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Hair goodies!

I lost my boxwood comb (*sob*) a few weeks ago and have barely brushed my hair since. I finally got around to ordering another. This one isn't as good, but it's prettier (note the carved ume blossoms.) The carp kanzashi is my graduation present to myself (unless I don't graduate, in which case, it's a present to myself anyway.) According to the website from which they came:

Story of Carp's Leaping over Dragon's Gate:The Chinese word for carp is "li" which means advantageous or lucrative. Legend has it that the humble carp swims upstream against the rapid currents of the Yellow River to reach the Dragon Gate. Upon preparation it takes a courageous leap over the rapids and across the gate and transformed itself into the celestial dragon. This feat is comparable to the state examinations. The story symbolizes the olden days' scholar in preparation for his imperial exam. Upon successful attempt, he will enjoy a lifetime of wealth and prosperity as an imperial officer. The Carp therefore symbolizes great achievements and victories. According to Fengshui, having carp shaped items around your work or study place will enhance the "power" to achieve success.



Also check out my sweet couch upholstery.

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Why did we stop wearing togas? I mean, they are so much more comfortable than say, a tube top which keeps threatening to fall down. Not togas per say, but Roman clothing... tunicas and pallas. C'mon! A tunic would look great with a pair of hip huggers.

I think I should look into acting simply because I like to dress up so much. In a perfect world, there would be masques every night. And I would be rich so I could have a great costume. Keep dreaming, sweetheart. *sigh*

Anyway, that was off topic. Except there is no topic. Maybe I should start a store- Topics 'R Us. Yesh. No.
AHHH! It's Sunday and I've gotten nothing accomplished. Arrgh. Just fucking arrgh.

I've taken to wearing necklaces on my head again. Right now I'm wearing a string of pearls with amethysts, peridot, and topaz every so often. I love pearls. Geez. For someone as poor as I am I've got a ton of money in jewelry. I've got diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, silver, gold, pearls, semi precious stones, and alot of little things that are just really cool. Wow. Go me.

My coolest thing though is an oil lamp from Ancient Rome. It's kind of beat up looking, but it's my favorite.

I think I have a fascination with Rome. Wonder why? Maybe I should write a story about it. I think I will.

Thank you for listening to this randomness.


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