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The books, not the movies, of course. I just read an excerpt from Princess in Training and cracked up so hard that the kid sitting next to me looked at me funny.

You know, I would seriously pay a lot of money to see Julie Andrews play Grandmere the way she really is. Tattooed on makeup, sidecars, Romel, and all.

Weep for the world, that Disney got the film rights. Weep alot. Weep as much as Tina Hakim Baba did when Dave Farouq El-Abar broke up with her (the horror!)
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In a beautiful stroke of randomness, I'd just like to say that I knew what cochineals were, and how they make a beautiful maroon colored dye, before CSI even aired.

Thank you, Josefina. Everything I need to know about obscure CSI plot points I learned from reading the American Girl books.
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Actually, I'm in the middle of starting a new fic, but I'm taking the later bus so I'd figure I'd take a brain break and post my thoughts on something I've been thinking a lot about lately.

Memoirs of a Geisha )
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...And realized I'd written more of a book report than a speech per say. You would think that I learned my lesson long ago about switching jumps in the middle of a program. HELL NO.

Following are the teacher's comments on my speech.

Time: 2:20

Don't say "hi" or "okay"
Looking up
Playing w/ feet- TOOK OFF SHOE
LC Centered
Looking above
Gestures as you go
Good end

Teh Shoe Thing- apparently I took off my shoe unconsciously about halfway in. After everyone was done with their speeches, the teacher said something like, "Yeah, one of you even took one of your shoes off! I've seen a lot of nervous habits, but that's a new one." And I'm sitting there thinking, what idiot took their shoe off? That's a dumb thing to do.

Of course it follows that the idiot was me.

Well, at least I'm exploring uncharted territory.

Teh Utterly Drumdik, Flooping Speech )
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Yesterday I was standing with Daniel outside our English classrooms, and one of his friends asked me if I was from Bosnia. He looked skeptical when I told him that no, neither I nor any members of my family were Bosnian.

I never get used to odd comments like that; although, usually it's "You look Russian, are you Russian?" Bosnian is a new one.

The Greeks were a bunch of arrogant gits and Morris Kline is a superasshole. I hope god picks apart his brains and feeds them to chickens.

Incidentally, I am very impressed with the concept of zero. Although I think the Mayas took it a little bit too far at times.

Biology in T minus two hours. Bleargh. I'm gonna need a tanker truck full of coffee to get through this, and we have a quiz tonight.

"Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science -from the Babylonians to the Maya" is a great book. Extremely fascinating- especially the part about the whole death by zero thing in Mayan culture. Here's an excerpt.

"To those who fear the mix of religion and science, zero holds even greater horrors. With the Maya, zero reached the proportions of a cult religion, and a bloodthirsty one. Not content with one symbol, like 0, for the number, the Maya needed many. There was the basic snail shape, a flower, a tattooed man with his head thrown back, and many others. Barbara Fash, of Harvard University's Peabody Museum, says the flower's centerpoint is a 'bed of creation,' the zero signifying both the beginning and completion of a cycle. The zero was an affirmation of life.

There was a dark side. When the end point of a sacred calendar coincided with the end point of a civil calendar, the Maya felt the need to fend off the death of the universe by killing Death himself. So they played a ball game, a kind of deadly Super Bowl, in which one opponent was the Hero and the other was the God of Zero, or Death. The game was staged, but the players were real people, and the injury and death they suffered was real also. The 'ball' was an important hostage, such as a captured king, who had been saved for the event. He was trussed up into a ball, and the Hero and the God of Zero kicked him back and forth, eventually killing the 'ball,' sometimes by rolling him down a flight of stairs. The fix was always in, and the Hero always won. The God of Zero would then be sacrificed by having his lower jaw torn off."

The Maya were obsessed with running out of time. Like, Time is a finite resource, and once we run through it all, the universe is gonna come crashing down on all our heads. The idea seemed to have really freaked them out, as they had at least three calendars going all at the same time.

It must have been really hectic living in the Mayan kingdom. More hectic than the subway at rush hour.



Apr. 22nd, 2004 12:10 pm
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When the fuck did the stupid high school get an autographed poster of Orlando Bloom?

Why the fuck wasn't I notified?


I finally get to the tail end of this month's 'OhmygodIloveOrli' phase, and they spring THIS on me on the way to the auditorium for Tess's concert.

Gah. GAH.

It says, "To the lovely ladies of the library, love Orlando."

*hugs the memory of it* I want to take a picture.

Hello, my name is Feather and I'm a big, stupid loser. In fact I'm such a loser I'm on official Orli-suspension, due to a nasty biting incident in a supermarket... and there are even pictures of it. *sweatdrops*

Good thing I brought a book with me. I spent the concert half listening to some guest chorus from Massachusets sing about togetherness, peace, harmony, civil rights, and how War Is Bad and We Should All Get The Fuck Along while skimming the book I brought for the really gory serial murder parts. The book- The Devil in the White City, takes place at the Chicago World's Fair and is a true story. It goes back and forth between the murderer, H.H. Holmes, and an architect, but who wants to read about building things when there are innocent shopgirls being butchered down the block?

...Okay. I know I'm weird. I can't help it. I like to read about horrible crimes. Well, maybe not 'like'... more 'am fascinated by.'

Got home at nine thirty and went for a walk down to the swings, since it was a beautiful windy gusty night. Why waste that by going to sleep?
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Reread "Biting the Sun", can you tell? I can't help it; it's got to be one of my favorite books ever. The only way I could describe it is like this: Picture the Matrix, but without the whole dream-world thing going on, and without the meaningless depressing violence, and in color. Lots of color. Shoot it in anime instead of live action and you have this book. The slang is just a little bonus package.

Anna, thank you for sorting out the whole pajama business. I remember now, and am very much comforted. I don't know about the pajama pants, though. Seems like every time someone stays over I always wind up lending them pajama pants, so I guess I was on autopilot.

I should've slept today, but I didn't. Instead I went to Walmart, where I bought the new Alicia Keys CD (yay!) and Great Nothing, where I ran into the Ferris girls (yay!) who, it turns out, have also become hardcore LOTR fans (yay again!) and bought a book of essays written by the TORN people. V. insightful.

Had two huge fights with Dad in the past few days. Things are pretty much patched up now, but I don't think it'll last that long. Needless to say a large part of it is LOTR-based- the whole 'going to Toronto fuckup thing' is not sitting well with him. Also the fact that I've been dragging my feet on getting back into school.

The school thing: okay, whatever, not wanting to go might make me a huge, giant loser, but I really don't want to waste the money all over again before I'm sure of what I want to do. So, yes, I drag my feet. I change my mind on any given thing about once every five minutes. Does not mix well with higher education. I'll find something eventually, I guess. In the meantime I'm thinking of going back to any school (except in stupid CNY) getting a degree, and throwing it in all of their faces. "Here. Shut the fuck up and leave me alone." And then I'll go join a convent, or ride across North America sidesaddle and with a sword and sais just because I feel like it.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think my dad was suggesting to me over the phone earlier that I go see a psychaiatrist.

I find this absolutely hysterical. Ridiculous and hysterical.

Also, I changed the fish's water. It's not dead, which is a good thing. This may or may not be due to the fact that he's plotting my unfortunate demise behind my back with Legolas.

I need sleep.
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The Long Expected Update

Okay. So I have my new bedroom now. And a new Aragorn poster (ROTK) and a new dresser, and embroidery silk, and yards of fabric, and two new CD’s (Fighting Temptations Soundtrack and the Lara Croft 2 Soundtrack), and a new book (The Action Heroine’s Handbook.) And I am TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.

Sometimes it just hits me that I only have x amount of days until December and ROTK, and x amount of days is not nearly long enough to do everything I have to do. I need to learn how to sew. Fast. Fast and Furious- I need a sewing machine with NOS, dammit!

Lots of things have been happening. I can’t think of what half of them are. The store might be closing, since Ken didn’t do a damn thing that the health inspector told him to, and that’s about to get shoved right up his ass. Everyone’s losing their tempers; Fred made Lori cry in front of the donut case one day. It’s nuts.

[Edit: Later. Post-dinner.]

Certainly one of the more entertaining dinners I’ve had in a while.

Mom's punchy. That’s what started it. That, and the beets.

Mom asks Dad, Do you want some beets?

Dad says Yes. Is that all there is?

Mom says, No, there’s more in the pot. And she gives him some more.

Dad says, Did you just give me all of the beets?

Mom says, No, I didn’t. (She’s lying.)

Dad says, You gave me all the beets!

I did not!

You did too!

Well, I don’t want any!

Yes you do!

No I don’t!

Dammit woman, you want some beets! Here, take them back! (Dad picks up his plate to dump the beets onto hers.)

(Mom grabs the plate away.) NOOOO! I don’t want ANY BEETS AT ALL! I WANT TOMATOES!!!!

(Heather and Kelsey made faces. The beet juice mixing with butter looked like a horror movie gone wrong.)

The CIA Discussion )

Anyway, I’ve had a little time to calm down now. Of course, in that timeframe, I’ve smacked myself in the head with the door, tripped twice over the rug while dancing to the radio, and knocked over two boxes of something out in the hallway while trying to call Maurice, whose line was busy.

Ow, dammit.

In other news:

~ My favorite pair of jeans now has an irreparable hole. I’m torn between throwing myself off a cliff or committing “Harry Canary,” as Joanie says.

~ I have discovered Toblerone. After reading about it in Bagenders, I was like, what is that? Only the food of the gods. Muah ha ha.

~ Planning a trip to New York for the end of the month. Maybe. In between the opera and the wedding that I’m going to with Andy. I need a marzipan fix, a provolone fix, and black bean cakes or I’m going to die.

~ I have a pattern, but no fabric, for my costume. I found the perfect fabric for it, but it’s green. Grrrr.

~ I bought a Ghetto Evenstar. Go me! Cheapo knockoffs!

~ Saw “Kill Bill” yesterday. It was really good, in a bloodsoaked sort of way. “This,” spank, “is,” spank, “what happens,” spank, spank, “when you,” spank, “play,” spank, “with,” spank, spank, “Yakuzas!!! NOW GO HOME TO YOUR MOTHER!!!”

~ Cleaned out some stuff I’ve had hanging around since eighth grade. Found, among other things, some really bad fanfiction, my first (bug like, horrible) anime style drawing, the Fanfic Folder from High School (Sailor Moon! Hooray!) and the indomitable List of Ways to Die.

I’ve also been re-reading a lot of Anne books. I never read Anne of Windy Poplars for some reason, and I kind of randomly read it last week. It moves right up into second place of my favorite Anne books (Island being my all time favorite.) It was like, WHOA- it took me years to read this book, and on the very first page I find a sentence that I’d like to tattoo on myself.

Actually, the reason for the Anne books was the Silmarillion book. I took out “A Reader’s Guide to the Silmarillion” (a wonderful book, for those of you who didn’t quite absorb it all. It’s a giant summary, with a few comments that really clear things up) and was reading that, but then put that down to read Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl is really… funny, I guess, in a weird sort of way. I really liked it, but there is no way in Hell that you can go from reading about Aveda facials and credit cards and screwing around in a Motel Six on the way to your Yale interview with your soon-to-be stepbrother, or whatever, to reading anything even remotely related to Tolkien without some sort of bridging book. Mine turned out to be Anne, and I’ve been kind of thinking like those books ever since. (You know- I betook myself to bed, and all that.)

But I got through everything without too many brain clouds. Hooray. I want to read the other Gossip Girl books. I thought they would be dumb, but they’re really not. It’s like the Princess Diaries, which I’m totally addicted to. Nothing like the movie at all. Princess Mia’s grandmother? Julie Andrews she is not. She’s a permanent-makeup, sidecar-drinking, domineering bitch. I love her. And her mom got knocked up by her algebra teacher (although she marries him.) So not Disney.

I think that’s enough babbling for now. I’ll probably have some more babbling to do later.

In fact, I’m relatively sure I will.

[Edit: My cat is chewing on my Aragorn poster. Bad cat.]


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