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I am trying as hard as I can to finish my goddamned thesis. It's insanely difficult because I stopped caring about it the minute I started it, and if I don't care about something I don't do it. I should have stuck to my guns and done the Bayeux thing, but... well. Department pressure is department pressure, and it's kind of too late to change now.

We're moving at the end of June and I have to figure out the fuck to where. Original plan was to shack up with mom and dad for a bit, save some money, figure out doctoral plans. Now J and I have decided fuck it, I'll move to Jersey instead, and stay with his family until I a) find a job down there and b) we find a house. This will not do. On so many levels. Hoo boy. I love his family but I've never lived with them (whereas I've lived with my own. Obviously.)

Also I'm getting married and that's freaking me out. Not the getting married (being married?) part. That's awesome. But I never in a million years thought I'd have like, daily panic attacks about planning a wedding. I've been so on top of wedding planning since I was twelve! I know all the things to do! It's ridiculous. Pick a dress. Pick flowers. Take a bunch of people out to dinner and dancing. People make so much more out of it than it is. And yet... and yet...

Well, part of the problem is my deep-seated desire to get married at home, and not in the wilds (home being the New York City metropolitan area.) So everything's automatically twice as expensive. Also I'm freaking out because people will have to pay tolls to come. Which is stupid, but there you go.

So, Plan A:

Staten Island. Get married at Christ Church which is where like everybody in my family gets married. V. sentimental, continuity, etc. Have reception at Snug Harbor- v. classy, as opposed to that place on the South Shore where all the-- well, nevermind, I won't say anything about Mob Wives and Jersey Shore or whatever, but I REFUSE to have a party in one of those places. If get married at SH, then can rent out Children's Museum for to keep any children occupied while the adults have fun. (I am really going to try to accomodate people with children. Really. I just really, really don't want them to disrupt the ceremony/cocktail hour/beginning of diner. The plan has always been to set up a separate space for them with tv/movies/pizza/games/activities/video games/whatever to keep them occupied. This would be easiest at this location because the Children's Museum is FUCKING AWESOME.)

However, SH in January is kind of blah. It's a botanical garden. It's January. I don't need to lay out the math here. Also J is kind of meh (okay, completely, totally meh) on the idea of a religious ceremony, which makes the church thing complicated (if I'm getting married in a church, it has to be that one. No other church will do. Or I don't care enough about it to pick out and fuck around with another church.) Also the bridge tolls are fucking expensive, and I feel bad doing that to people. Also, there are like, no hotels on Staten Island. Well, that's not true. There are maybe three of them, but they're all nowhere near the church or SH, and the thought of my upstate friends navigating Staten Island's weird little residential streets and traffic has me running for the nearest paper bag to breathe into.

There is another option that we're looking at, same company and everything. It's called Liberty House and it's in Jersey City. It's got gorgeous skyline views, which as been the most important aspect of any wedding I've planned since I was about nine and started planning weddings. That's about it. It's a standard catering hall, no museum for the kids, no church (which really I'm fine with) and... yeah. But! hotels close by, no bridge tolls. Verdict: awesome and pretty, but not particularly unique.

Also having panic attacks about paying for all of this. Goes without saying. I'll have about eight grand saved up by the end of June. Which means... what? Nothing. Oh my god.

Also I have the period from hell. Because: I have a 29mm cyst on my ovary that's in the process of resolving itself. Ow. The cramps have been hard this time around, even though the doctor had me stay on the active pill cycle, and I've felt generally shitty the past two days. Like, laid around the house in my jammies shitty. Which I absolutely fucking hate. Also I have a pulled groin from dance last week. K asked me to be in a tribute dance for Js, which I was happy to do. Then she said 'leap' and I leapt like I haven't leapt in years. And pulled my groin muscle. WTF BODY, WHEN DID YOU START GETTING OLD ON ME?

It was my own fault. I didn't warm up, just started dancing. What a dumbass I am sometimes.

Teal Deers run in packs:

- my thesis isn't done
- my wedding isn't planned
- omg cramps
- I'm old
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Today is the first day that I don't really have something going on. For all intents and purposes, the dock is out of the lake and the lawns are mowed- J's parents aren't coming back up until Halloween weekend to take out the support posts, so we don't have work to do up there. Which is good, because I need to clean the house from top to bottom.

Also on today's agenda:

- plum puddings
- work on zombie costumes for next weekend's Zombie Walk
- research

Tomorrow is going to be jam-packed. TnT is doing a field trip to the Corning Museum of Glass to see the medieval glass exhibit they have there now, and Yosra is moving out in the morning, and we're helping her do that. Which means we have to get up ass early and go pick up her mattress, since we have to be on campus at 11:45 to leave for Corning. Hurrrrrrrr.

(Just checked the hours of the mattress place- it is probably better if we pick up/move her mattress when she gets off work tonight, as they're open til 9. If we can get it into the truck. fml.)

Aw, hell.



Apr. 8th, 2010 02:54 pm
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I've been away from LJ for a while, obviously. Nothing much has changed terribly, except, it has. Mostly for the better.


Got over last spring's weirdness.
Moved to a different apartment (and about to move again- joy.)
Graduating in May...
...but I have to get through the conference in April.
(History of Underwear for the win?)
Helped build a dock. Went to Ohayocon. Bought more kimono ("It's not an addiction, IT'S A COLLECTION.")
Struggling with Latin, with philosophy, with academia in general.


Her name is Valacyclovir Normandy.

Got braces.

Went to Staten Island for Easter for the first time in ages and ages.

Spent my first Christmas away from home.

Wrote the first paper I've ever gotten really excited about.

Read some good books.

Fell on my ass in the snow.

Made some serious pie.

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Mercer County, NJ - In a bizzare incident in the tiny hamlet of West Windsor, a homeowner discovered peculiar markings on a wall when he began rennovations on a bedroom. "I've never seen anything like this before," said Kevin Hanly, of 3 Darvel Drive, adding that the markings seemed to be indelible. "Nothing I've used has been able to remove them."

In an added twist, what appeared to be scorch marks, along with a large hole in the wall, were uncovered when a tie-dye wall hanging was removed.

The bedroom is occupied mainly by Hanly's son, James, 21, a Rutgers University student. Reached at the college for comment, James claimed he could speak only Chinese. Via an interpreter, the Scarlet Knight stated, "I know nothing." Upon further questioning, James said that the markings could have been placed there by anyone at any time, since it was common practice in the household to roust him from his bed when honorable family or friends visited. "It is probably of supernatural origin," he opined. "It has always been the oddest room in the house."

The only clue discovered was a tiny signature, "Hallen".

Hanly told reporters that he has a niece, Heather Allen, and that she had resided with the family for some months beginning in November, 2001. "But it was impossible to watch the hoyden every minute," he said. "Who knows what she was up to?"

Tracked down in the wilds of Central New York, Ms. Allen, 23, said in a phone interview that she had no idea of how the markings had been placed on the wall and, besides, her last name was Allen. "I ain't no Hallen-back Girl, I ain't no Hallen-back Girl," she chanted.

Heather's mother, Barbara, commented that her "darling daughter" would never do such a thing. But she hoped that the perpetrator would soon be apprehended. In the meantime, she was sending her brother-in-law a chicken. "With this," she stated, "Kevin can make a voodoo chicken stick that will surely lead him straight to the culprit."

Stymied police called in archaeologists and religious experts from near-by Princeton University but scholars were unable to shed any light on the origins of the markings.

"It remains a mystery," Hanly said.


Perhaps It will edit the above article, adding details on the appearance of the markings, or any other pertinent information. Also, will It do a spell check? Then print it out on a real printer so that we may send it off to Uncle Kevin. I already have the chicken.


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Uncle Dave died today.

He died peacefully; just went to sleep and never woke up.

Uncle Kevin almost died.

His appendix got infected, the infection turned into gangrene, and the surgeons got it right before it burst.

Quinn, Manda and I dressed up as fairies and had our pictures taken. Jason wore a beach towel around school today- ostensibly to keep warm, but really as a symbol of his office as a Doctor of Divinity.

Both of my classes were cancelled, so I didn't really do too much. Plans were hatched for a New Year's Eve masquerade ball, complete with a reenactment of the "Masquerade" song (with dance and all) from the Phantom of the Opera.

Dustin called Phantom. Quinn called Raoul. Everyone else? Who knows.

It's starting to get cold out, now- the wind direction's changed; it's coming from the north. I closed all the windows before.

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Fell asleep during the autopsy video today. When I woke up, they were poking at *something*, but I couldn't tell what it was until they folded it back up. It was a brain. Then I went to sleep again.

I really need to do something about my userinfo.

Missing Vampire. Again. Too tired to care right now, though. Also, with my new LARPing philosophy, it wouldn't have worked out anyway. (If I can't get the car that night, I'm not going. I'm sick of relying on other people for rides and stuff. It's kind of embarassing, and gas money for them is hard to come by these days.)

Uncle Dave had a massive stroke. He's still alive, and conscious at this point- but the only things he can do are open and close his eyes and squeeze your hand if you hold it. Dad went back to Staten Island this afternoon to go be with him and Uncle Mike.

All of you flist people in Texas or going to Texas (J, I'm looking at you) take care of yourselves, all right?
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It's all ups and downs. Got a 96 on my psychology test. We did the photography lab in criminalistics today, or the first part of it. I took a picture of my shoe and a storm drain, for lack of better material. [ profile] insaneartgurl brought Dylan to school today, and everyone loves him.

Took an anthropology test, and then spent the rest of the afternoon trussed up in a sari and purple fairy wings, pretending to be an angel gazing adoringly at a goth Mary and a kid Jesus with a fever. Then I got to wave a glittery piece of fabric around. This was all for Lisha's photo project; I'll post the pictures here when I get them. Even talked her into letting [ profile] neko_quinn be in a couple of frames, although she specified that he had to have his shirt off for them. Alas for me, she said he could leave his undershirt on. Thankfully I got some shirtless Quinn a little later, when I made him switch undershirts with me because his was nicer.

Bus, diner, fries, Quinn gnawed on my head, Dylan is cute and sleepy, let's bounce, sad panda face, cookie, bus, and here I am.

Dad walked in a little while ago, screaming about how there was no chicken-

(Um, hello. No one told me it was there- don't blame me because dinner isn't ready currently)

and screaming about his brother-

(Who had a stroke today and probably won't make it through the night)

and blah blah woof woof... the rest was the usual rant. Of course, he wants me to pick up Mom, who gets off of work at nine but doesn't get out of the fucking building until almost 9:30. Told him (after a rant that included the "you're not allowed to watch your favorite show... EVER!!!" at my sister) that CSI was new tonight. Also told him that I'd go but someone would have to tape it for me. Predictably, he pulled the martyr act and said to forget it.

Once upon a time, when he went into his rants, I would get angry right back at him, or be scared of him. Now, it all just makes me kind of tired and sad. My dad needs some serious help. He's carrying all of this incredibly deep-seated anger at [whatever] around, and he takes it all out on us. At this point in my life, I seem to have come to the mentality that runs along the lines of, "Look. This is your life. Your life, not mine. I'm not responsible for you choosing the actions that lead you to this point. You knew what the outcome had a chance of being, and you walked down that path anyway. Deal. Everyone else has to- stop blaming the rest of us for your shitty run of luck."

He was furious with me last year for pushing to register RIGHT NOW DAMMIT at OCC. Absolutely furious. I'm glad I've made the descisions I did, even if he views it as some sort of ungrateful personal betrayal. I saw where I was going to wind up, and I worked to change that outcome. Never regret, never look back.

Now I'm just kind of tired and apathetic, and all I want to do is go to sleep.

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This indecisiveness has got to stop, I swear to god. I get someone to make me a different header, and then, I change my mind the minute I see some of Northern Ballet Theater's photos. Then I decide that they could lead but nothing but trouble on my part (read: talking Quinn into taking ballet with me to act out some strange psuedo-pas-de-deux-from-Dracula fantasy) and decide that I'm happy with what I requested in the first place.

Discussed my fears concerning Quinn's hippocampus in the diner today. I think I'd freak out if he lost his short term memory and turned into the guy from Memento, or that musician guy we watched on a video in psych class. Also discussed crying on the bus in relation to these [paranoid] fears. Mainly, everyone just looked at me funny. Nothing new there.

Went to SI for the West Brighton Reunion over the weekend. The whole thing was kind of 'eh' until James and Aunt Sean showed up. Then James and I got kind of tipsy. I say "kind of"... I was still able to walk, but that was about it. Three White Russians can do that to you, but it made not knowing anyone there a little bit easier to deal with, so who cares? Never mind that I wound up going to bed at like, eight o'clock.

It was cool meeting all the people I've heard about over the years, though. Finally met the infamous Dave Johansen, who played the Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged and sang on SNL with Sigourney Weaver or something. He was there with Mara, who he may or may not be married to and who may or may not be Steven Tyler's ex-wife.

But if she is Steven Tyler's ex-wife... then HA HA HA!!! I CAN KICK ALL YOUR ASSES AT SIX DEGREES OF LOTR!!!

I won an alarm clock as a door prize.

I also looked through old pictures of my mother and aunt's trip to Europe. My mom and her sisters were sexy as fucking hell. Holy shit, like OMG whoa- I bet if I showed those pictures to people, they'd be like, dude. Those chicks are hot.

We stayed at Uncle Mike's this time, instead of Jersey, like we usually do. I love Jersey and everything, but I liked visiting Uncle Mike and Aunt Rhonda and the boys. I hardly ever get to see them. Daniel and Connor are crazed monkeys and I absolutely love them. Especially Connor, even if he did keep trying to use my shirt as a Kleenex. Uncle Mike talked me into giving the dog a bath, too, which he caught on camera. One for the vaults, I suppose.

Then yesterday I got the car! I went to Quinn's! It was great and then it was weird because it was like WHOA Cartoon Network is FUCKED UP and messes my brain around. Then it was, meh, hungry... so I was like, I know so I brought food so let's go out to the car and get it, and then everything was GREAT and then it was kind of, "Dammit." And then it was magically great again. Great! Wonderful! Hurrah!

Upshot of this: I have a new favorite song.

Then I made soup and couscous. Talked Quinn into eating the couscous- he didn't want to because it reminded him of grits. Replied that it was, in fact, not grits, but Middle Eastern tiny pasta bits, and he didn't have to eat if if he didn't like it. Then he ate it and ate the leftovers today at school OMG.

Next I have to get him to try caviar.


I've got about three yards of a very pretty toile. I'm thinking about making a corset with it. Yay for corsets!

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I get home from school, right, and walk upstairs. My mother and my sister are huddled in front of the computer screen in my room, talking urgently.

Of course, my first thought is, "Porn?" So I pop my head in the door and ask them where the porn is. No porn, much to my dismay, just a long text document from what I can see. My sister interrupts the I want to see the porn too/I just told you there is no porn conversation I'm having with my mother with the abrupt question, "What do you think of bright lights?"

Bright lights? I ask. WTF? I'm thinking something along the lines of a song or maybe a book. You know, like "City of Blinding Lights" by U2 or "Lights" by Journey, or something. What she was really trying to ask was was I light sensitive.

[Uh... why?? O_o]

Because Dad is convinced you have meningitis! He was ranting around the house about it this morning! Apparently, there is also some question of whether or not Quinn gave it to you, because it can be transferred by KISSING OMG and he lived in a dirty apartment for a while!!!


You have all the symptoms! she said as she held out a printout with stick figures in various poses denoting nausea, light sensitivity, headache, stiff neck, etcetera. Then Mom chimed in.

The only way to know for sure is a spinal tap.

[*slightly more hysterical now* WHAT...?!?!?!?]

If it's viral there's no hope. If it's bacterial, we'll call the dentist and have him put you on antibiotics for two weeks.


Of course, during all of this, Dad calls. When told that I had a headache, he said something along the lines of, "Well, duh, it's hot and humid out. Put on the air conditioning."

Then Mom came back into the room and saw the three Brides' magazines I'd been using as a booster seat the past couple of nights to do my homework. She totally flipped, and convinced herself in three seconds that I was going to marry Quinn in the near future. Told her to chill and take a look at the dates- 2002, 2003. You know, back when I was obsessed with making my own tiaras and marketing them?

In the space of twenty minutes, things have gone from confusing to hysterical to ridiculous and back to normal again. Yes, I have a headache, yes, I have a stiff neck. But the headache is probably sinus and the stiff neck is probably from my backpack. Yes, I have a rash still, and yes, I'm light sensitive; however, I think I've pinpointed my allergy re: rash and testing light sensitivity by turning on a bare 100 watt lightbulb and looking right at it is never a good thing.

At least they've stopped implying that I'll be dead in two months. Now all I have to do is get Kelsey to stop shouting about how she's going to get drunk and wail at my funeral.

I don't want a spinal tap.

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Mom, Kelsey, Nana and maybe Liam are en route back to Sadexcuse right this second. Where are they now? When will they acutally get here? These are questions that even the wise cannot answer. And the wise know that it's better not to ask.

So. Did up a cold cut tray, cheese tray, onion dip, went to the store and got bread and rolls and blah blah blah. Arranged the flowers that Dad brought home and while they look very nice, the stupid Ikenobo shears gave me a fucking blood blister when I caught the webbing of my thumb in the handles.

If Liam doesn't come up with Nana, then I'm driving her back down to Jersey tomorrow. I'm not particularly thrilled with this, because it means missing a day of work (and Feather is never rich enough, money money money) and I'd have to rearrange a doctor's appointment. However, the upside is that I'd miss a day of work, get to go the beach for like fifteen minutes, and I'd get to put the doctor off till Saturday.

At least Dad seems to be off the warpath concerning just about everything in my life. This morning, he ranted to me about a little bit of anything that popped into his head. It's probably because I stayed out till midnight last night; but WTF? Q didn't get out of work till 9:30, and then the food and the driving around, and then the leaving- that's twenty minutes right there- and the stopping for things that Dad wants but having to go to two stores on opposite sides of town because one is out of the right motor oil or some such thing. Then there was my keyring breaking and the keys scattering under the car. In the dark. So yeah, I was a little bit late.

It was worth it, though. I love it when Q sings my favorite songs softly in my ear without knowing beforehand that they're my favorite songs.
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Uncle Phil died on Friday morning.

We found out on Saturday... which, incidentally, was my mother's 53rd birthday.

Kelsey and I had rushed out to Wegman's to pick up stuff for Mom's dinner and cake and whatnot. We had to rush because Dad needed the truck for work. When we walked back through the door with the groceries, Mom was sitting there, crying. Two feet farther in and we could see Dad sitting there, crying. And we all just kind of looked at each other for a second. It's horrible- when you know that someone died, and for those ten seconds or however long, you just think, "Who?" The Mom told us about Uncle Phil. Dad broke down all over again, crying into his hands and telling us that Uncle Phil hadn't even gotten to play the new drums he'd just bought.

Cried for approximately thirty seconds, went upstairs, read a chapter of Memoirs of a Geisha, and then went and cleaned the kitchen. Then I made Mom's birthday cake. Then I cleaned my room.

Now it's Monday and I still can't believe it.

I mean, I really can't believe it. After my brief crying bout, I decided that my entire family, immediate and extended, was collectively on crack and lying. Because Uncle Phil can't be dead. He can't be. It's absolutely fucking ridiculous. But it's obviously very real to them, so I tried not to get mad at Kelsey when she hugged me or spent most of Saturday afternoon crying.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the phone. Not me, actually. My mother was on the phone. Constantly. Everyone is freaking out. My parents are driving down to Staten Island for the wake today- assuming the transmission doesn't go. They'll be back sometime on Wednesday, and are allegedly staying with Aunt Sean and Uncle Kevin, after a giant fiasco of figuring out where to stay. They would have stayed with Uncle Mike except everyone there is sick and Uncle Mike is delusional with a fever or something.

Jesus. I keep saying I can't believe it, but I can't. This is all some horrible sick joke or something.

Uncle Phil. Christ. What are Aunt Patty and Katie going to do? Katie's younger than I am. We spent the first years of our lives together. I haven't talked to her since That Summer- I guess I was fifteen or so- and once when we ran into her on Castleton Avenue. But we all kind of knew what was going on with them, because Dad talked to Uncle Phil all the time... I was looking through a scrap book that my grandmother made me for Christmas last year. There's all these pictures of me and James and Katie. And I don't even know this girl anymore, really, and her dad is dead. God.

Spent the weekend studying and sleeping and not believing anything. Seriously, I'm developing this bad habit of not sleeping during the week and then catching up on the weekends. Which is why I was asleep when you called, Karen. I'll give you a call tonight, okay?

I am not going to cry in the computer lab. I will not disgrace myself like that.
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For instance, the other night Andy beat Kelsey at LOTR Trivial Pursuit.

I actually won (wow, big suprise.../sarcasm) but Kelsey and Andy decided to play it out all the way to the end. Poor Kelse. And she got all the stupid questions, too- "Who owns the magical mirror in Lothlorien? Where did Frodo wake up after the Ringwraith stabbed him?" and Andy still beat her. After he won she just sat there, staring at the board like she couldn't believe it.

This is actually pretty funny, because Kelsey is not only as big of a geek as I am, but she has a photographic memory, and thus has every line from every extended edition memorized. Andy couldn't remember Gollum's name at one point, and he kept getting questions that had to do with obscure Theoden quotes. Of course Mom and Dad made all kinds of cracks about writing this incident down on the calendar. Poor kid's still kind of in shock. I guess I'm mean even telling you guys about it, but I owe her one for the nickname incident. Payback is sweet. Heh.


Dragged Mom to the store last night so I could make some Christmas gift exchanges. I got a new tiara, since the one Mom got originally was too tall. It's so sweet :) It's a Russian style tiara, which means that the top curves in a half circle as opposed to coming to a central point. It's the style most reminiscent of the kokoshnik, the traditional Russian headdress that the modern tiara is based on. And it's very comfortable and lightweight, which means that I can sit through an opera without getting a headache for once. SCORE!

Also traded in the Random Rap CD for U2's "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb." I've been listening to this album constantly since last night, and I just about love it to pieces. I agree with Karen about the GS-ish songs. A lot of them strike me as such, or as songs that would fit well in that ship. But then, I was thinking about that in the shower this morning, and decided that I'm the type of person who makes things into what they want them to be. If my current fandom obsession was still Dark Angel, you can bet that this album would strike me as totally Max/Logan. *ponders* Which, now that I think about it, it does.


I wrote a poem last night. This isn't that odd, since I'm constantly writing things like poems and stories in my head, but I actually got up and wrote this one down, so I didn't lose it, or most of it. It's odd what eyeliner and lipstick can inspire in you. Or rather, the lack of motiviation to wash it off once you've put it on, because you're too lazy.

Haven't decided whether or not to post it in here. Might. Might not.

...I love Jorja to death, but my new green necklace is way prettier than hers. Okay, she's not allowed to dress herself anymore, hmmm?
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Memes make me happy )

Dad found a piece of paper in the living room this morning.

Piece of paper contained the beginning of one of my sister's Grissom/Sara hot office sex stories. Or so I assume, since Dad was talking about how he only got as far as the "Grissom ripped Sara's blouse off" part before giving up on trying to decipher my sister's exteremely messy handwriting.

I don't know what he was more angry about: the content of her story, or how messy it was. Either way, he was flustered about it all morning, and started ranting about how it was all WB43's fault, and how she would never be allowed to watch Everwood again.

Not that she ever has. However, I wisely kept my mouth shut. Better he ban a show that no one watches than cut us off from the internet and fandom forever. But it just goes to show how much he knows about, oh, everything. Very little, in the end.

The point is, people, don't leave your hot monkey sex fic lying around.

I have been trying so hard not to laugh about this all day. Snerk!
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Bleargh. Got a whole lot of nothing done today, at least so far. I'm going to write something- I just don't know what yet- and post it in the next hour or so. I hope. I've gotten all my distracting stuff out of the way (no new kimono on Ichiroya) and Oliver has finally relenquished my headphones.

I really need to get a computer at home. I always forget the stuff I mean to put in this journal. Like Jeannette sending my tiara back (I'm going to post the letter she sent me with it on Monday- my tiara saw action!!!) and Mr. Christopher dying. Mom's going to send a mass card and Nana's probably going to go to the funeral on Monday. It's really, really sad. I love the Christophers, although I didn't know the boys as well as Allison. I still miss them, sometimes.

Mr. Christopher's Obituary )

I hope when I die they have my funeral at Harmon's. They probably will. That's where everyone has their funerals.

Don't let Manhattan decieve you. The rest of New York is just like one big small town. Everyone knows everyone else, and everybody goes to Harmon's. Aunt Doris did.

I should really write out the story of Aunt Doris's funeral one of these days. I still think about that whole fiasco and crack up laughing. I found the pictures of it again the other day. I find it horribly ironic that one of the best pictures I've ever had taken of me when my hair was really long has a dead woman in a casket in it. Shame- it looks all pretty and shiny and stuff. Anyway...

Found some random crap floating around a notebook of mine from over the summer. Here it is.

“If you open the door, Romania will eat you alive.”
~ Gymnastics commentator

“I only get nervous when someone ties me to a chair and sticks a hand grenade between my legs. The rest is pretty much irrelevant after that.”

Commentator: “As the captain of this team, can you tell me their emotional state?”
Mom: “Yeah, we’re all freaked out, you stupid old bitch!”

“I don’t know what kind of kid you were, or your brains are so old that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be young.”
“WHAT?!?! I work my fingers to the bone all day for you, woman…”
“Yes, yes. …Do you want some teddy grahams?”
~ Mom and Dad

Hysterical rant written while canvassing for CCE )

The most spectacular piece of poetry you will ever read, written while waiting to be called up in traffic court a year and a half ago, when my mother and I were being Regency fangirls. We almost got kicked out of court for giggling so much... )

America is:
~ Jenna and Barbara Bush trying to be witty, failing miserably, and all of the Republicans laughing anyway.

~ reading the personal ads and not answering them.

~ people who are American telling everyone they’re something else and people who were born elsewhere telling everyone that they’re American.

~ possessed of an army of people who just joined up to get money for college.

~ porn. In other countries it’s sex, but in America it’s porn.

~ canvassing door to door without shame.

~ a giant crime scene, complete with angsty G/S, C/W, AND N/G overtones.
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Dad's birthday yesterday. Had cake. Andy came over. Ate spaghetti. The bookselves are up in the alcove. The books are on the bookshelves in the alcove. Blew my nose a lot. Watched "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

(Colin Firth can pierce my ears any time he wants to. Oh, baby.)

Tried to explain to Tess the finer points of "Girl with a Pearl Earring" The Book. Went to bed early. Got up early. Made coffee. Stumbled out of the house looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man because I had my gushy sweatshirt on under my peacoat. Blew my nose on the bus and grossed everybody out. Got to school. Helped Daniel with his computer class homework. Got a 71 on my French test which is actually a 76 cause the teacher graded it wrong. Got 15 out of 15 on my oral test, yay.

(Well, you try to explain that your house was built in the mid-eighteen hundreds and was originally a barn and blah blah blah.)

Went to Financial Aid. Ate Pizza. Saw Cowboy Nick in the cafeteria but didn't talk to him. Worked on the Big Ugly Church essay. Updated Sara's journal (yay angst.) Wish Daniel would give me my CD back. Haven't studied for the Bio quiz yet. Today is Tuesday, so I get to go to bed as soon as I get home.

Ran into this kid I canvassed over the summer. He was sitting next to me on the computers. Added him to my friends list (yay!)

Still can't spell some words. Bugger.

Can spell 'bugger.' Go me?
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Eww, so, I've got this gross cold, and there's snot all over the place.

(You'll forgive me for the charming image.)

It's Dad's birthday today. I got Hellboy from Blockbuster yesterday because he wanted to see it, and then told him that all the Hellboy DVD's were out, so I got Girl With A Pearl Earring instead. Muah ha ha. He told me I was evil and I said yeah, what the hell do you excpect from a product of the public education system?

Also got a job babysitting in the nursery during church. $8/hr, whee! The kids are pretty cute, for little kids. So, yay.

No English class today. Yay again. I do, however, have to work on my descriptive essay, which after much hemming and hawing I've decided to do on the Big Ugly Church.

I would kill for some chapstick right about now. I also have to blow my nose again, but I don't want to gross out the whole computer lab, which for some ungodly reason is full of healthy people.

In other (blast-from-the-past) news, I hung out with Kim Chissler for about an hour and a half the other morning, and Dave Lum is sitting like right there.


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And they're usually involved with horses, and he always leaves them alone in their tents. Then he goes and hangs out with the brunette chick and touches her ears. WTF??? Oh, what the hell. Get down with your bad self, Veggo.

So, where have I been for the last few weeks, you ask?

Here, there and everywhere, up, down and in between. Things have been crazy. This should come as no surprise.

I, Feather, am a Nice Person. Therefore, I have Cut This For You. Yay.

Work, and Joanie’s Defection )

Work, carrying on )

And then on Friday, Aunt Sean came up to visit )

Wherein Feather gets FIRED!!! )

New Jersey: Part one )

New York: part one, with Original Paper Entry! )

New York, day two )

A random day trip to Washington, D.C. )

Yesterday we didn’t do much. Just cooked with Uncle Kevin, but that involved a trip to the Asian supermarket, homemade teriyaki sause, miso soup, and daikon salad. Now I know how miso soup is made. It’s an interesting process with seaweed, benito flakes, miso, tofu, and more seaweed. I’m not insanely fond of it but now I know how to make it. Yay!

Today Aunt Sean and I went and saw Secret Window. That movie was insanely predictable and yet somehow enjoyable (probably because of Johnny Depp.) Then we snuck in to watch a few minutes of LOTR (Legolas taking down the elephant!) before coming home again. Then Alex came home, and she, I, and her friend Kelly all went to the mall to see the prom dresses they’re getting tomorrow. Alex looks like a princess, but this isn’t unusual since the girl is drop dead gorgeous. We got our pictures taken at one of those picture things (real informative, I know. The booths in the mall that take you picture with a video camera and make it into a t-shirt.) The guy is going to use one of them for display. Wow! Infamy in a New Jersey Mall. I got two buttons- one of me and Alex, and the other of the three of us.

Then we came home and ate dinner (steak Haddad- or, as Aunt Sean tells me, “STEAK AL-HATTAL!!!!!” Told her it was a piece of Hidalgo, from when he fell into the stake pit, and she it me on the head with a fork. Hee hee.)

So here I am, at the end of a horrendous journal entry. I’ve got a long trip ahead of me tomorrow, which I’m kicking myself for, since Uncle Kevin said that if I could stay an extra day he’d go and see ROTK with me tomorrow. This is something of a personal triumph since he usually never goes to movies. Dammit, dammit. What to do.

Two things that don’t seem to belong anywhere: I have a new [girly] purse. It’s red. Kate picked it out, since I’m useless at that kind of stuff. So, yay. I also have girly shoes. Black high-heeled things, that aren’t high heels per say. It’s wonderful, going by plate glass windows and realizing how good my shoes look with my jeans. As long as I don’t go past my knees, lol.

I’m sick of typing now, so I’m out.

Nellie and Sara, thank you so much for the cards! *blows kisses*

Lise, hang in there, babe.

Love you all. Leave comments and show the love.
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Ayako chan, sorry I didn't get a chance to call you yet. I hope your play went well. Still in Jersey, not getting into the city until Monday.

The bus ride down was fun. (<--- scarcastic statement.)
I got stuck behind this guy who kept farting the whole way down. The guy who sat next to me smelled really good- like fabric softener and cake batter- but I only smelled him occasionally. But the farting kid, whoo, it was gross. Gross and more or less constant. And he wouldn't shut up. He was on his cell phone the whole time. "Yes, and I will be talking to you later about this, we will do something maybe for Tuesday, I cannot talk to you about this, I am uncomfortable talking on a bus... hello? Hello? I am losing you. I have lost you. Hello? Hello?"

Got here, finally, around nine something. I missed the eight o'clock train out of Penn by something like thirty seconds. In fact I ran down to the platform and the train was still there, but the bitch of a conductor wouldn't let me on. So I had to wait unti quarter to nine for the next train. Tonnnnsssss of fun.

James and I saw the Matrix today. It was good. I'm just glad that it's all over and tied up now. I feel as if I can go on with my life.

Except I can't, because I got on Nana's shit list. (Got James and Melissa on it at the same time- something of a record for me. Three with one stone, as it were. Anyway...)

You see, I didn't know if anyone told Nana I was coming down here. So I figured that if no one had told her, we would suprise her, right? "Hi Nana! I'm here!"

So she calls this afternoon. And not knowing who knows what, I panic. "Is Sean there?" she asks, and I freak and say, "No. Here, talk to James." Then I hand the phone off to him, and Nana's like, is that Heather? And he says yes. But I'm shaking my head no, and staring to choke because I'm starting to panic. James doesn't know what to do, but it's just as well cause the phone cuts out anyway. He's all, "Hello? Hello?" and I'm snurffing rice. Eww.

Nana get super pissed at this point, cause she thinks that I don't even want to say hello to her and that James is hanging up on her. James calls Aunt Sean but she doesn't answer. Somewhere in the next thirty seconds Nana calls back but the phone is weird so it doesn't ring, and leaves a rant on the voicemail ("Pick up! Pick up! I know you're there!")

Ugh. It was just alot of drama. We got it all straightened out in the end, though. I called Nana back; I got Melissa, who was trying to tell Nana that she didn't call her and tell me to call back; meanwhile I was trying to get the damn rice out of my nose. Finally got to talk to Nana and apologize for losing my head. She told me not to blow my nose, but to 'suck the rice out' and I'm all like WHAT??? Then she told me that these things happen and that Alex should move the beta fish in her room from wherever it is to under the lamp. o_O

And here I sit.

Why is the line "A red sun rises... blood has been spilt this night," so damn funny? It's so stupid. Random!Legolas.

(Legolas, by the way, has been laughing at me all today, execept when we were in the movies and he kept poking me and asking about the machine-gunner things.)

And now I'm going to bed. I can't watch LOTR tonight. I'm tired and giddy and totally feeling the slash vibe and I'm afraid that if I watch it I'll comment on it, and then I'd just be screwed.

Screwed. Ha ha.

Also, I love you all and I read all of your entries even if I don't comment on them. La la la.


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