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Took a test in Algebra, and then the teacher jumped into some advanced graphing shit faster than I could blink. Algebra, graphing, and little cursive f's totally bent me over a desk, fucked me hard from behind, ground me into the floor and made me their bitch.

Came home. Read all of the Sexy Losers comics. All 242 of them.

My brain hurts, asstyrant. You fuck cows in retrospect.

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If there is any deity listening, I'd be much obliged if you could make the sneezing stop. Jon and Karen, I'll do meme replies when my brain isn't being constantly rattled by horrendous sneezes- probably Tuesday.

For Wednesday, I have to know the neruophysiological basis for memory, chemical messengers, neurons, and about split brain research. This was sprung on us on Friday morning, and we have no in-class notes for this; nor will we get any. Complicating things is the fact that I don't have a book at my disposal. If I can't make the internet work for me, I'm fucked.

It would help if I wasn't sneezing, tired, and hooked on Paranoia Agent. Saying "take a rest, take a rest, take a rest," repeatedly isn't as effective when you're not crawling all over the person when you're saying it, though. Read: it doesn't work over the phone.

Finished Reading Lolita in Tehran yesterday. Started in on Vanity Fair. I have no idea why I've all of a sudden gotten into the classics. Maybe I should switch my major to Literature or something.

Couldn't get the car at all for today. Mom is working at the Fair, which means picking her up and dropping her off (ewwww. Fair traffic, buggery) and Dad had to run errands, some of which I had to accompany him on. Blah.

I so feel like shit right now.


Aug. 30th, 2005 10:32 am
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So. Incredibly. Fucking. Tired.

I've been managing to survive on small amounts of food and sleep over the past two weeks. My new strategy is working itself out to be "med student life" during the week and crashing on the weekends. So far, it's working out relatively well.

Unfortunately for me, I still have two more books to buy and no money with which to purchase them. I just went to the bookstore and they told me that I'm on the list for Financial Aid, but there's no money there for me. WTF, bookstore?!? What did I ever do to you?

Eh. If my pace was any less hellish than it is right now, I'd be quite dissatisfied with myself- I'd feel like I wasn't doing anything productive. If I'm not headed for a burnout I feel absolutely useless. Thinking about it, that's probably not a good life pattern to have.

Criminalistics class is pretty intense in particular. My other classes are work-intensive, but you expect them to be. The first day of criminalistics, it was standing room only. Now it's down to ten people. To those dropouts I say "Ha ha. Not as easy as it looks on TV, is it?" *thumbs nose*

The thing that makes it surreal is the police humor. My professor ran the Syracuse Crime Lab for fifteen years or something like that, and the first thing he teaches us isn't respect for the victim or any of that stuff that Grissom is always waxing poetic on. He's just like, look. We make jokes about this shit because that's the only way to handle it. Don't ever let the press hear you, or the victim-people.

Example: Picture on the screen is of a woman with her head bashed in. So gruesomely bashed in that her eyeball has shifted into her skull. One of the guys at the scene said something along the lines of, "Wow! She had great insight." And they all laughed for five minutes. Mom told me about police/hospital/trauma humor, but this is the first time I've come across it in a "real" context. It's odd.

I can't wait for the jokes about the guy who got run over by the steam roller.
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Wonderfully, Alisha is in my anthropology class.

Yesterday the professor- who rocks the fuck out, by the way- had us go around the room and say where we graduated, what our major was, and what we wanted to do. Instead of nattering on about my indecision when it was my turn (forensic anthropology vs. criminalistics) I just thought, "the hell with it" and announced to the class at large that I wanted to do FA at the University of Tennessee. The teacher damn near squeed and went on about how great it was for five minutes. At one point she brought up entomology, explaining to everyone that it was the study of insects and that they can use them to determine time of death.

All of a sudden- from somewhere in the back of a very packed classroom, someone pipes up...


And I was like OMG! Kindred spirit, heigh-ho!

Tried to locate the speaker and possible other CSI-nut, but with no luck.

Oh, and my criminalistics class is fucking awesome. I figure by the end of the semester I know which one I'll want to go into first- ET or FA. I think I'm going to wind up doing both, though. Criminalistics first, because I can do two years at Canton and get it out of the way without having to start over in another system and lose a bunch of credits. Then I'm gonna go chill on the body farm for a while.

Prof. said that if I want to go into FA I should get a BS in Anth. first, and then specialize in FA in graduate school. Seems like a good idea. Yay for anthropology, at any rate.

Boo for books being expensive. It hurts our bank account, precious, yes it does.

In other news: rescued Quinn from Camillus last night. WalMart continues to suck... this time because they didn't have the underwear I wanted in my size. However, I have new socks now. Go me!


Bah. BAH.

Aug. 12th, 2005 04:38 pm
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For some reason the phone is not working. I don't know why and it's pissing me the hell off. I have no way to get in any kind of contact with anyone in the vicinity, because I can't use AIM, which I know a ton of people are just sitting around on, because it's what people do these days instead of talking face to face.

Anyway, Vampire starts again tonight, and I'm like, HELLO, STUPID PHONE!!! I HAVE TO CALL CHRISTIE, WORK NOW DAMMIT!

So will I be going? Who knows.

Nothing else very interesting has happened.

School starts up in a week or so. I'll be more excited about it next weekend. Then I'll be bouncing off the walls, nattering on about criminalistics and ballroom dancing. After that, I'll bully Quinn into taking physics with me in the spring, and tell him that if he does better than I do I fully intend to shoot him in the head and cover it up with the things I learned first semester.

Sometimes I think I'm kind of psycho.
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This speech is not coming along AT ALL.

"The electoral college is stupid and it sucks. We should totally get rid of it. What? What do you mean, 'what should we do about it?' How the fuck should I know? Why the fuck should I care? I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Someone bring me my iPod from downstairs."

The pretzel lady at the mall gave me two free pretzels today because they were kind of stale. I thought that was awfully nice of her.

I have two tests and the speech to give tomorrow, and then I am FINISHED. There will be much rejoicing for about three hours, when the pressure to get out and get a job will rear its ugly head. Couple that with the "OMFG WHAT GRADES DID I GET?!?!?!?" pressure, and I'm pretty sure I'm headed for a nervous breakdown.

...Just adjusted my schedule for next semester, replacing chemistry with anthropology. I'm also seriously considering taking oceanography.

Maybe I can be a Forensic Oceanographer?

"It looks like it was El Nino after all, Jim. He left his fingerprints all over the continental shelf."

*runs off to work on speech*
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I've got no finals and no classes today. Because of this and a rare stroke of brilliance on my part that gave me loads of energy, I've decided to go to the gym later and use the ellipticals for a while.

Stroke of brilliance: moving my mattress from the bed frame to the floor. I can only think of two times in the past six months that I've slept so well. My back doesn't hurt when I wake up now that I'm down on the floor. I finally got fed up with the bed situation the day before yesterday- when I woke up, I couldn't move for about a half an hour because my back hurt so bad. So I said "fuck that shit!" and moved my mattress. The rest is history. Goodbye, sleeping on broken planks and rocks. Hello, just plain sleep.

Just plain sleep= energy for Feather! wOOt! I don't feel as dead as usual!

I think the gym opens at ten or something. I've never been there before eleven, but that's because I was in chemistry until 10:50. And since I don't have to rush to get ready for English, I can take my time on the machines. I love the elliptical machine because it's low impact on the knees, even though using it is boring as hell. At least their stereo system is loud- doing any sort of exercise without music sucks.

There goes Paul. Mayhap he has my iPod. That would be great. Then I could go running at home and stuff, too, and not be bored out of my skull.

I haven't really done anything workoutish since before spring break. It's been driving me nuts, although I haven't done that much about it. First I was sick and then there was schoolwork and studying, so I haven't been able to fit much into my schedule anyway. Thank god for summer vacation, since I can fit in all the stuff I want to do (parkour and dance, namely. Maybe skating again, because I really miss it, but probably not.)

A big issue has been the iPod. I can't make myself run consistently without some kind of music, and CD players skip to death when you try to run with them. So I bought the iPod, but it decided to be a puke and only work on Macs, which meant that I couldn't get any music onto it. Thankfully Paul said he'd upload some for me. iTunes works on PC's, my ass.

I've got three finals tomorrow and three on Thursday, and then I am DONE. Yea verily and much rejoicing! I can't wait for vacation to start so I can get a job and relax. I still have to study all summer- algebra, trig, chemistry, Greek, and Latin- but whatever. It's studying without the pressure of tests and grades. Plus there's the dance thing. I can't wait to get back into shape again. I will be one happy Feather. Alisha and I were talking about using an empty classroom as a studio over the summer. It's a good plan unless you're a technique nazi. But for me, that means that a classroom-studio would be used to practice what I'm going to learn in class, because I'm going to start taking class again, dammit.

Now that I've rambled and jammed up my flist, I'm going to go track down Paul and sell some books. Yay for selling books.
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Not much. I don't think I can base an essay on a thesis like, "OMFG HamletHoratio slash is teh hotness if it's Ethan Hawke and that other guy and one time [ profile] saccarineayako did Ophelia and she fucking rocked out as a crazy girl."

I swear to god, this play leaves me so cold it is not even funny. I mean, I like it and all, but I have absolutely nothing to say about it. I have no opinions on the story or the characters other than a vague "that sucks, honey," for Ophelia.

I'll probably write some journal entries for Gertrude, or something.

Today was kind of sort of hellish. Studied sociology most of the morning before class so I could get a heads up on the in class essay we had to do instead of getting on AIM and vegging like I wanted to. At one point, Quinn stole my sandwich, and I threatened him with bodily harm if he didn't give it the hell back. ---This should have been my main indication that I would get horrendous cramps in the middle of sociology, with nary a painkiller in sight. I managed to get through Public Speaking and then told my math teacher that I was sick and therefore leaving. Luckily it was only a review class, so he was cool with it.

Joe found me as I was leaving Academic and I dragged him with me to the library before we went back to the Lookout. Thankfully, Jason was there and showed me a magical vending machine with Tylenol in it. That was a very, very good thing; I think if I had just crashed on the couch without the Tylenol then I would have wound up puking all over Quinn or something.

After a while everyone took off. Jason went over to Academic to look for Manda, and I was all by myself until Doug and Mike came along. The point to that whole conversation was that Quinn is hot.

Caught the bus with Jason2 and Paul, but Jason and Manda missed the bus. That was okay because I wound up missing the first B'ville bus because Paul was putting songs onto my iPod with his laptop, bless him a thousand times over and I hope he wins the lottery. As I was crossing the street to catch the bus, who should I see but Manda and Jason! Much rejoicing and a coffee coolatta.

Cooked up plans on the bus with Jason. This could be great, or it could be a disaster. Possibly both.

And now here I am, trying to figure out what the fuck to write about Hamlet. I'm going to be up all night with this.


Oh yeah... I have to revise my Komachi paper for class tomorrow, too. And do my CRJ extra credit assignment. And study chem. Maybe I'll just fail that on purpose, though, and take it over again or something?

*keeps right on dying*
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As handed to me by Jason earlier, in its entirety and original form.

Revised List for Feather

A. Shit I know nothing about

1. Rope
2. Classical Music CD's
3. Anime
4. Computer
5. Makeup
6. Large Knife
7. Taped episodes of Law and Order

B. Shit you'll definitely need

1. Chemistry for Dummies
2. Cup O'Noodleses

C. Substances

2. Sobe "No Fear"
3. Brain Wave Generator CD (I'll provide the proper tracks)
4. Ginko Bilboa
5. Piracetan (I'm running short... may have to check)
6. Other [slightly unintelligible word] (I'll see what I've got kicking...)

Note: Cup O'Noodleses are good for snacks, but force yourself to eat REAL FOOD! With protein! And good stuff! Yeah...

Feather Explains Her Odd Study Aid Choices and Adds Chewing Gum To The List )
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After a brief and successful battle with hysteria ten minutes before Criminal Justice, I came to my senses and decided that I'd just Muddle Through With Typical British Reserve.

Mission: Impossible.
Status: Clusterfucked.
Plan: Study.

To pull off Operation: Study, I'm going to need the following:

Caffine Pills
Ritalin or something similar
Small amounts of real food
Mountain Dew
Energy drinks for desperate moments
Classical Music CD's
Brainwave generator
Large Knife
Ramen too complicated; ammended to Cup O' Noodleses
Chemistry for Dummies
Taped Episodes of Law and Order
Emergency Puke Bucket

...I should probably talk to Jason about this.
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They denied my chemistry drop. Oh, motherfuck. I think I'm going to be sick.

Seriously. If I am paying YOU five hundred dollars for this class, then why the fuck can't I do what I want with it, when I want to do it? Why should someone have to die for someone else to drop a class late? For fuck's sake, people. If you think you can pass a test, and you study your ass off for it, and then you DON'T, then you should have the option to drop.

If I fuck this up, I'm going to bring down my GPA hellishly.

Right. I wish a bus would run me over or something.

I think I'm going to be sick.

[ETA: I'm definitely going to burst into tears. Figured out a tentative GPA- it should be higher, techinically, since I gave myself 3's in all my classes and I'm pretty sure they're higher than that- but throwing a 0 GPA in there for chemistry brought it down to a 2.6.

My life is, effectively, over.]
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We're supposed to write an essay taking a sociological look of a group we've participated in. Band, church group, blah blah woof woof, whatever.

And I'm like, what groups have I EVER participated in? I guess I could talk about our now-hiatused CSI RPG, or MESPT or something, but hello? One is kind of stalled and the other I didn't have much to do with. Plus I don't think she's talking about online things.

Girls Scouts was a joke. A hella fun, great trip of a joke, but a joke nonetheless. We were like Troop Beverly Hills except we didn't feel like proving ourselves.

Shit. I don't know. I'm going with figure skating, because at least it's a little bit fucked up, and they've got artifacts to talk about. Maybe if I psychobabel her, she won't notice that I was definitely on the deviant fringes of that social group.

Yay for loner sports.

In other news, Madama Butterfly FUCKING ROCKED and I slept the rest of the weekend.

Also my hair looks kind of cool today.
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I am definitely one of the top math class skippers in the world today. Aeons from now, legions of school children will be chanting my name in post-apocalyptic caves across the world, hailing me as a paragon of mathematics that changed their world forever.

Maybe I'm having delusions of grandeur, though...?

There's some bum asleep on the only couch. Which means that I can't go to sleep on the couch. --Wait, it's Ashby. Maybe I can topple him off and steal the couch. That's the whole reason I skipped math class, anyway. I've been having trouble staying awake all day, and there's no way in fuck I can sit through an hour and fifteen minutes of voting theory and keep my eyes open. So I figured I'd come over here and sleep for a while before I had to catch Ye Old Bus.

*goes to fuck around on ff.n and save her songfics before those bastards delete them*


Apr. 27th, 2005 12:05 pm
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This morning started out shitty and then became marginally better. We didn't get our chemistry grades back, but I danced in the hallway with Alisha, so everything's all good.

For now.

In the immediate future: food?

Only if I'm lucky.

Got in a mini-fight with Dad this morning, so I only took two dollars from him in protest. I know that sounds odd, but he's obsessed that I always have enough money for lunch, so *blows raspberries*

And that's why god made debit cards. And this icon.
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I have my last chemistry test in a couple of hours (not counting the final.)



I don't think I study nearly enough.

As if the whole finals crunch wasn't bad enough, the plotbunnies have started attacking me with a vengeance- apparently, the Gods of Fanfiction want me to send Sara back to Herculaneum just in time to make some Roman friends before Mount Vesuvius erupts and kills them all. Of course, Grissom sees her plaster cast in a museum centuries later...

Yay for adventures in time-fucking.

Ooh, but this could be a good one. Provided I don't start it and not finish it, like everything else... after all, I've still got to finish the Sara/Grissom/Heather one, and the OMG!SerialKiller! one. And the Princess Epic.

[I can't go through my life wishing it was eleven o'clock]

"It started out with a kiss/how did it end up like this/it was only a kiss/it was only a kiss" reminds me of him but in a totally, totally good way.

Right. Off to review chemistry quick before DOOOOOOOOM time.

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...And Joe chewed on my arm before because he was hungry. Hence the icon.

Anyway, I got out of lab almost an hour late because I fucked up the filtration of my cupric solution. Fucked up as in, poked a hole in the filter paper because I was stirring it with a glass rod to get the damn thing to drain faster- and whoosh! It all went out the bottom. It could have been worse, but I had to start the whole filtration over again, which is goddamn time consuming, and towards the beginning of the lab.

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

However, Louis is awesome and is letting me hand in the questions next class instead of by the end of the period today. I actually have to do two sets of lab questions, since I missed lab last week, but at least he's letting me make it up (in a sense.)

The upshot of all this is, I've missed a giant chunk of sociology. So I said, the hell with it, I'm updating, and finding some food.

Part I of that mission is accomplished. Part II... well, here I go. Food ahoy, etc. etc.
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...and this entry has nothing to do with it.

I TOTALLY KICKED ASS on my speech. Bow down before the mighty power of sarcasm. The heads of the Electoral College will roll... as soon as I talk to someone other than my Public Speaking class about it, that is. Muah ah ahahahahahahaha.

Now I get to go find out how bad I failed a math test. Joy.

[ETA: 98 on the math test. This would have been something of an accomplishment had it not been so damn easy. *eye roll* And no, that's not just me rubbing in my awesome brainpower. It's just really, really stupid "math."]


Apr. 19th, 2005 07:58 am
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Man. What the hell. It's like karma is smacking me around these days, or whatever. The Supreme Balance of the Universe must be kept at all costs, up to and including my sanity.

Life is either extremely, extremely wonderful or really, really shitty. Usually both, and at the same time.

Yesterday was great. I got an A on my English paper, even though it should have been an A- because I fucked up the citations. I understood what the hell was going on in Chemistry. It was warm out and Quinn came home with me even though he wasn't supposed to. The woods were beautiful.

However, I have a Chemistry test coming up, a horrible cold, and my parents are still in the process of yelling at me because Quinn came over. Also, I'm supposed to have $44 more in my account than I currently do, and Dad's giving me the third degree over my balance again. I FUCKING HATE when he does that. It drives me up the wall. It's absolutely none of his business... arrgh. On top of all that bullshit, I discovered that Mom didn't mail my letter to Kristin like I asked her to a hella long time ago. *facedesk, facedesk, facedesk* So, Lady Countess, you'll be getting it over the next couple of days or so.

[I really wish I could stop sneezing, dammit.]

Blah. That's it. I'm done bitching now. Life has been kinda shitty, but the good parts balance it out. I've just got to get through the next five weeks or so, and I'll be all right.
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I went to the archery range to practice yesterday. No, really, I did. Honest. I most certainly did not tell my dad that I needed the truck to go Onondaga Lake Park Archery Range and then take off in the opposite direction to visit [ profile] neko_quinn at work under the pretense of buying a pretzel.

(Wal-Mart carries guns. Lots of them. But when you ask for arrows, the guy behind the gun counter will look at you like you're either crazy or a criminal but probably both and then carefully explain, as if to a child, that they don't carry arrows. You'll roll your eyes and bemoan the fact that you can't perpetuate your cycle of meaningless violence for the day and walk away to buy some embroidery needles.)

Cut for gratuitous mention of bikinis, PDA's, and three hour walks )

And after all that? I went home, took two Benadryl, and fell over.

[ETA: Got the highest grade in the class on my Criminal Justice test- go me. Grade still wasn't that high- not go me. I only got a B. Phooey... but what do I expect? I've been so busy studying for chemistry that I totally forgot we had a test in CRJ and I didn't read the last chapter. B ain't bad for winging it. Anyway, twenty minutes until chemistry, so I'm going to go kill time in Ferrante.

Dammit, this skirt means I can't collapse on the floor in front of the classroom.]
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Last night's episode of CSI was the best I've seen in a long time. I loved how they worked backwards through the episode, and how each segment kind of tied into the next (or the last? Whatever.) And of course: OMFGSARAINTHESHOWER. Beautiful, precious, beautiful.

Dammit, there's something on my sleeve. That's going to bug me all freakin' day, now that I've noticed it.

Ralph Nader is speaking in the lecture hall at eleven, but I don't know if I'm going to go- a) the Peace Corps is doing a presentation at the same time over in Whitney, and I'm more interested in that than in politics, and b) I have to go downtown by two o'clock to drop off the opera ticket money. Thankfully English is cancelled today, so I can get it out of the way.

My parents said that I should look into doing the Peace Corps because it's really a training system for the CIA. Hmm. CIA or FBI. *weighs options* ...Eh. Not that it matters; I've still got to do a few years with a normal police department or whatever before I can even apply to the FBI (fuck the CIA, who the hell am I kidding?) Hopefully I can do the Phoenix PD for my internship. That or Vegas would be really cool- I miss the high desert, but I can't live there for extended periods of time, so an internship would be great. After that, who knows? Maybe I can get in with the NYPD. God knows that half of my relatives are already working for/affiliated with them.

Okay, I'm so putting the cart before the horse here. I need to go rock out on my CRJ test this morning before anything else.

OMFG. When I get a job, do I have to delete this journal? Horrid thought.

Spark Lyrics )

Dreams Come True Lyrics )

I love J-pop. I like knowing what the hell they're saying even better!

(Lise, what's the name of that Hikari Utada song?)


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