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Quinn and I have decided to take a break from our relationship for a little while. This is a mutual decision and can really only result in good thing for both parties.

Still one of the most gut-wrenching drives of my life, though.

It's very strange being back to vaguely single again

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A song.
Everybody Out Of The Water.
By The Wallflowers.

Now on your mark get set let's go
You've got to move now
Before she explodes
Look out the window, look out below
Back away from the glass
Well, there she blows
The city's been leveled
The hills are in flames
The streets are cracked open
And they're pushin’ up clay
The temperature's dropped
The sky is gray
And it ain't even over
Here comes drivin' rain

That ain't me that you feel
There's something moving around in here
That's blood, that's tears
This ain't a warning
Everybody out of the water

And up on dry land
Take what you can
'Cause you won't be here again
Everybody out of the water

Now I'm treading high water to get back to you
Lookin' for a little spot of something to cling to
There's too many bodies, there's not enough room
God help me and God help you
They say nobody panic, help is on its way
We're already on it
You've got to be brave
If you can fix it now then don't make us wait
Man they're ain't nobody coming back away from the case

That bell that you hear
That's her ringing in your ears
I fear that my dear
This ain’t no warning
Everybody out of the water
And up on dry land
Take what you can
'Cause you won't be here again
I loved you then
Like I love you now
That won't matter anyhow
This is a the new frontier
Everybody out of the water

Now I'm looking up and the shit keeps coming
Like shooting ducks in a barrel of honey
Got to learn how to pray, love won't be enough
Admit it now your information sucks
As I slip down in
I think of some place high on a mountain
Smoke clears, the fog lifts
Little by little we rebuild again
But till then everybody out of the water

And up on dry land
Take what you can
'Cause you won't be here again
Well I loved you then like I love you now
It won't matter anyhow
Everybody out of the water

Everybody out of the water
Everybody out of the water

My girlfriend is mad at my boyfriend for being an ass. I am mad at my boyfriend about his girlfriend, who is on the outs with her girlfriend over my boyfriend.

Sadly, a massive drunken orgy is just not an option. I forsee blood.
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Just ganked Warcrack from Quinn. Hoo boy, was HE pissed off.


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Still sick, tired, and pretty much miserable, but it's a temporary version of sick, tired, and pretty much miserable- the kind that can be cured with a day of sleep. At least that's turned the corner.

This is due in large part to my lovely shiny new job. I now work in at the Lucky Moon Cafe, a pretty little place that's very ecclectic, plays NPR on the radio, and pays in cash. Yeehah. Today was my first day, and it rocked. It totally made up for losing the $30 that was left over from the money I lent Jason for opera tickets (read: all the money I had to my name. Gone, in one swell foop. Alas, my pretty chickens.)

Last night was mine and Quinn's eight month anniversary. After much drama, work bullshit, school bullshit, and mad rescheduling, we wound up having a romantic dinner in the living room of the apartment. Ultimately, this made Quinn extremely happy, me extremely blushy, both of us really chatty, and Christie ascended to the level of goddess for putting the whole thing together. Phil helped too- without his manliness we would never have been able to uncork the wine.

However. I have to figure out what's going on tonight. We're taking the bus over to the apartment, but we've got a two hour window minimum before anyone gets home. Right this second, I'd just opt for skipping everything and sleeping, since I'm working on a headache right now. Must make phone calls and figure this out. Must. Must. Must.

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It's all ups and downs. Got a 96 on my psychology test. We did the photography lab in criminalistics today, or the first part of it. I took a picture of my shoe and a storm drain, for lack of better material. [ profile] insaneartgurl brought Dylan to school today, and everyone loves him.

Took an anthropology test, and then spent the rest of the afternoon trussed up in a sari and purple fairy wings, pretending to be an angel gazing adoringly at a goth Mary and a kid Jesus with a fever. Then I got to wave a glittery piece of fabric around. This was all for Lisha's photo project; I'll post the pictures here when I get them. Even talked her into letting [ profile] neko_quinn be in a couple of frames, although she specified that he had to have his shirt off for them. Alas for me, she said he could leave his undershirt on. Thankfully I got some shirtless Quinn a little later, when I made him switch undershirts with me because his was nicer.

Bus, diner, fries, Quinn gnawed on my head, Dylan is cute and sleepy, let's bounce, sad panda face, cookie, bus, and here I am.

Dad walked in a little while ago, screaming about how there was no chicken-

(Um, hello. No one told me it was there- don't blame me because dinner isn't ready currently)

and screaming about his brother-

(Who had a stroke today and probably won't make it through the night)

and blah blah woof woof... the rest was the usual rant. Of course, he wants me to pick up Mom, who gets off of work at nine but doesn't get out of the fucking building until almost 9:30. Told him (after a rant that included the "you're not allowed to watch your favorite show... EVER!!!" at my sister) that CSI was new tonight. Also told him that I'd go but someone would have to tape it for me. Predictably, he pulled the martyr act and said to forget it.

Once upon a time, when he went into his rants, I would get angry right back at him, or be scared of him. Now, it all just makes me kind of tired and sad. My dad needs some serious help. He's carrying all of this incredibly deep-seated anger at [whatever] around, and he takes it all out on us. At this point in my life, I seem to have come to the mentality that runs along the lines of, "Look. This is your life. Your life, not mine. I'm not responsible for you choosing the actions that lead you to this point. You knew what the outcome had a chance of being, and you walked down that path anyway. Deal. Everyone else has to- stop blaming the rest of us for your shitty run of luck."

He was furious with me last year for pushing to register RIGHT NOW DAMMIT at OCC. Absolutely furious. I'm glad I've made the descisions I did, even if he views it as some sort of ungrateful personal betrayal. I saw where I was going to wind up, and I worked to change that outcome. Never regret, never look back.

Now I'm just kind of tired and apathetic, and all I want to do is go to sleep.

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Mom, Kelsey, Nana and maybe Liam are en route back to Sadexcuse right this second. Where are they now? When will they acutally get here? These are questions that even the wise cannot answer. And the wise know that it's better not to ask.

So. Did up a cold cut tray, cheese tray, onion dip, went to the store and got bread and rolls and blah blah blah. Arranged the flowers that Dad brought home and while they look very nice, the stupid Ikenobo shears gave me a fucking blood blister when I caught the webbing of my thumb in the handles.

If Liam doesn't come up with Nana, then I'm driving her back down to Jersey tomorrow. I'm not particularly thrilled with this, because it means missing a day of work (and Feather is never rich enough, money money money) and I'd have to rearrange a doctor's appointment. However, the upside is that I'd miss a day of work, get to go the beach for like fifteen minutes, and I'd get to put the doctor off till Saturday.

At least Dad seems to be off the warpath concerning just about everything in my life. This morning, he ranted to me about a little bit of anything that popped into his head. It's probably because I stayed out till midnight last night; but WTF? Q didn't get out of work till 9:30, and then the food and the driving around, and then the leaving- that's twenty minutes right there- and the stopping for things that Dad wants but having to go to two stores on opposite sides of town because one is out of the right motor oil or some such thing. Then there was my keyring breaking and the keys scattering under the car. In the dark. So yeah, I was a little bit late.

It was worth it, though. I love it when Q sings my favorite songs softly in my ear without knowing beforehand that they're my favorite songs.
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Mother's Day is tomorrow, but sadly for Mom, the Lilac Ninja won't bring her lots of flower tonight. The lilacs aren't out yet, which means that I can't steal them from other people's yards. Alas.

However, I bought her a potted azalea at Sam's Club earlier, and we've got lots of Mother's Day cards (left over from last year, when we forgot to use them.)

I've spent the last two hours doing obscure research. I didn't even realize that it got dark out.

Cut for relationship details that you may or may not be interested in. )
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Life is great great great great great wonderful lovely super wow great great happy spiffy nifty bitchin pleasant delightful dandy squeeish great great great

and kind of rainy and cold and hungry and poor

Lovely lovely happy snuggly warm feelings and all that

homework needs to be done

One of these days I'm gonna have to stop grinning

I need to write four essays and a paper on Hamlet and I have a test later that I need to study for quick... and drop chemistry don't forget to drop chemistry

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Okay. Yesterday was great, and then horrible, and then great again. Kinda sorta. Apparently there is a terrace over in Whitney on the third floor. Also, the third floor vending room is WAY BETTER than the one on the second floor.

Joe, Alisha, Quinn, and I went to the mall for shopping stuff (read: Alisha and I went shopping, and they went to the toy store.) Quinn got his coveted lightsaber- and ye gods, I hope I never forget the looks on the salesmen's faces in the suit store when Quinn walked in, waving it around, and asked for a tuxedo. I thought they were going to puke or fall over in apoplectic fits- possibly both.

Then we went to Fayetville to take Joe's suit to his tailor. Yay for aggressive negotiations with traffic to the Mortal Combat soundtrack. After that we wound up over a Shoppingtown, where Kennedy bitched out Quinn. (Obviously, that was the horrible part.) Randomly. *headdesk* Anyway, we stopped by Boom Babies and Seven Rays quick after that, and then Joe drove us home.

When I got home I kind of let loose on my mom about the whole Kennedy thing. Luckily for him, my dad was asleep with a sinus headache, or else I would have given him hell, too. Because the whole thing was kind of ridiculous. He talked to me about it this morning, after I'd calmed down a little bit. He's all, "I'm not trying to drive you away, blah blah blah," and I know he's not. I also know that he didn't intend for Kennedy to do that. However, if he had some kind of problem with Quinn (he doesn't- I think Kennedy is just under a lot of stress lately and it blew out of proportion) he should have come to me about it first.

Whatever. I quasi-told off mom about it last night... It was very "look, this is how it is, get the fuck over it, and get the fuck over yourselves." This isn't the first time that this has happened, and I am fucking sick to death of everyone close to me taking it on themselves to watch my back and threaten my boyfriends with dire harm should they step one inch off the damn line. In case no one on my flist got the memo, I am more than capable of taking care of myself.

Okay. I feel better now.

I took the personality profile from, because Jason2 said it's pretty on the mark. (Plus, I was bored.) I finally finished it.

Behold. I am Grissom. )


Apr. 19th, 2005 07:58 am
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Man. What the hell. It's like karma is smacking me around these days, or whatever. The Supreme Balance of the Universe must be kept at all costs, up to and including my sanity.

Life is either extremely, extremely wonderful or really, really shitty. Usually both, and at the same time.

Yesterday was great. I got an A on my English paper, even though it should have been an A- because I fucked up the citations. I understood what the hell was going on in Chemistry. It was warm out and Quinn came home with me even though he wasn't supposed to. The woods were beautiful.

However, I have a Chemistry test coming up, a horrible cold, and my parents are still in the process of yelling at me because Quinn came over. Also, I'm supposed to have $44 more in my account than I currently do, and Dad's giving me the third degree over my balance again. I FUCKING HATE when he does that. It drives me up the wall. It's absolutely none of his business... arrgh. On top of all that bullshit, I discovered that Mom didn't mail my letter to Kristin like I asked her to a hella long time ago. *facedesk, facedesk, facedesk* So, Lady Countess, you'll be getting it over the next couple of days or so.

[I really wish I could stop sneezing, dammit.]

Blah. That's it. I'm done bitching now. Life has been kinda shitty, but the good parts balance it out. I've just got to get through the next five weeks or so, and I'll be all right.
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I went to the archery range to practice yesterday. No, really, I did. Honest. I most certainly did not tell my dad that I needed the truck to go Onondaga Lake Park Archery Range and then take off in the opposite direction to visit [ profile] neko_quinn at work under the pretense of buying a pretzel.

(Wal-Mart carries guns. Lots of them. But when you ask for arrows, the guy behind the gun counter will look at you like you're either crazy or a criminal but probably both and then carefully explain, as if to a child, that they don't carry arrows. You'll roll your eyes and bemoan the fact that you can't perpetuate your cycle of meaningless violence for the day and walk away to buy some embroidery needles.)

Cut for gratuitous mention of bikinis, PDA's, and three hour walks )

And after all that? I went home, took two Benadryl, and fell over.

[ETA: Got the highest grade in the class on my Criminal Justice test- go me. Grade still wasn't that high- not go me. I only got a B. Phooey... but what do I expect? I've been so busy studying for chemistry that I totally forgot we had a test in CRJ and I didn't read the last chapter. B ain't bad for winging it. Anyway, twenty minutes until chemistry, so I'm going to go kill time in Ferrante.

Dammit, this skirt means I can't collapse on the floor in front of the classroom.]
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Yay for weekends with visity-type people. Other things that Feather says "yay" to (in no particular order):

Random trips to Borders. Not so random trips to Solvay. J-Pop. J-Rock. That "up against the wall sex" song. Hikari Utada.

Shonen-ai... with instructional drawings! Going for walks. The Diner. McDonald's. Feeling like Letty when putting air in a tire. Bite marks.

The Ring 2. Cold Stone Creamery. Mall food. Campus food. The Pimp Master. Hoes. Evil little harlots.

Invader Zim. Excel Saga. Exploding brain cells with veiled references to pedophiles at dinner.

Learning how to play Magic. Criminal Justice class. Emergency erotica runs. Hot chocolate. Hanging out under bridges.

The Duck Messiah. The Important Lesson Of Why You Should Not Have Nothing To Eat All Day But Four Energy Drinks. Burning CD's- twice.

Ira, New York (not that we ever got there). I still don't want the Pussy Wagon. Swords in the backseat of the car. "You should move here. You're cute."

Shoe shopping. Spikes. Best Buy and UFO Catchers. "It's not road rage. It's constructive driving." Cute fights and cover ups. "You're the spy- I'm the assasin. We can make this work."

Racing with produce trucks. Basements. Happy dances in the park. Swings. The gazebo.

Submitting beautifully. Discussing who's dominant and who's submissive.

Legolas braids. Watching a plank float down the river and realizing that this is what there is to do in a hick town in Bumfuck, New York.

Talking to Andy. Explaining the situation. Legal Drug. Pocky. Wegmans- alas, no stockboy hunting this time.

Waking up to Boondock Saints and/or Quinn's ringtone on Lisa's cell. Passing the phone around the car while driving. Fashion Bug conversations- all kinds. The sexiness that is Manda.

Early morning lectures. Speakerphones. Emergency pick-up-from-work rides. The cat being caught in the blanket hanging in the door and Quinn not realizing. Minor meltdowns. Fun bus rides. Zombie attacks. Occasional girl kissing.

Distracting bus rides and incredible stupidity on my part (I don't care what you guys say.)* Star Wars discussions. I am the Queen, and you guys are my handmaidens- but we can all have the cool makeup.

Star Trekking across the universe- always going forward cause we can't go in reverse!

*In case you were wondering what this is in reference to, I left my ENTIRE CD COLLECTION ON THE BUS YESTERDAY. *wail, sob, sob, wail* Everyone cross your fingers that some nice person turns it into the lost and found and I get it back.
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Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a concerned citizen, and that’s why I take the busses. Public transportation helps keep stupid car emissions down, or whatever. Other times I tell myself that I think easier on the bus, that it’s when I get my down time, it’s the time I have to zone and think and straighten out everything that’s in my head. Okay- the point is, I take a bus. Two, actually. Every day, twice a day, rain or shine, there I am, standing on the stupid corner waiting for the stupid bus. This has never really been a problem. Pain in the ass, occasionally? Sure, especially when it’s really cold, but not a problem.

Now, I have a problem.

The problem’s name is Eddie.

Eddie first found me back in October or something. He hit on me during my downtown transfer, and I told him, very politely, that no, I wasn’t interested, I had to study. I saw him once or twice after that, but with last semester’s insane schedule and a long winter break, I hadn’t seen him at all. Which was fine with me.

Until Monday. Then it all just went to hell. Now he follows me around and tries to get me to go out with him. He tells me I’m beautiful and that he fell in love with me the first minute he saw me and can he call me on my cell phone? No, I tell him, I don’t have a cell phone (true.) No, you can’t call my house because my parents don’t want me to give out their number (not true. And it’s technically my number anyway.) No, I don’t have a car. No, I don’t have any free time. No, never. I eat, sleep, and study. I study. I study. Oh god, do I study (true. Too true.) Have you ever been involved with a black guy before? Cheery smile- “Yep!” That took the wind out of his sails for a minute.

(That's the part where I grow feathers. All I say is "No, I study" over and over and over, in response to every one of his questions.)

Now. This wouldn’t be as big of a problem if I didn’t have forty minute wait between busses. During this wait I get cocoa in this little deli place across the street, so I don’t have to sit outside in the sub-zero weather and freeze my ass off. And yeah, I sit there and study. So I’m sitting there yesterday and he comes in and sits down across from me. Apparently he’s really serious- he told me that if studying with me was the only way we could hang out, then goddamit, he would study. This persistence would be really charming if it weren’t so unwelcome.

*facepalms* Not that he’s a disturbing psycho problem, mind you. Everyone’s dangerous, to a degree, but we’re in a very public place, and I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself (more than most people realize, actually.) It’s just annoying as hell.

And I don’t feel like dealing with it. At all.

Kristen )

Bree )

Kate )

I skipped my math class today to revise my Communications homework. However, I am not worried since all we do in there is brain teasers anyway. Apparently it’s a mathematical theory class. (Brain teasers!!)
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I went to pick up the tickets for ROTK at the mall yesterday, and this guy and I followed each other around Borders for a half an hour.

He looked alot like Boromir, and was wearing this...well, this really cute leather coat. Except it wasn't 'cute' so much as 'rugged and manly' cowboy-type leather.

Half-flirting with glances over bookshelves is fun once in a while.

Alas that the sun set and I had to get home before the cops pulled me over for having a busted headlight.

So farewell to Boromir, and what might have been. May you think of me every time you pick up that Far Side Collection Book, and wonder at the fate of the girl who ran away into the oncoming night.

Okay, okay, I'll stop. I just like to make myself laugh, sometimes.
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Okay. So my biggest problem lately-aside from the usual financial issues and whatnot- has been sleeping. I haven’t been able to fall asleep, and I’ve brought it on myself.

You might think it concerned my fascination with Macbeth, considering all the trouble they have in that play with sleeping and insomnia and everything else that comes with murder and mayhem. True, I’ve been working on doing a modern-type version of Macbeth, but this isn’t the reason for my sleepless nights.

No, I can blame this one squarely on Legolas.

Or, more specifically, this poster of Legolas, which is about four feet square and hanging directly over my bed.

legolas poster

You know, the one that every time I passed it in the mall, I would kind of slow down and stop and giggle incoherently. With a really, really stupid grin on my face.

Well, now it’s over my bed and I’m done for. I giggle when I wake up, I giggle when I go to sleep at night. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The weird thing is the way the next door neighbor’s security light shines right thought my window, only illuminating Legolas’s face.

I can’t sleep at night because Legolas is staring at me.

What a wonderful dilemma to find myself in. I’d move it except there’s no place else to put it. I guess I’ll just have to get used to Legless staring at me when I’m trying to sleep.

Or, I could just go and buy a gun and shoot the neighbor’s light out. Yep. That would solve a lot of problems.


See, I find this whole “Orlando Bloom Crush” think interesting, but at the same time, annoying. He’s SO not my type. Why, then, does just looking at him cause me to go into some sort of fangirl-sugar-coma? *shudder* Damn hormones. Or damn-lust-center-of-my-brain. Whichever.

But out of Orlandocuriosity, I went to a couple of his fansites. Nothing really interesting, except this compatability thing which I find hysterical.

99% physically compatible
22% emotionally compatible

There was more- 88% intellectually compatible or something- but who cares about that.

He’s not my type. He gets all… emotional and stuff. (Except for the sex. Yeah, hook me up with that.)

But enough about Helicopter Boy.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone’s moms. Buy them flowers. That is your mission. Jeannette and her Troop sent my mom flowers via from the DMZ in Korea... Mom started to cry, she was so touched. They all look forward to her letters and I think they've kind of adopted her.

And congratulations to [ profile] darkshade and [ profile] marilita who graduated!

Weather note: It is really FUCKING COOL outside. Windy. Black clouds with a yellow sky close to the horizon… my type of weather. Please excuse me, I’m about to have a come to Jesus meeting with a thunderstorm. I’ll be back, and finish this update, later.
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First day of Advent today. Countdown to doom, I suppose.

The great thing about being Episcopalian is that you get all the pagentry and ritual of the Catholic Church on the important holdidays without having to say countless rosaries if you have sex in anything but the missionary style once a week. Allegedly it comes without the guilt, but since my family still acts Irish Catholic I couldn't tell you if it's there or not.

Epsicopalians are so English. If someone insults them, they don't insult them back, they just don't ask them to dinner. Diet Catholicism- all the taste, none of the calories. Ha, ha.

Had the annual "We should celebrate Haunaka instead of Christmas" talk with Mom. Once again she didn't fall for it. It's just as well, I guess, since I can't even spell it.

I'm cold, but I'm not putting on my fleece. I rely too much on it. I need to learn to adjust myself temperature wise instead of constantly covering myself up. Although, it doesn't seem like such a good idea to wear a tank top in a cold room while I'm sick.

But it's such a nice tank top!

It's black. It's the shorter version of what Alice wore in the Resident Evil movie. It looks great with my cargo pants. It's the best twenty two dollars I've ever spent.

I shoulda called Anna over the weekend. I didn't. Oy. One of these days, we're going to get together and cause some real damage. Yes, yes we will.

I sent Maurice a picture. This is what he wrote back:
"Hey beautiful, looking good, I think Im gonna have to put a mask on you when we go out, to keep the guys from trying to holla at you."

If anyone of my other guy friends, or boyfriends, or whatever, said that to me, I'd punch him right into next Tuesday.

But when Maurice said it, it made me giggle. Why

I hate the way time keeps moving forward. I wish it would stop. Or rewind.
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I am going to call Maurice.

I am not going to try to avoid talking to him anymore.

I can't help it. I HATE talking to people over the phone- I'm not a talker anyways, and I lose that much of conversation that I can't use nodding, my eyes and my hands.

And Maurice is such a quiet talker. I can barely hear him.

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It occurs to me that I should acknowledge the fact that I actually do have emotions. And after that I should learn how to deal with them instead of constantly detaching.

Or I can just move on from past mistakes and mishaps. Although I'm not quite sure there's any other way to do that than what I've been doing.

Sometimes I wish I could cry. Then I'm glad that I can't. The only times (with one exception) that I've ever cried are when someone dies or at the end of asteroid movies. I learned not to let myself cry a long time ago, and in retrospect I think it's a detriment.

Nothing to do about anything, now. Move on, and on and on.

Old wounds being reopened really, really suck. Whether or not it's good for you is not the point...

On Fujiyama
Under the midsummer moon
The snow melts, and falls
Again the same night.

Fuji no ne ni
Furi okeru yuki wa
Mina tzuki no
Mochi ni kenureba
Sono yo furi keri

~ Akahito

I think that's the last I will ever say on that particular subject.
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I'm not a virgin anymore

I just thought you should know
Darlin' I've been around
Yeah, I've been up and down your block
In fact I have been all over town
Down by the lake
And underneath the table in my living room
Outside by the blue blue moon

You can call me what you will
Call me a slut call me a jaded pill
But darlin I've got your number now

I'm not a virgin anymore
I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin
I just thought you should know my darling
Before we begin
I'm not a virgin anymore

Just thought you should know
Before you let another lie
Slip through those crooked little teeth
I don't think you wanna start that shit with me

Much better yet
Tell me something dangerous and true
Oh yeah that looks much sexier on you

Careful what it is you say
'Cause I can see right through you
On a cloudy day and darlin' I think you wanna play
I'm not a virgin anymore
I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin
I just thought you should know my darling
So if you wanna play dirty darling I'm gonna win
I'm not a virgin anymore

Been there done that
(Say what?)
Get the hang of it
Get screwed
I screw you I had a whole lot of fun with it
I've had enough now so you better take a bow
It's gonna be a new experience if you wanna play with me

Daisy chains and maryjanes
Happy ending fairy tales
Cannot fool me now

I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin

Hell I've been divided
Out of my mind and reinvented again
I've been ignited and then uninvited
So honey
You break it up
I'm gonna put it back together again

I just thought you should know my darling
Before we begin

I'm not a virgin anymore

Female voice:
Oh sir, I'm...I'm sorry. (I'm sorry)
Cuida me
Do you get the gist of the song now?


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