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If anyone wants to do a custom one for me, I'll buy you two months of LJ time and 50 icons. ...But I get to pick out the pictures.

Guess who got the highest grade in the class on the first criminal justice quiz.

Know the due process model like the back of my hand. Go me.

...So, any takers on the mood theme thing?

Talking about my default icon, because it came up in a thread, and because I love it to absolute death, and Bree owns my soul because she made it for me. )
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Check OUT this icon. Is it not the hottest thing ever. Like OMFG.

It's SO G/S. Lots of violence, but no sex. Which needs to change, if you ask me. Alot.

Thank you, Bree. I hereby proclaim you Lady Iconographer of California. Also you have made snogwench status.
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start to panic


What? The Russians got nothin’ on Grissom and Sara.

And two really, really bad “Kill Gil” Icons. *is sorry for being such a lamebrain*

leave your limbs

*Note: Yeah, that really is a finger in a glass of ice. A finger in a glass of ice slammed down in front of Sara by Catherine during Sara and Hank's first date, to be precise. The episode is titled, originally, "The Finger."

hanzo sword


Nov. 24th, 2003 11:00 pm
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But you should all go look at my new icons.

Huzzah for icons.
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Nothing much going on today. Just kind schlepping around for Dad and running to Wegmans for orange juice. We got Dad a shirt, some handkerchiefs, and a kite for Father's Day. They (the parents) were going to go to the movies later, but Mater's not feeling well so they rented something instead.

I got to talk to Maurice before. He's going to start using his journal now ([ profile] faceone). Hooray! He's got some awesome icons, too. Drew them himself :D

And I have a new icon. It's a painting of Luthien, with the lyrics from Clannad's "I Will Find You" on it. So now I have effectively crossed my two favorite things: Last of the Mohicans and LOTR. "I Will Find You" being the theme for the former. They play it when the girls are being taken to the Huron village and Hawkeye and Co. are following them. So romantic...*swoon* /girly moment. LOTM is the one movie I get really mushy about. Eh.

The moral of the story is that Last of the Mohicans is a great movie, and you should all go out and watch it RIGHT NOW.

It actually really reminds me of LOTR/Silmarillion. Or vice versa. And I have to go eat now, so I'm going to stop with the rambling for a while.
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Lookit! New icon.

I wrote some Matrix fanfic but I'm going to bed now so I'll just post it here tomorrow. Like you all care, but let me pretend for a while.

Persephone/Trinity femslash. Woo! Exciting!
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Behold. A New Icon. Idea gacked from Anna's icons, but not as good. Huzzah for boobs.
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Just some random icons. Bases aren't mine. Take, share, comment, whatever, enjoy.

From "Evolution"



More RENT! *this is an obscure line from a huge chorus number. It's in the book but you can't hear it well- it's Roger talking to Mimi.


Random people. If you live in NY, it's funnier, kind of.



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