, and distressed. Other than that, he leaves me cold.

~ Christine has Magical Disappearing and Reappearing Makeup. She gets points for riding sidesaddle, but loses them for showing the tops of her garters, the tart!

~ Love the "Let's kill Buquet!" scene. I echo Karen in her opinion that the way Erik and Buquet were intercut with the ballet going on below was awesome.

~ I was looking forward to the swordfight, but it kind of sucked. Too many close ups and moving the camera around- that really detracted from it; you couldn't see what was going on half the time.

~ I loved the way they added little pieces from the book.

~ I also loved Mme. Giry. She totally kicked ass and OMG I want her Masquerade outfit SOBAD. I thought it was great how they made her into kind of a sassy younger version of herself, as opposed to other productions, when she's a hardcore ballet mistress with a really tight bun and a walking stick. Which is what she really is, when you think about it, but I love this characterization of her.

~ And Erik beat Raoul to the grave in the end. WHO'S THE PUNK NOW, BITCH?!?!?!!? Muah ha ha.

...*facepalm* And now I have to go home. Bugger.

I so need my computer back.
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Instead, I'm sitting around, waiting for the opera people to call me back about the Magic Flute tickets.

I think I'll do something constructive and go vaccuum the pine needles up off the rug.

Congratulations! You're Merry!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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The point is, I’m tired as hell, but I don’t have to work tomorrow.


We started at midnight instead of 4 AM today. It was for the Dreaded School Order- fifty dozen donuts. One fryer, one proofer, seven hours, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?!?!?

Finally came home around nine and fell asleep at about two. Woke up at eight thirty, eastern standard time. Missed my voice lesson, but finished The DaVinci Code.

And now here I sit, wracking my brains for something interesting to update with.

Written on Saturday )


~ Heidi informed me that her poop is still black, due to the black icing on the Halloween cake I made for her daughter’s birthday on Saturday. “It’s still affecting me! It’s still affecting me!” Her kids thing that this is a wonderful thing. Black poop. Who knew.

~ Joanie ripping a tampon out of her purse, waving it at Ken the Manager, yelling, “You want some lunch, Ken? YOU WANT SOME LUNCH?!?” No response from Ken. He might not have noticed, as his head seems to be permanently stuck in a sand pit.

~ Names. Joanie’s mom was going to name her “Robin Charlane” but when she was born, she said that she had never seen hair and eyes so black on a baby, and right at the beginning she knew that this one was going to be a little bitch. She reminded her of Joan of Arc- thus, Joanie. (Joanie says, “They tell me I was a bitch in my last life. I say, damn right I was a bitch in my last life; I’m a bitch in this life, and I’ll be a bitch in the next!”) Her sister, Trina, was named after a prostitute in a book that her mother was reading around the time that she was born. Interestingly enough, a friend of my mother’s sister-in-law named her daughter Trina (which is a Slavic euphemism for prostitute) and this was supposed to be a big joke on Americans, or something. Which is odd because the woman is American.


~ I got storage boxes the other night. Yay! And wall adhesive stickers, so I can finally put Aragorn up next to Legolas where he belongs. I need to do that before my cat chews on him anymore. He always chews on Aragorn- not just the rolled up poster, but my Two Towers display box thing, and Mom’s Strider bookmark. There’s probably some hidden meaning there but I’m just too dumb to see it. Or maybe I’m reading too much into things and Aragorn just tastes good.

~ Got more lotion. Aveeno this time. Am shopping around for best kind. Am savvy shopper! Go me!

~ Also got a string of pearls to wear in my hair on Friday night. I’m not giving up on the tiaras, but I’ve worn the ones I have a lot lately, and they’re a little bright with my black dress. I’m breaking out the black dress for the first time ever. Except for that one roll of film, but that doesn’t really count. Anyway, the pearls will match nicely, and I’ll throw a couple of matching beaded strands in my hair for added sparkle.

It stupid, almost. My first evening performance of an opera, and I leave the tiara at home. Oh well.


~ Talked to Aunt Sean yesterday. She’s quitting her job around November 7th, so I’m probably going to go down around the 8th. Maybe, maybe, maybe will get to stay over at Grandmere’s house. Which will make me stupidly happy because it’s the loft and I love it.

~ Nothing else finalized. Plans due to change without notice.

~ However, I’m in a good position financially right now, since I just got a forbearance on my loan. Apparently I might get a deferment, since the cut off for deferments is something like a thousand dollars a month, and I only make around five hundred. WOOt!

I still don’t know what to do about Halloween. Tess is going trick-or-treating with one of her friends; she just bought her Legolas costume the other night. It looks really good on her, and god knows she’s got the hair for it. Which means that I can do whatever I want. Mom’s going to help me make a quick cloak, but I don’t know what to ‘go as’ so to speak. I did Odile from Swan Lake last year, although it wasn’t much fun as we didn’t go trick-or-treating. So the options remain open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What is everyone else doing for Halloween? Tell me!

And I guess that’s it for now. I’m gonna go grab some food and watch the game. Jeter is SO my bitch. Legolas gets jealous about it.

I think I’ll finish re-finishing my Ghetto Evenstar before I go to bed.

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It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I spent the afternoon (logically enough) inside, watching Verdi’s Macbeth. I love Macbeth- it’s probably my favorite Shakespeare play ever- and the singing, staging, costumes, and adaptation were all phenomenal. But I’d forgotten, in the few years since I’ve studied it, what a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS it is to sit through. The story is great, but it just goes on, and on, and on… and Verdi is not known for writing short operas. So by the end of it my head was pounding and I thought I was going to puke.

But it was a wonderful opera. I really enjoyed it. Maybe Mrs. Orth will let me try one of Lady M’s arias, although I doubt it.

The best part was when the soldiers rush on stage to follow Macduff and Malcolm into battle. The latter two pull their swords, and the soldiers, making that same grand “wow lookit I can handle a sword really well” gesture, pull out little five-inch daggers. I almost burst out laughing, it was so absurd. You’re going to fight a war with that thing, buddy? Right. Good luck with that.

Anyway, told Mater about the headache. She says I might need glasses or something. I don’t know. I can see really well but I can’t sit through anything longer than an hour without getting a headache. We’ll see, I guess. Glasses are waaaaay down on the list of priorities.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. We got really good seats for this show, up in the Mezzanine. Right near Julia Ebner, Heather Mead and Matt Ashby (I think. I know Julia Ebner was there [she was behind us] but I’m not sure about the other two. Tom, ask her, please?) Then Mrs. Orth and I went to Friendly’s for ice cream, and Nikki Maw was working there. She didn’t recognize me though. It was very odd, running into people all over the place.

And some lady in the bathroom thought that I was one of the ballet dancers (they put a little ballet in the scene with the apparitions.) But that, I think, was the tiara talking. Heh. ;)
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This is going to be random. Sorry bout that. Bear with me.

Well, here I am back on LJ and Internetland on my slow ass computer. I think it needs to be defragged. I’ll probably do that later when I’m at Mrs. Orth’s. Hmmm.

Anywho. Had an awesome weekend with Lisa. She came down on Friday night, and we wound up hanging out with Andy at McDonalds. V. interesting. Then on Saturday we did a photo shoot (on location in two graveyards- pics should come out cool, I’ll post them later this week.) And we went to the mall. Lisa got two more holes in her ears, and found lots of (expenisve!) crosses (cause Weisz [is that spelled right?] rocks, yo.) Later that night went to the movies with Justin. For those of you who haven’t seen Cradle 2 the Grave, go see it, it rocks. Unless of course you’re like me and you get ideas from watching movies (right, Galadriel, the TOYS? *snicker*)

Then we went to Josh’s house and watched Evolution. Then we went to the Diner. Then we drove around. Then we got home at 4 AM and watched Viggo Mortensen in Vanishing Point for a little while, and went to bed. Yeeeeesh. Viggo’s car is dumb. Ugh. I don’t care if it’s a hot rod. It didn’t look like it’d handle too well.

(I should know, right? If you listen to J and Lise, I don’t know a damn thing about cars. Or bikes. *pout* )

Went with Mrs. Orth to Rigoletto. Very cool. VERY COOL. The soprano’s arias were incredible. Although the courtier’s costumes were off- they were supposed to be 15th century Italian, not 1850’s American. And they were missing the petticoat layer, so you could see all the hoops in sharp detail. Anorexic dresses. Kinda distracting.

I did not know this but Wegman’s is open twenty four hours. Wow. All this time I’ve been going to P&C, which sucks, because I thought Wegman’s was closed. Harumph.

Work was good. It was work. Got paid, which is good. Have a story idea- but no title- for the Immortals RPG/story arc. Have to write it up and send it to Lise ASAP, as soon as I get the little squicky details down. Also came up with some new stuff for the Original, which’ll be cool as soon as I actually write it down.

I’m soooooo hungry right now. Hi, my name is Feather, feed me.

To be continued…

On the next episode of Dark Arwen’s journal:

Ranting about the Government! Ranting about sexxxy boys! Random icons! Ranting about war! Creative nicknames for our [s]elected president, and discussion of what exactly is on his alleged mind!


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